What does ibex hunting in Greece include?

Are you interested in hunting? Expecially ibex hunting? And if you are still wondering what this type of hunt is – this article may help you.

There are hunters and hunters. Generally two types of them, because not all hunters are unconditionaly devoted to hunt. But, on the other hand – the ones who does – well – they seem to be the only reason ibex hunting is still allowed. In the next following sentences you will read very interesting facts about ibex hunting and what this hunt includes, so let’s start.

What does ibex hunting in Greece include?

But first thing first – what kri kri ibex is?
This is a breed of goat which actual name in latin is Capra Aegagros Cretica. The hunting season for it is during the months November-December. These goats, indeed are placed only at this Greek island Sapientza where their hunting is legalized.

Ibex hunting – learn more here – includes some preparations which need to be done several months before the hunting season. They include – you, at the first place. You have to submit to the organizers your applications for having hunting licences. More information about all this you can find at krikrihunt.com – their official website.

The rules at the Sapientza island are mandatory to all who go there. You and the others hunters will be divided by groups, so you are not able to leave your hunting region while you are on ibex hunting.

What does ibex hunting in Greece include?

The price you pay for the ibex hunting does not include the next following things:
Accommodation at a hotel and food. Carriage fee per person by boat to the island. State fee – in case you shoot down an animal defined by the ecologist and some other things – but if you are interested in ibex hunting – you can always contact to the organisers and get more up-to-date information with krikrihunt.com.

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