trial Visio


Does anyone know if there is a trial version of Visio available to download?
If so, where?


7/1/2003, 9:26:40 PM

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It seems like the Visio 2002 Trial has been discontinued and you can now
order the Visio 2003 beta at
Click on the link "Visio 2003 Beta available"
The cost for sending it is $1.65, it looks like.

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"Disco" <d***********> wrote in message
> RA wrote:
> > You can get it off the website
> > There is also an online trial version that you can try out on a server
> >
> Thanks for that, but I have not been able to find that actual URL that
> allows me to download the software from unless I purchase
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks

7/3/2003, 6:13:26 PM

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I had installed the Office Professional 2007 alongside my Office 2002 install (on XP home). When I tried to uninstall the trial through "add/remove programs", I got the msg about "the language of this installation package ...". I tried following KB article 928218, but had the following problems (so far): Step 2.6 - uninstalling .msi files - I could uninstall all the Office 2007 files except the one whose subject is "Microsoft Office Professional 2007"; trying to uninstall this causes the hard drive to run for a few moments, but the msi remains and no error message occurs. I then proceeded through Step 2 -- Office Source Engine was not running Step 3.2 I can delete the "source engine" folder. But not the "Office12" folder. I get an access denied msg for file MSOXMLMF.DLL. Other files are not deleted either. This access denied occurs even after re-boot. At this point I stopped proceeding through 928218's instructions. Any help would be appreciated.

Is there a fix for this?

Visio 2007 Trial Install
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I downloaded and attempted to install the trial version of Visio 2007 with no prior installations of the product present on my system (including uninstalled versions). I am currently running Office 2003 for all other Office applications. Upon selecting Start/Run and then selecting the trial version X12-30351.exe file, the program presents the screen request verifying you would like to run the program. I select "Run" and the program provides the "extracting files...." screen, which disappears once complete. The desktop re-appears as of the original display prior to running the program and nothing else occurs. Within 30 seconds to a minute the whole system locks up requiring a hard reboot (via the power button) to restore the system. All unnecessary programs including CA Etrust virus scan were deactivated during the install attempts. I deleted and downloaded the program a second time thinking that the original download was corrupted with no success. The MS Knowledgebase has no reference to this problem and email support requires a PID, which I do not posses since the product did not install. I have also completed a thorough review of all programs and services running on the system to ensure nothing was in error. Any suggestions or information is appreciated. MS Tex

2007 Trial is a TRIAL!!!! very frustrated
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I currently have MS Office Professional 2003 for XP, and decided to try out Office 2007. Tried it out and decided that it wasn't for me....right now. I have tried several times to remove the program, and each time I get an error message: "the language of this installation package is not supported by your system". Getting VERY frustrated with this program, does anyone know the fix to my dilemna???? I want my computer back to normal (I have been having several freeze-ups since I decided to try this trial) -- Cyndi LS

trial - Office professional 2007 trial
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I have the trial downloaded, but it is leaving me in a read only view. I get to the point where I can either activate the sw over the internet or convert to the full version. I have chosen both of these features at separate times and have gotten no where. Can you please help...

trial version
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I dont want Office on my computer , i remove the Office trial version with Add/Remove programs, now how do i get rid of the Office trial edition Tour. Software came bundled with my computer unfortunately. Dont see an add/remove for the Tour. -- Randy

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I'm trying to run Halo for the PC but I keep getting a: "We are sorry, but your computer's video hardware is below the recommended minimum spec for this game. If you wish to upgrade your computer, please contact your computer manufacturer for any necessary assistance Machine Info: 800MHz, 384MB, 32M nVidia TNT2 (0x0028)" I've checked and I've found that te video card is listed under supported cards also, I've downloaded all the latest drivers from nVidia but it still wont work underneath that there's a "Continue Anyway" and a "Continue in Safe mode" no matter which one I click I always get this message: "Your computer's video driver is known to have serious issues with the game. A newer version that is compatible may be available. If you wish to update your drivers, please contact your computer manufacturer for any necessary assistance" help plz thx


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When I take the time to download the free trial it never gives me the power point one. can anyone help me out here?

I have a laptop running on Windows XP Home Edition, 5.1.2600 SP2, Build 2600 (if that matters), and encountered problems with office software after installing recent windows updates, so I unistalled all the 2003 office trial software. Since I unistalled the preinstalled trial 2003 office, how do I convert to the full blown edition if it tells me I need to convert through the trial software which I don't have any cd's to reinstall??

Count down on office trial
2 replies , 7/4/2006, 12:23:01 AM
I REALLY would have appreciated a count down to expiration on the 90 day trial that came with me new computer. Getting shut out at midnight on the last day with no advance warning is frustrating. I own a full version of Office XP, but now am strugling to figure out how to move my Outlook data from the trial version of Office 2003 that just shut down. If I had a week to decide, I could have made a concious decision. I feel like I'm being held hostage this way. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

I installed the trial and was happily using it, but had a problem with integrating it with another app (Maximizer). So I uninstalled it, but I had lost the original trial activation key. I tried to use a new activation key but it indicated that the trial was expired. I understand from other posts that the original activation key is required. Is there any way around this?

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Does anyone have a product key for microsoft office 2003 trial? -- jvvalentine ------------------------------------------------------------------------ jvvalentine's Profile: View this thread: Visit - | |

Disappointed in trial
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I downloaded the trial of Microsoft Office specifically because I needed to use Excel for a work activity and the computer I was on did not contain the software. Boy was I in a panic when I realized that the trial doesn't let you DO anything on Excel. This is NOT the way to sell a product. If I was thinking about buying this based on my experience with the trail - they just lost my business. I am not spending that kind of money on something that I just get to look at and not use first. That would be like buying a car before driving it or a house before taking a tour. NO SALE HERE.

Getting another trial after current trial is done
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If I reorder a Professional Office 2003 in the mail, will I be able to use it as a full product again after I have already had a trial before?

Download of trial
0 replies , 11/15/2007, 1:48:02 AM
I am trying to download the 2007 Office standard or home and student version and when I fill out the registration page, I get to the country and it deletes everything and I have to refill in everything. I don't understand the reason for this please Advise.

I took the Home and Student Office trial and created documents. Now that the trial has expired, I can view and print my documents, but can't modify them and can't copy them. If I unistall the software, will I be able to modify my docs again? If I buy Home and Student Office in a store, will I be able to modify the docs created while in the trial version of Home and Student? Thanks

I just bought a computer and I have the teacher and student version to try out for 60 days. t told me to put the trial key umber found on the back of the package the disk came in. I put in the 25 letters and numbers that it has on the back but it sayd that it is invalid. I was wondering what nuber I should put in so I can get the trial version to work?

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Hi All, I am trying to recover my wife's laptop for her. We needed to install a new hard drive as the old was hit by a power surge and is unreadable. The laptop came with MD office 2003 trial installed from HP. We went out and bought the upgrade to the office SBE 2003 and installed it. But once the drive went bad, I cannot install this upgrade unless I have an existing office product to install over. I can't seem to find a place to download the trial version of office 2003. How can I work around this? I have the box and discs for the upgrade, so my code will be fine. I thought that during the upgrade install, I could choose the phone registration option and get the software unregistered from my old drive and registered to the new drive. But I can't get that far in the process without the trial version... Help! and Thanks! Brian

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We recently purchased a netbook, and we would like to put our Office standard 2007 on it. The salesman told us we could just input the product key and it would unlock it on the netbook. Unfortunately our program is Office standard and the trial is for Office Home and Student. Since Standard has more than Home and Student I would think it would unlock it but it isnt. Any suggestions? We just bought office and we don't want to buy another one. Since the netbook doesn't have a CD drive how can we install Office without buying it again.

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I have tried to download office trialware and cannot. Download speeds start out normal and at around 60 percent they throttle down and the download times out. I have tried with zone alarm shutdown?? --

I uninstalled the 2003 trial due to office applications running very slow after installing recent office updates. (Running Office XP SP2) Now I want to convert/upgrade to the full edition, however the procedure to convert the trial requires going into the applications, or installing the trial cd which I don't have b/c my laptop had the trial preinstalled at purchase. Is it possible for me to purchase an upgrade and install it successfully without accessing the trial version at all or will there be glitches? I DO have the trial key # on the back of a MS Works CD case that came with the computer.

Hi, i am trying to activate the 60 day trial period of office 2007 on windows vista home premium, but am not able to activate it. when i click on the 'Click Here to request your activation key online 'under TRY MICROSOFT OFFICE tab, there's a message as "The Microsoft Office Activation Assistant was unable to detect a 2007 Microsoft Office release. Please check your computer for the software and try again. If the error continues, go to for additional information. " though i got a key by undergoing all the online process, am not able to enter the key and hence am not able to activate the product. Could anyone suggest me how to resolve this, it would be of great help,Thanks!

I tried the office pro 2007 trial; purchased a full version. Do I need to uninstall the trial version befor I install the full version? What will happen to the docs created during the trial? Will they be lost? -- The Professor''s Geeky Wife

Can not install Office 2007 trial ... :-(
0 replies , 6/3/2008, 7:46:00 AM
Hello, i canĀ“t install office 2007 trial on my PC. I have new system (format PC 1 week ago) - Win Vista 64bit. Before, on my old system i had Office 2007, but i formated my PC, so there is no office now ??? Can anybody know, where can be a problem?

Trial Office Suite activation page in Spanish
0 replies , 3/10/2009, 2:28:13 PM
I have made countless attempts to activate the pre-installed 2007Microsoft Office Suite. Each time after clicking the recommendation following Step 1, I am presented with a page in Spanish. Please tell me how to change the wording to English? As extra details, I will add that until I was advised to change my Windows Live location to the USA (I am in fact in a English speaking West Indian island) - Windows Live Messenger 'Today' page and part of its main window were in Spanish. -- Thanks for the time you have taken to read this and thanks for any responses that assist me (and others) Enjoy your day. Peace and Love Ms Q-reeus

office 2007 trial
7 replies , 4/27/2010, 10:12:06 PM
I tansferred my old computer files with Office 2003 to a new windows 7 computer. When I try to open an office document it tries to install an office 2007 trial. How do I disable that. Can't find any office 2007 trial files in program list to delete. Office 2003 is fine for me.

S. Spector
The new ACER laptop I purchased has a pre-installed Office 2007 H&S trial. Since I am purchasing a license from a retailer, should I uninstall it before installing the purchased package? Or can I just use the license code to convert the trial to a licensed version? I do not do that by using the CONVERT feature of trial since retailer price il 50% of Microsoft price. -- Dario de Judicibus - Rome, Italy (EU) Site: Blog: Book:

Dario de Judicibus
Office 2003 Trial Version
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Office 2003 Trial Version valid for 60 days. How do I check the expiry date?

I downloaded Office 2007 Professional awhile back. My trial is about to expire, and I just bought the retail box version upgrade. I have just gotten everything like I want it... settings, email accounts in Outlook, autocorrect entries in my normal.dotx and normalemail.dotx, etc. I REALLY do not want to have to uninstall the trial and reinstall from the box. Can I just use the box product key to activate this trial version??? I noticed that uninstall was suggested to another person who had a student version, but... Someone please tell me yes... :-) -- J. Raines

Uninstalling Office Trial Version
3 replies , 12/7/2005, 1:45:01 AM
I tried to uninstall Office Small Business Edititon trial version, but it didn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel. Yet, Office is still on my computer, how do I completely remove it? Thanks.

I purchased an HP desktop w/Media ctr. software what is confusing to me is, this system only came w/ a 60-day microsoft Office 03 trial. Is this standard and am I expected to shell out more $ for these essential apps.Thanks in advance to whom ever can help. nlaz01

Unable to get my Office Trial to work
1 replies , 5/17/2008, 1:37:02 PM
Having just downloaded the Office Home and Student Trial I cannot get it to work. After typing in the product key and installing it, when I open up Word for example, it tells me that the trial has expired. I have tried re-activating it using -Word Options-Resources-Activate but when I do this I get the same message telling me the trial has expired. I have never had this problem before when downloading a trial. Can anybody help?

I've been using Office 2004 for a long time. It's always done what I've needed and there was never any pressing need to update to 2008. However, since upgrading to Snow Leopard, iCal is reading all of Entourage's events as 5 hours ahead of schedule. After 3 weeks of back-and-forth support from both Apple AND Microsoft and many different tries at a solution, my latest Apple Support person says that there will NEVER be a solution to this problem due to new components/settings in iCal and the ONLY SOLUTION is to update to Office 2008. In case you're interested in the full story, here are at least 3 Apple Discussion Forum threads with people having the same issue with Office 2004: <a href=" messageID=10280997&stqc=true">Cal times ahead 5 hours from Entourage</ a> <a href=" messageID=10281136&stqc=true">Entourage Sync Trouble</a> <a href=" messageID=10281138&stqc=true">iCal-Entourage sync problem with time zones</a> In any case, I'll probably be downloading the Trial Version of MS Office 2008 Home & Student Edition to use until I break down and buy it through Amazon. I seem to recall discussions when 2008 launched about running 2004 & 2008 side-by-side with some exceptions. What were these exceptions? What do I need to be cautious about when running 2004 & 2008? Was Entourage the sticky-point? If I try 2008, is there any going back or am I stuck forever? Any suggestions for me as I prepare to do this? I am thinking of using the trial version for a short period of time. This would allow me to familiarize myself with the product and then order through Amazon. I'm really needing to do something soon--I've had MobileMe syncing turned off since the end of August while trying to work through the Time Zone issue. It didn't do me much good to sync when everything showed up on my iPhone as 5 hours ahead. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. By the way, I have a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook with 4 GB memory--running Snow Leopard 10.6.1. I don't need Exchange--Just need to sync my Entourage calendar (Yahoo Mail & MobileMe mail account) and contacts.