Healing properties of aronia berry by a bio farm in Bulgaria

Aronia berry is a plant that contains many healing properties. Some of the most popular advantages of this super fruit include loss of extra pounds, improvement of the urinary tract, protection of the immune system, fight against viral infections, prevention of colon cancer and others. This plant contains so many vitamins and beneficial ingredients and this is the reason why it is called a super fruit.

Healing properties of aronia berry by a bio farm in Bulgaria

The best advantage of the aronia berry is that it has a pleasant, slightly sweet and tart flavour that delivers delight in its consumption. You can order Aronia berry juice from the online store of Farm Shayen – Ferma-shayen.com.

In the catalogue, you can see different sections of fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the manufacturer. The farm is Located in Easter Bulgaria. It is situated next to the sea and the climate is beneficial for the growth of the fruits. The juice is made from cold-pressed Aronia berry seeds without added water and sweeteners, which guarantees maximum retention of their curative ingredients. The fact that it isn’t added any sugar does not mean that the drink is not pleasant, because this fruit has enough fructose, glucose and natural sweetener sorbitol, which makes it a suitable ingredient for the diabetes diet.

The healthiest is to take the juice in moderate amounts, which means three times a day 50ml before eating. The fibres contribute to the stomach comfort of the person by preventing swelling, constipation and cramps and protecting the stomach from dangerous bacteria.

These are just some of the beneficial properties of the daily consumption of 100% fresh Aronia juice purchased from Shayen Farm. Take advantage of low prices and give health to you and your family!

Order it now from their online store and give yourself a nice healthy present.