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Hi Bob, There have been some problems with the Nvidia latest drivers and the via chipset. To work around this if it pertains. Either update the drivers (4n1) from viaarena.com or roll back the...

Sound problems in Windows XP with games
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 8:33:34 PM
I've been having a problem with sound on games ever since I installed Windows XP. The two games that I have noticed the problem on are Civilization III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV (Both games...

Ryan G.
negative MHz?
2 replies , 7/7/2003, 8:49:46 PM
when i try to run a game it says i don't have the right cpu speed... the game requires 233mhz and i have -1900 or something in the thousands.. how do i fix this

Red Baron (Sierra) w/A-10 Tank Killer, � 1995
3 replies , 7/7/2003, 9:05:15 PM
My son gave me this. Is there *any* chance I can get it to run under Win XP Home? TIA, Larry

Larry Beezley
Games will not run after Unreal II
5 replies , 7/8/2003, 12:35:16 AM
I bought Unreal 2, installed it and despite long machine pauses interspersed with brief game playing I finished it but was so apauled by the problems that I had with it that I then uninstalled it....

soldier of fortune 2
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 12:37:22 AM
when i play sof2 for about 30sec im fine, then a lag spike hits me and im frozen or laggin for 5 sec and it continues to happen in this 30 sec pattern.i own a new sony vaio, ive checked all...

black hawk down
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 1:18:51 AM
everytime i start a game things go good for a bit then it shuts down saying "sys dump txt saved" what the hell, have i done something wrong.....please someone help me..ty

RoN: Gathering Excep. still there after patch
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 3:33:13 AM
I updated my game patch from the Rise of Nations website, but I am still getting the "Gathering Exception Data" problem. I've uninstalled and patched the game again but the msg still pops up. ...

2 replies , 7/8/2003, 4:56:54 AM
When i'm playing Counter-Strike online my game sometimes my game pauses, then give me an error messge saying: NET_SendPacket ERROR_WSAEINTR then i quits when i click ok... can somone help plz.....

High Heat 2003 problem
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 5:12:13 AM
Please help!!! I've been playing the game fine for almost a year now but now every time I try to play a game or even just view a stadium the program has to shut down. I've tried to re-install the...

Having trouble running Silent Hunter II on XP
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 6:46:06 AM
How can I get Silent Hunter II to play on XP?

I/O Error When install attempt of Max Payne made...
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 8:07:48 AM
WTF...whenever i try to install it gives me an "i/o error" here are my stats: Asus P4C800 Deluxe MOBO P4 2.4Ghz + HT 512 MB Corsair DDR 8x AGP w/ ATI AIW 9700 Pro Card... what is wrong plz tell...

nascar racing 2003 season
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 8:32:45 AM
first off, this is an awesome game! I am having trouble with the sound. When I accelerate in a car, it sounds horrible. Yet when it is just idling, it sounds fine. another thing is the frame...

JimmyS - Thanks - Sims OK now
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 1:52:47 PM
Have had the flu lately -- just got around to trying your fix for the "insert disk into harddisk..." msg. As you suggested, I kept clicking randomly on the Retry-Cancel- Continue buttons (maybe 15...

Gamestart Problems
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 1:52:10 PM
Hello, Every time I start a game like FIFA2003, Colin Mc Rae III, Medal of honor and others, I can't get in the game. There's a window trying to open and then I hear a click om the monitor,...

dos memory problem
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 2:22:40 PM
Hi, I am trying to run a dos game under Win XP. I keep getting a error that i don't have enough free memory and too see "himem.sys". I've been to himem.sys and see nothing that can be changed. I...

Problems with starting Splinter Cell
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 4:32:50 PM
HI! I have a problem with starting Splinter Cell. The problem is: I have installed the game successfully, but when I try to start the game i become a GENERAL=20 PROTECTION FAULT! What=B4s the...

I was installing this on XP when it messed up and stopped installing. It doesn't play or anything, it won't un- install because of a missing install.log, but it won't re- install because it says you...

Black and White
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 7:57:48 PM
Picked this game up on the cheap as it got rave reviews when it came out. I have installed it but when i try to run the game it brings up the loading screen and then switches itself off. I've had...

I am running Win XP Home.. I have a radeon 8500, pen4, SB Live and using a MOMO wheel. I recieved an error when I try to join a race on any server I keep getting the same error msg.. "2:Error...

Charlie \(aka TUNA\)