Sheffield : where the cake craft is still the best culinary art

Sheffield : where the cake craft is still the best culinary art

Nowadays, the cakes are something that everyone can buy without waiting for a special occasion.

They are not that expensive and we can buy them ready. That is why we take the cakes for granted. Although, there are traditional cakes for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and special events and holidays. And the tradition requires the cake to be decorated, of course.

But the cake craft in Sheffield is a culinary art that has a really long history, very few people know about. Before, to eat a cake was a rare treat. Mostly, the rich were eating them on banquettes and special celebrations. By the mid-17th century with the availability of the needed products, like sugar and cake rounds, these desserts were found only on the tables of the aristocracy. It was the increasing availability of sugar that made decorating cakes something really special.

The first icing was boiled and whipped with sugar and eggs and poured over the cake. Now, there are many types of icing. But at these times, the early decorations could be molded from marzipan or other pastes made with sugar. The icing formed an excellent surface for that decorating. The pastes were sculpted and put over the cake. The cake craft was taken to high art as sugar and its qualities were explored.

But nowadays, it is something usual and most of the people take it for granted. We can buy decorated cakes from every bakery and confectionery. But still, we have to be careful for the high-quality products, that were used and for the good appearance when it comes to a special occasion.

Sheffield : where the cake craft is still the best culinary art

For example, if you are living in the UK, you have to go to the best place there, where the cake craft Sheffield is still the number one culinary art. It is located in Sheffield and is called Maria’s cakes. It is a new family business, where everything is made according to family recipes. That makes their cakes really delicious and different than the rest. You can not find treats like theirs anywhere else. They have another little secret and it is the home-made syrups that give the special taste to the cakes. Their creations are unique and magical.

Order from their website: They offer free delivery for all cakes in Sheffield area and standard delivery charge for Sheffield surroundings. The cakes will be prepared and delivered for up to three working days. Take a look at the beautiful desserts at their gallery on the website.

When we are talking about the cake craft in Sheffield area. We can not miss mentioning the best place there. Maria’s cakes adds new cakes weekly and gives their best to offer a rich variety of sweet treats. There is a range of theme cakes: Children’s cakes, Birthday cakes, Newborn, Valentines Day etc. But there is no need for a special occasion if someone just loves to treat himself. There are also seasonal cakes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

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