I am using W XP and Excel 2003.
When printing a spreadsheet I am not getting the gridlines printed.
I have checked Tools > Options > View > Gridlines.
I also checked File > Page Setup > Sheet < Gridlines.

I know I am mising something yet I am unable to figure what it is.

Thanks for any and all help.

3/17/2007, 9:24:38 PM

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Make sure you do not have "Draft Quality" checked in Page Setup>Sheet

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On 17 Mar 2007 14:24:38 -0700, "trvlnmny" <t*********> wrote:

>I am using W XP and Excel 2003.
>When printing a spreadsheet I am not getting the gridlines printed.
>I have checked Tools > Options > View > Gridlines.
>I also checked File > Page Setup > Sheet < Gridlines.
>I know I am mising something yet I am unable to figure what it is.
>Thanks for any and all help.

Gord Dibben
3/17/2007, 9:59:43 PM
Yes that did it!!
Thanks for the help.

3/18/2007, 7:24:04 PM
Good to hear.

Thanks for the feedback.


On 18 Mar 2007 12:24:04 -0700, "trvlnmny" <t*********> wrote:

>Yes that did it!!
>Thanks for the help.

Gord Dibben
3/18/2007, 7:40:36 PM

3 replies , 2/8/2006, 10:55:27 PM
I have checked the box under page set up - gridlines as I would like to see my spreadsheet print with gridlines. For the most part they print, but every so often a horizontal gridline is missing. I have checked that I do not have any formatting of color that would be causing this to happen as mentioned in other posts. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening and a possible solution? Thanks!

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I'm having trouble getting gridlines in Excel 2000. The Office Assistant says to open Chart Menu and then Chart options. I can't figure out how to get the Chart Menu to appear. Anyone know how to get it?

Where are my gridlines?
2 replies , 1/5/2006, 11:45:02 AM
I have a worksheet with columns of different sizes. When I insert a new row the vertical gridlines don't show up. I tried to put borders round the cells but they don't show up either. Please can someone advise what to do.

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I'm trying to print out an Excel Worksheet, but the gridlines don't appear, even though I checked off the box that asks if I want to print the gridlines. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks

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how do I make 25 rows of gridlines to be filled in after I print? I have already checked the gridlines option, but it only shows gridlines around to first row. Thanks for any help.

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How do I make gridlines visible on the screen?

No Gridlines
4 replies , 1/24/2005, 10:15:04 PM
When I bring in a converted 123 File, I can not get the worksheet gridlines to display. Any suggestions?

9 replies , 10/8/2003, 6:45:14 PM
I am on an XP machine... I am coloring all of the borders on a worksheet white so that it looks like a white page when you look at it...for some reason when I print it prints the gridlines black in the print area. Here is the looks like I want on the print preview screen and the gridlines checkbox is unchecked in the print setup and tools options. But wait, there is more...if I send this file to someone else to print it will not do that for them...AND it does not do this for every page in the workbook...only cirtain ones... I'm co-workers are I am coming to you (the people that created the software). Please help. Thanks Carrie

3 replies , 2/13/2009, 1:29:01 PM
I would like to make a template with the top 1/3 of the sheet blank and the the rest with gridlines when I print the page. How do I do this?

1 replies , 9/4/2006, 8:20:02 PM
some gridlines have disappeared on an excel worksheet. How do I get them back?

4 replies , 5/25/2007, 5:36:02 PM
Can you show the gridlines even if you don't have any text in the cell? If you can how can I do this? Thanks in advance. Annette

I'm new to excell and want to print gridlines. (Office 2003) With the gridline box checked or unchecked the gridlines do not print. Obviously, I must be doing something stupid. But what? Help appreciated, thanks, bobb

1 replies , 6/1/2006, 1:57:02 PM
Allow formatting of individual gridlines - what's the problem with that. Thanks ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

1 replies , 10/29/2003, 12:59:11 AM
In Normal View no gridlines show. In print Preiew they do show. How do I return gridlines to Normal View. The box in Tools, Options, View tab for Gridlines is checked. Please advise.

Old Red One
0 replies , 3/13/2006, 3:11:27 PM
I have added gridlines to my chart but the top line (number) the line does not go across, all the others do. How do I do this.

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel How do I toggle between having gridlines on/off on my screen in my workbook. (Not while printing) Thanks

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I am adding gridelines to my chart but for some reason the top row of my chart (axis) doesnt show the gridline across yet the other lines do? How do I get all the lines to go across??

I want to PRINT gridlines: File,PageSetup,Sheet,Gridlines--but no joy. Gridlines DO show on the monitor but not on the Print Preview or on an actual Print.

Printing Gridlines
1 replies , 9/11/2006, 6:35:01 PM
Excel will not print default gridlines. If any other type of line is selected it will print. Uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 with no change. Draft Mode in printer properties are not selected. Tried selecting gridline option in printer properties but that makes no difference. Tried creating a new profile for change. Tried printing from different types of printers on the change. Any suggestions???

Gridlines printing
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) I want to print gridlines of worksheets, but they don;t preview nor print. I marked gridlines to rint in the printing options, but it does not work.

gridlines in a chart
4 replies , 3/19/2007, 1:25:39 PM
Hello i have a chart showing some data (see below) and i want to put a line which represents a target at 50000 and 80000 (as shown) along with the data in the chart can this be done???? thanks in advance 10000 90000 80000----------------------------------------------------- 70000 60000 50000 ----------------------------------------------------- 40000 30000 a b c d e

Printing only some gridlines
5 replies , 4/2/2005, 7:50:41 PM
Hi Folks, I'd like to design an invoice template using Excel 2000. When I print it I'd like to have just a few row gridlines and a couple of column gridlines print................the rest would be suppressed. Question to suppress the ones I don't want to print. I suspect the answer to this may involve formatting the background color of some of the cells but after a fruitless search through the Help index and a couple of Excel tomes I'm throwing in the towel and asking for help. Which will be much appreciated. Richard

lost gridlines
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Why do I lose my gridlines when I apply background color to a block of rows? And why do I not get them back when I change the color back to the usual white Background. Is there a options setting I can use to prevent this action? Thanks for the info Joanne

chart gridlines
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How can I display gridlines over/above/in front of a stacked area chart?

Gridline format
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I would like for the gridlines to appear in front of the columns in a chart.

Gridlines on Top
2 replies , 9/27/2007, 7:38:01 PM
I know I can copy a chart, and reformat the copy to show only the gridlines and then overlay it, but is there an easier way? I have a lot of charts that are small size, and it would be easier to see the plot points if the gridlines were on top rather than behind the data series.

Gridlines Not Printing
1 replies , 11/18/2003, 7:50:01 PM
I am experienceing a strange situation. I have a workbook (with print gridlines turned on within each worksheet), when printing the entire workbook, I am getting gridlines not printing, along certain rows. In the print preview, the gridline shows as if it would be printed, and if the individual worksheet is printed, the gridlines print. I need to print the entire workbook for pagination. Any thoughts as to what could be cauing this situation?

Roberto Tillman
Gridlines on chart
4 replies , 10/4/2009, 10:21:10 PM
I have a series of charts in a worksheet. Each chart (a stacked bar chart) has coloured columns on gridlines. The gridlines are horizontal with a vertical gridline at each end. But some charts have no vertical on the right hand side. I cannot see how to format these gridlines to produce this right hand vertical. Rob Graham

How do I show gridlines over a chart area?
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I'm trying to make the chart gridlines appear over the areas (not lines) displayed on an Excel 2000 table. I'm thinking it's not possible, any advise please?

Gridlines problem Excel 2000
4 replies , 9/5/2006, 3:47:08 PM
I am trying to print gridlines on a workbook and instead of getting the gridlines, I am getting a line around the outside of the data, like a text box frame. I have been using gridlines for quite a long time and never came across this before. I tried turning the lines off and back on, still the same, checked the cell formatting, no border is enabled or anything. Anyone have any ideas? I also tried copy/pasting the main worksheet into a new workbook and it works fine. I have data linked to five other worksheets or I would just leave it in the new workbook. Thanks!

Chris Bauer
Template & Excel Worksheet Gridlines
0 replies , 1/24/2008, 10:20:38 PM
I created a number of invoice Templates in Word 2004. They contained Excel Worksheets because the tax and other calculations tend to be quite complex in my line of work. The templates do all work in Word 2008, however the gridlines in the Excel components are now visible... ghosted, but visible. They were invisible in 2004. I would really like to make them disappear, but so far have drawn a blank (or, more accurately, failed to draw a blank!). It's easy to do in Tables, but I can't figure out how to do it in the Excel Worksheet... Is there a quick-and-easy way to achieve this? I really don't want to have to go back to square one and put in the hours to re-do everything -- especially since I don't even know if it will work. ___ Can anyone recommend a good -- and simple -- on-line tutorial in the creation of Word documents that contain calculations? I was more or less flying by the seat of my pants when I did it, and managed to get tomy destination through intuition and luck rather than actual knowledge. -- "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." -- Red Smith

Garbled gridlines saved as PDF
2 replies , 3/3/2010, 3:25:27 PM
Word 2008, OS 10.6.2 (both German) When I save a document as PDF, strange things happen to the table grid lines. The linked files should illustrate what I mean. The lines are (should be) 1/2 point and 1 1/2 point thick. I generate the PDF with the PDF button in the print dialogue. I have tried several options (straight PDF, PDF-X, PDF-A ...) and all give the same results. How can the probelm be solved? Example file: The word file: The PDF file:

Excel Printing Problem - Gridlines
2 replies , 9/9/2004, 2:42:13 PM
Just updated to Excel 2004 Numbers in Columns are properly lined up on the computer screen but = print=20 overlapping the gridlines (to the right). Adjusting column width or alignment of contents do not help. Any suggestions? Thanks! ....John

how to remove gridlines from part of a worksheet only
12 replies , 11/27/2005, 8:04:01 PM
probably simple but I'm a novice. building a worksheet to list people, pay rates and hours worked etc. the header needs to have fill in areas that change with the job so I entered them in the rows rather than in a proper header. what I want to do is get rid of gridlines in the first 6 rows but leave them intact on the rest of the document. I see templates that this was done somehow. what am I doing wrong?

I use the highlighting of cells to manange the information on my spreadsheet. Whenever I highlight the cells, the gridlines disappear from my view on my monitor. How can I make the gridlines continue to show even though a cell has been highlighted?