Brief Review of LG G Flex

Today we will share on with you a short review of the amazing (and new) mobile device LG G Flex. This GSM phone is absolutely curious. It is large and resembles to the most large phones on the market today. What makes difference is its curved screen. The display of the phone is about six inches. However the most amazing about this phone is its concave glass panel. This is just one of the objective reasons to pocess this phone.

So, to buy it or not?

Unfortunately the curved screen as a whole has really many problems. The phone is massively proportioned and if you want to carry it in your pocket, it would be rather difficult, because of its size. However the curved body of LG G Flex matches the curvature of those corded phones of yesterday.

The new phone is (right now!) available only in parts of Asia right now. On the open market it would costs at about 940$. will keep on sharing with you useful reviews of products, letting you know the latest trends in the worldwide market for different products.