Why you need a holiday property in the resort of Sunny Beach

There are two main possibilities – for personal use and for investment. Many people try to combine the two, keeping a certain period of the season for them and renting out the property the rest of the time. Sometimes this is a good solution, but sometimes in such a situation it turns out to be more complicated to use your second home than just to reserve a place somewhere else.

A property for personal use

In this case, the choice is entirely determined by the preferences of your family to the conditions of rest. Sunny Beach is excellent choice because of its perfect climatic conditions, location, and short distance from the Burgas airport, well-organized infrastructure and opportunity for year-round living. The resort also offers rich choice of properties such as apartments, studios, luxury houses and closed residences.
Even when the property is for personal use, it needs maintenance. If it is a detached house, you can hire a person or contact a specialized company. When it is a dwelling in a gated complex, it has guaranteed maintenance for a monthly fee.

A property for investment

Before to buy a property for investment you have to note that the competition in renting is great, and the engagement is seasonal. This significantly reduces the possibility of high income. At the same time, running costs are not small at all. The requirements to the living conditions and the situation in the holiday properties for rent are high. Tenants expect a spa, swimming pool, refined yard. It is mandatory to have restaurants and entertainment opportunities nearby.
You have to hire a maid, people or a company for current service, maintenance, refreshments and repairs, to take care of yourself or to pay a pre-agreed maintenance fee in a reputable complex. Taxes and fees are not small; it is good to take out insurance. Attracting tourists requires appropriate advertising.

You can fully entrust the management and administration of your holiday property to a specialized real estate company.