re-sizing a drawing from 8-1/2x11 to 34x44


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Were u able to do it? I had a similar situation but 
couldn't print it to large format.
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>I have a drawing that I need to present to a class of 25 
>I'd like to print a 'wall' size version of the drawing 
>(34x44).  I cannot find a simple way to take the shapes 
>the 8-1/2x11 sheet and resize them together so that they 
>display just as they do on the smaller version.
>Resizing each shape (one by one) would be very time 
>consuming and grouping all the objects and resizing the 
>entire group often distorts the original shapes requiring 
>significant re-work.
>Any help is appreciated.
7/1/2003, 6:54:58 PM

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Hi, I'm kind of flying along through VB on a wing and a prayer, so would really appreciate some help with sizing individual charts in Excel. I have found some coding for resizing all the charts on a sheet, but really need to be able to click on a chart and resize them individually. I can manage it as long as I have selected the chart with the Select cursor (from the Drawing menu) and it is seen as a shape, but if I am in the chart in editing mode, I get a run-time error 438, and the message 'Object doesn't support this property or method'. I'm in Excel 2003. Many thanks, Eleanor

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I hane a column in a spread sheet whose values at times are repeats of = the cell above. I want that row deleted if the value is the same as the = cell above is there a way to do it programaticallY? e.g. A B C D E Acct # MedRec# field field field 112233 xxx xxx xxx xxx 112233 xxx xxx xxx xxx 123123 xxx xxx xxx xxx 123412 xxx xxx xxx xxx 123412 xxx xxx xxx xxx I would want the rows in bold red deleted --=20 Gail M Horvath h********** h************

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