What can you measure with milkotester?

Milkotesters online.

When it comes to milk analyzers, the Lactomat Bisonic milk analyzer is at the top of the range and is really easy to use. All you have to do is press one button to start the measurement. You don’t have to use laboratories and to wait for the results. The Lactomat Bisonic test speed is lightning fast with a standard 60 second test time with the ability to upgrade to 30 seconds for an additional $ 90.

Milkotester for modern solutions

The device has a compact design, but is stable and with a strong structure. The interface is intuitive for the user, which makes it even easier to use the product. The 7-inch touch screen is easy to operate and does not require a computer, and the Lactomat Bisonic is equipped with a built-in ultrasonic stirrer to remove air bubbles from fresh samples. If you want to connect the analyzer to a computer or external printer, an RS 232 and USB connection are available, but the device has self-calibration systems that do not require a computer.

Analyzes different types of milk

Lactomat Bisonic is able to analyze a variety of milk types, including cow’s, sheep’s, buffalo’s, camel’s, llama and reconstituted milk, UHT, cream, whey and buttermilk. In principle, the factory setting is for cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and UHT, but if the customer wishes it can be calibrated for the mentioned types of milk. Lactomat can analyze three kinds of milk defined by the user. The analysis covers fats, proteins, non-fat solids (SNF), lactose, solids, density, freezing points, added water, pH and temperature. The measurement speed is 100 samples per hour, including cleaning. Large quantities of milk are not required. The volume of the sample is 25 cm³.

Lactomat BiSonic does not require pre-treatment of milk

One of the advantages of the milk analyzer is that it saves the pre-processing of the milk. This includes both thermal and mechanical, and there are no harmful substances used in chemical analysis. The temperature of the milk to be sampled can be from 5 ° to 35 ° and the HR from 30% to 80%. Lactomat Bisonic also offers a solution to moisture problems that are important in the work process. Thus, the device can also be used with wet hands.