save as dialog box won't open


I am unable to save new documents in any Microsoft Office 2001
applications (I am on a mac - powerbook). The system dings when I hit
save or save as but no dialog box appears.

When I open a current file and make changes, I can save them. I can
also open, print and compare documents as well as perform all other
functions, and I can save new documents in any other application, such
as quark and adobe illustrator.

Any suggestions are welcome as I am on a tight deadline and can not
save anything new.


11/13/2003, 4:07:55 PM

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Hi Renee,

Be sure that you have installed the Office 2001 updates from the Microsoft
web site. After you have done that rebuild your desktop file and then adjust
the preferred memory settings higher in Office applications.

The updates for Office 2001 are here:

Suggestions for general troubleshooting are here:

-Jim Gordon

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r********* (Renee) wrote:

> Hello:
> I am unable to save new documents in any Microsoft Office 2001
> applications (I am on a mac - powerbook). The system dings when I hit
> save or save as but no dialog box appears.
> When I open a current file and make changes, I can save them. I can
> also open, print and compare documents as well as perform all other
> functions, and I can save new documents in any other application, such
> as quark and adobe illustrator.
> Any suggestions are welcome as I am on a tight deadline and can not
> save anything new.
> Help!
> Thanks,
> Renee
Jim Gordon MVP
11/14/2003, 2:13:17 AM

DFS and open/save as dialog boxes
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We have all our data on DFS shares. Word, excel etc do not remember the last open or save as location when browsing to DFS shares. Also the up one level button always gives me the error message: You do not have access to the folder- \\domain\share Even when I've come through the folder. Any ideas?

"Open" dialog box crashes Office applications
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I'm using Office 2003 with SP2. My system is running Windows XP with SP2. A few weeks ago I started having a problem with the drop-down box that lists parent directories in the dialog boxes for "Open," "Save As," etc. When I click the down arrow that should open the list, the application crashes. This happens in both Word and Excel, so I assume that it affects all of the Office applications. It does not happen in any non-Office application I have tried. I tried repairing Office. The repair finished normally, but had no effect on this problem at all. I am using an antivirus program (Norton Internet Security) and two spyware programs (AdWatch and AVG). I have scanned the system several times with each of them since this problem began, with no effect. Any ideas what is happening, and how I might fix it?

Jonathan Sachs
Browse dialog box
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In Office 2000, the "open file" dialog box always displayed the subfolders at the top of the window, and files below. My office 2003 configuration shows the files on top and the subfolders below (regardless of sort). How do I configure to show the subfolders on top? DM

Change the user interface language for the Ribbon, menus, dialog boxes, and Help in Office 2003. I am working on a computer that has the language pack installed and the user uses the following; English (United States) Arabic (Morocco) French (France) When the user installed Office and the language pack, all for the menus and such were in English. But some time after installation, they have switched to French. What I would like to know is how to change these back to English from French. Thanks for your support. Bill Wilson

Text Size in Spelling Dialog Box
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I have a large screen Mac so that I would be able to easily read text in any document. No matter how large the text in my Word documents I cannot increase the size of text in the spelling dialog box. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way of seeing the spelling options etc than leaning forward and squinting? -- Michael Q

Printing Word Documents from Open Dialog box
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If you display the Open dialog box in Word 2003, navigate to a particular folder and select multiple files and then right-click and select Print, the following dialog box message displays. The command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open. Click OK, and then close open dialog boxes to continue. This did not occur in Word 2000. In the Open dialog box in Word 2000, you could easily select more than one file, right-click and just Print. Any ideas why this is happening now? My workaround was to use the Tools, Print option.

Dialog Connection
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I started an MFC project and used the alt object to add another dialog box. I also recognized the new header file but I still can not get the dialog to open from another dialog control. Information in the right structure?

Word 2003 BuiltIn Document Properties Dialog Box
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Can someone tell me how to show the builtin document properties dialog box from vba, or how do I make sure that the document properties are updated as I am trying to use the stored "Title Property" in the SaveAs Dialog Box "FileName Value" on save which is not happening. Custom Form using 4 different different values to create the Title Property. cmdOK should pass the String to the BuiltIn Document Property "Title" and then on Save it should be used as the FileName value this only happens if I manually go to File - Properties and display it that way its there and then when I save it appears in the FileName value. Any help would be great.

Can't open the 'open' dialog box
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When I click the open icon or use File->Open nothing happens. Then if I click on a cell, the hour glass appears - forever. Not responding. I can open a file by double clicking in windows explorer or clicking a recently opened file or typing the file number from the File menu dropdown. I've tried unchecking 'Ignore other applications', run excel/unregserver & /regserver and deleted tmp files to no avail. What gives?

Jay Fincannon
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Hello, I have a dialog (*.rc) and I want to add a field that will be behind an existing field. When you add a new item to the dialog, automatically it appears on the front. Is it possible to bring items that were created before to the front? Thank a lot, Liat

Sharing Applications Dialog Box
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When starting Sharing Applications, a window appears where you select the document or application to share, along with Allow Control options. Does one minimize that dialog box, or click the Close button, or do nothing when options have been selected. In testing, when that window was open on my desktop, the participant's window looked like a big window filled with tiny bumps. What gives? Thanks for any help you can provide. I couldn't find this anywhere in Microsoft's online documentation or Help screens. Karnie>>

Our OLE DB provider implements interface/methods for data link properties dialog box. When we try to use our provider with MS Excel 2003 to import data, it does not store the connection string in the ".odc" file in "My DataSources". It just stores provider name and all the other properties are not stored there. Why? What is missing in the provider which is expected by Excel. TIA, Vivek.

ActiveXObjects - Download Dialog
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how do we transfer a file from web server to a specified location on client (say d:\files)?(diff browsers-mozilla,opera,etc && diff ops-linux,mac,etc). I don't want the download dialog since it has got open,save,cancel options. if possible i want only save, cancel options dialog. Is there any source code available in for this? I would be extremely happy, if you can help me in this regard. Thanking you once again. Truely, SaiTej

Paste Function Dialog Box
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I have been using Excel (2000) for a long time, but only to store lists of data. Never have a need to do anything beyond sorting information. Now I need to learn VBA to turn a cost spreadsheet to a Business Case Analysis tool. I have been reading the Book by John Walkenbach on Excel 2000 Formulas. In one of the chapters, he mentioned "Paste Function Dialog Box" of which I have no idea what it is and how to activate it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, pac

open/save dialog title broken
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The title bar of any Office 2003 program's open/save dialog has just a single letter. Any ideas what's broken? tbone

unwanted dialog box
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hi everybody...... if i have a query (i have one in a macro), everytime i open the file the first thing that shows up is a dialog box asking me if i want t "activate auto atualization" (i dunno the exact words due to my exce portuguese version)... well, i dont want this dialog box to show up, i tried every singl button in excel options to make it go away, but i cant find solution.... anyone can help me -- redf1r ----------------------------------------------------------------------- redf1re's Profile: View this thread:

Open dialog box size
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I have Excel 2003 at home and my office. For some reason, my home installation maximizes the "open file" dialog box to full screen. There is no box to click to make it smaller so I can drag the edges to change the size. My only choices are Maximize or minimize. I've searched the options and tools, I've gone online to MS and searched but no clue. Any suggestions?

PowerPoint ActivePresentation.Save() - No Save Dialog
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I'm writing an Office 2007 addin, in which if a user performs an action I wish to prompt the user to save the file locally (if it hasn't already) before continuing the action. I call ActivePresentation.Save(), which (for a previously unsaved presentation) dumps the file to the application root folder without the option to set the location/filename!!! In other object models (Word etc...) calling the Save() method, shows the Save dialog. What do I need to do to cause the dialog to appear in Powerpoint ???????


Help, please! Microsoft Forms Dialog Box
2 replies , 2/24/2005, 2:01:08 PM
My OS is Windows XP. I have had to reload Office 2003, which I have now actually done twice. Whenever I open any of three Office applications -- Word, Powerpoint or Excel (but not Outlook!) -- I initially get the following error message in a Microsoft Forms window: "[exclamation mark in yellow triangle] Could not load an object because it is not available on the machine." I click OK, the message box goes away and everything seems to run fine thereafter. I've also noted in Word that I cannot get any text to highlight or any text boxes to flood-fill with color! Are they related? How can I get rid of the error message and how can I restore the "color options" in Word? Thanks so much for your help!

Modal dialog appears on back of main dialog
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Modal dialog appears on back of main dialog I put a menu in Outlook mail dialog using the Inspectors classes. And that menu opens a dialog (form1). When mail dialog is not the word, the dialog (form1) is open correctly like a modal dialog. But, when mail dialog is word, the dialog (form1) is open on back of email dialog. The dialog form1 only assumes the normal behaviour of a modal dialog, when I click on it. I have the following code: >Load Form1 >Form1.Show vbModal Tks. Rui

The Templates Open Dialog
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I use Workgroup templates in our company and set tabs for each department. With playing around with permissions it is great because users see only the tabs they have permissions for. I have one small problem: it seems the dialog is limited to 2 lines of tabs and the names of the tabs we use are a little long... Is there a way to have more rows of tabs?

Yaacov Klapisch
Print dialog
2 replies , 8/25/2003, 6:29:19 PM
Hi, somebody knows as to show the picture of I engage in a dialog of the printer, the same one that appears when one does click in menu of file. Thank, MN

excel 2003 dialog box does not appear at all
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I have excel 2003 When I click file, open the dialog box will not appear Also happens when I click the folder icon to pull up a dialog box and retreive a document dialog box does not appear. This locks up excel and I hear a "ding" when trying to click anything on the toolbar or within excel. I can't even close excel out? THERE ARE NO ERROR MESSAGES WITH THIS SITUATION. HOWEVER. I can open any .xls, .csv etc document from my documents I am able to manipulate, add, change, and save the worksheet again w/o any trouble. I have tried detect and repair 2x -no change I have tried the excel /unregserver, excel /regserver-no change I cannot find anything on the web for help. Hoping someone can assist , thanks! -- esanton ------------------------------------------------------------------------ esanton's Profile: View this thread:

Are there any Office dialogs whose caption is empty?
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Hi, Does Office has any built-in dialogs whose caption is empty? if yes, which ones?

Outlook SaveAs Dialog and SharePoint
3 replies , 9/9/2004, 2:03:50 AM
Is there a way to use the same dialog that appears when you select "File > Save As" in outlook, using VBA? I have added a button to a command bar When selected I want the Save As Dialog to appear I want to be able to Save a selected email to a sharepoint document libary as a .msg file. I tried: Dim oMail As MailItem Dim strName As String Set oMail = Me.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem strName = oMail.Subject oMail.SaveAs "http://sharepoint/site/DocLibrary/" & strName & ".msg", olMSG ----> but this only saves directly to the specified location. I want to be able to be prompted with the "SaveAs" dialog and parse the top level sharepoint site name (which will automatically list all the available document libraries on that site with a html view) I tried using the common dialog: Dim dlg As Object Set dlg = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog") With dlg .InitDir = "http://sharepoint/site/" .MaxFileSize = 500 'Sets the maximum file size allowed .ShowSave End With -----> but the common dialog does not work with sharepoint, so it will only list the "explorer" view and display all the sub directories on that site. I looked at an example on of using the word dialog, but I don't want to have any dependencies on other applications. If you can display the SaveAs dialog from the File menu in outlook, how come you can't call it from VBA in Outlook? There has to be some way to natively call this dialog from within Outlook?

Hi, I'm trying to solve an issue that a client at work got with VBA in Excel 2003. The Client has a SS that got a few 'Combo Boxes' on it, if he select just 1 of the Boxes, anyone and tries to change the 'FONT PROPERTY' as soon as the ellipse ' 3 ... ' is clicked on XL then max's out the CPU sometimes talking 10 - 20 minutes before opening the 'FONT PROPERTY ' dialog box, or you can end the VBA task, this give error that it can't close XL, you OK this and then the 'FONT PROPERTY ' dialog box opens, once it finally open you can go on and edit all of the other FONT PROPERTY will out a problem until you close the SS and re-open then the issue starts again. Anyone seen this before of have a solution. FIA Ram.

ActiveX controls dialog
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I have Excel 2003 installed on three computers. On only one I get a the dialog: "This application is about to initialize ActiveX controls that mught be unsafe..." every time I open an excel document. On the other two computers I do not get the dialog. How can I set the one computer so it doesn't show the dialog? Lynn

Lynn Oliver
How To Open Chart Wizard Dialog on Excel 2003
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Hi All, I need to open the Chart Wizard Dialog by c# code my code is the follow excel.Dialogs[mode].Show(missing x30); where excel = new Excel.Application mode = xlDialogChartWizard missing = System.Type.Missing; show has 30 args so i repeat missing 30 times this code works for the xlDialogPivotTableWizard dialog Help me pls Thx in Advance

Most Recent Used Files (MRU) - Dialog Application
0 replies , 7/7/2004, 8:13:01 AM
I have been trying to implement the MRU option for a MFC Dialog program. I have a Menu for New, Open, Save etc, but would like to add a Menu option for MRU files. All the examples are based on SDI or MDI MFC applications. The Menu is defined in the AppDlg.cpp file but LoadStdProfileSettings(); is not a member of this dialog class, only the App.cpp class. Are they any dialog based samples, even the Microsoft site uses a SDI example.

Open Dialog Box
1 replies , 6/5/2008, 3:55:01 AM
Hi, I'm trying to write a macro that will update a workbook by importing a sheet from a computer file that is generated daily. The name of the file is the date and the time that it was downloaded so it is always going to be different. The way that my macro is written now, it asks the user to input the name of the workbook using the "inputbox" function and then opens that file. I would like to make the macro even more user friendly by just prompting the user to double click on the file and then getting the macro to import the worksheet from the specified workbook. Is this even possible and if so, how would I write the code for it? Thank you in advance for your time. Michael

Excel custom function dialog
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Hi all, I'm doing a XLL file to customize excel with my own user defined function. It works very well. But now, I want to make my own formula dialog to build the function. And in this dialog, I want to have the same behavior as the Excel formula dialog which is to have a button that allow user to select cells in the sheet. Is there an easy way to do that? Thanks a lot Nic