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Games Crashing in XP
5 replies , 7/3/2003, 7:22:33 PM
It seems I an not the only one having problems with games crashing or not running at all under Windows XP. I am using an AMD Atlon (tm) XP 2000MHZ processor, with 512 mb of memory, NVIDIA GeForce4...

Bob Reid
Game Crashing
1 replies , 7/3/2003, 9:38:29 PM
Whenever i play Delta Force Black Hawk Down, after it finsihes loading the list of multiplayer games, the game crashes, and sometimes when im actually in a game, the game crashes and takes me to a...

Re: Starcraft
1 replies
I have starcraft, it works fine for me on XP, have you tried reinstalling the game? >-----Original Message----- >Try running the executable in 'Windows 2000 Compatibility mode'. > > >"Sheep"...

mpq file in starcraft
0 replies , 7/3/2003, 9:55:01 PM
the mpg files used to run starcraft are usually in the "unknown application" format which means it's opened by an unknown application but now it says it is opened by notepad and now the game won't...

josh norris
It can not be done. Bill Crocker "Thanos Christodoulias" <t*********-free.gr> wrote in message news:04d001c341ad$e26b8230$a********phx.gbl... > Please help me guys ! > I've tried everything but...

I think there is an upgrade patch for Max Payne, on their web site. Bill Crocker "DiabloX" <D*********@aol.com> wrote in message news:4d5301c34181$47c56010$a********phx.gbl... > Hey, when I play...

"true color" 32 bit help
3 replies , 7/3/2003, 10:58:08 PM
A game i am trying to play needs a "true color" 32 bit color scheme, but the windows xp I use only allows me to change to "true color" 16 bit and "true color" 24 bit. I have a Gateway 2000 (vx900)...

AOL Games
2 replies , 7/4/2003, 3:10:17 AM
I have a hp media center pc 854n -- when I go to AOL games, the screens are blank after loading. Any ideas?

HELP Downloading games from Yahoo or MSN
2 replies , 7/4/2003, 3:13:00 AM
Every time I download Bookworm Delux or other games similar to that from Yahoo or MSN they won't play in Full Screen Mode. or work at all . I have a Medion P4 using NVidia on WinXP I don't know...

Hi Mike, Rather than give you one step at a time, I'm going to give you my entire list, so you can know the steps ahead of time. Start with the first step on the list, and if you have any...

Hi Jbloom, Rather than give you one step at a time, I'm going to give you my entire list, so you can know the steps ahead of time. Start with the first step on the list, and if you have any...

Game problems
2 replies , 7/4/2003, 8:48:53 AM
Anyone out there have any problems with a SOYO Dragon Lite with a P4 200 installed. Installed the new motherboard, and now have a rythmic quick chop in video playback and gameplay. Seems to be...

Goto display properties (right click empty space onyour desktop then goto properties) Then click the Settings tab, and in the bottom right corner click 'Advanced' , from there goto the...

MS Backgammon
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 11:28:01 PM
Has any one noticed that the left side of board rolls and awful lot of doubles, as many as eight to nine in one game. Also when forced to leave a token open your opponent will roll the exact number...

Vic Miller
trouble playing tomb raider 2
1 replies , 7/5/2003, 1:02:32 AM
I started trying to play my old tomb raider 2 game on xp and once i get past level 1 it shuts down and a window pops up saying i need to update the tomb2.exe file to (version 1529239). does anyone...

Hi Jwinkle, It could be that you've installed a Mod which is creating those problems. If so, reinstall the game without your antivirus running and test the game again. You will also want to...

Re: WS2HELP.dll
2 replies
Hi Eamonn, You should be able to resolve that error by deleing the WS2Help.dll file from your Tiger Woods 2000 directory. If you want to, you can simply rename the file instead of deleting it, that...

I can't play NFS 4 in win xp!
2 replies , 7/5/2003, 12:30:59 PM
When I run Need for speed 4 in win xp,a dialog box appears:"nfs.exe is not a available win32 application." How to solve it?Many Thanks!

Zhao Yao
All Sims Games
4 replies , 7/5/2003, 12:35:37 PM
After getting a new computer (Windows XP) I find that none of my Sims Games will load in. Can anyone help Thanks.

1 replies
>-----Original Message----- >All the games I have on the PC haver either started >running slow or the graphics are all mashed up! I noticed >that I have loads of things open on the task management...