How To Rejuvenate Your Home Carpet

If your carpet’s appearance is a bit worn out, before throwing it away, try to clean it, you may get surprised how well will your old carpet look after some simple procedures.  The best period in the year to clean your carpet outdoors, is when the weather is hot and dry thus the carpet will dry faster. Of course you could always clean your carpet in a hot and dry room anytime of the year, even during the winter. Alternatively, you can hire professional carpet cleaning service in Islington.

How To Do It?

Start by professional carpet cleaning service the carpet thoroughly, to remove and dust and unwanted particles, you may be amazed how different can your carpet look when it is dust and particles free. Then create a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts of boiling water in a small container, bottle or sprayer. Begin wiping or spraying the carpet with the mixture. Use a soft clean cloth and only dampen it, do not soak it.

This way you will only moisture the affected area instead of making it wet and it will dry quicker. Use long strokes when you are wiping across the carpet. Wipe in the direction of the pile, never against it, you may end up damaging the carpet pile otherwise. When done leave the carpet to dry completely before you move furniture back. Thus you will avoid keeping moisture under the furniture which will turn into mold eventually.

Until you are waiting the carpet to dry, warm up some bread. You can rub the warm bread through the surface of the dry carpet. This will bring out the carpet’s original color. When done vacuum thoroughly the carpet. This way you will remove any residual breadcrumbs. Otherwise you risk turning your carpet into a breeding ground rich in nutrients from the breadcrumbs you used to return the original colour of your home carpet.

After you have applied those procedures you will notice a change for the best in the carpet’s appearance. If you are not content with the result, and want a greater change, you can either throw the carpet away as you had intended in first place and purchase a new one, or call our professional carpet technician. Many local carpet cleaning companies have stronger carpet restoration tools, with which they can bring back the looks of your carpet. We can breathe more life in a worn out carpet, at very affordable prices.

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