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is your system running hot? your soyo should have come with a smart guardian program that lets you check cpu/system temperature, you might need a new cpu fan. "Shawn" <m***********4@yahoo.com>...

Hi Brandy, Before doing anything, Go to the Windows Update site for everything under Critical and Recommended: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com Another solution is to download and run this patch...

I keep receiving this application error message whem I try to play games. How do I correct it ? Thanks

I've done some extra research, and every newly created folder is marked as read-only. But I can still move, delete, rename and alter files saved in these folders, as long as I'm logged in as the...

cd key registration storage
3 replies , 7/1/2003, 4:30:09 AM
I need to know where xp stores the registration of cd keys. I need to reinstall my half life game but it keeps trying to use an old cd key that is stored on the system somewhere.I have uninstalled...

Direct X 9.0a problem.
4 replies , 7/1/2003, 7:24:26 AM
Hi guys, I'm having problem with direct x 9.0a (my guess). When i try to run this game called BloodRayne on my windows xp, it gives me this error message. A box pop up with the title DirectX8 3D...

Chris Kong
Gusee Who - Indeo - 5.0 Q327979
2 replies , 7/1/2003, 8:18:13 AM
Help! Still get unspecified error unable to open AVi file on start of game even after installing hotfix Q327979. any suggestions?

general protection fault
2 replies , 7/1/2003, 10:58:25 AM
I have a program called Kid Pix, for my daughter. I had it running fine for a couple of weeks, but then she realised we weren't able to get the backgrounds for some reason. So I uninstalled it,...

Hi RedShadow, Click Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services Scroll down to "Cryptographic Services", double click it and change Startup type to: Automatic and click the "Start"...

The new Matrix game
3 replies , 7/1/2003, 9:24:57 PM
Son has a new PC, xp sp1 preloaded, nvidia vid card. So the first thing he did was buy the new Matrix game. It says it loads DX9 (I think the PC has 8.something. Are there any issues I should...

winerr 0x80070057
2 replies , 7/1/2003, 11:38:25 PM
I have a problem with microsoft game mechwarrior4: vengence, when I try to play the game I get a message at the very start with :FAILED (0x80070057-WINERR_One or more arguments are invalid)...

john H
Yahoo Screen Freezes
2 replies , 7/2/2003, 2:14:01 AM
Anyone know what can cause my pc to freeze while playing Yahoo games. I can be playing any one of the Yahoo games and if I quit one game to go to another one, the game screen that I went to is...

posting for help/ lock-up recovery
2 replies , 7/2/2003, 12:14:23 PM
i posted a request for help with lock-up recovery yesterday. i saw it posted. i checked back later for a reply and i could not find it. curious. am i missing something here? ...

harold daley
Allow friend through firewall
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 4:35:20 PM
I want to allow just my friend to connect so that we can play Empire Earth. I do not want to disable my WinXP firewall entirely (I use a cable connection). I can't find a help topic on this. This was...

Don Morgan
NFS 4 Hot Pursuit
3 replies , 7/2/2003, 4:39:26 PM
It seems this game Need for Spped 4 Hot Pursuit refuses to work under XP (at least the Home ed.) Checked many gamer boards and no one sems to have a fix. Any ideas. Thanks.

Getting Man of War II (SFI) Win95/98 to work in XP
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 5:10:33 PM
I have tried the Compatability Wizard to get this game to work. The opening movie runs, but that is it... I've run through all peremutations of the CW in trying to get this to run. Any...

David Wells
Trouble downloading software
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 7:11:59 PM
I cannot load any software to my pc after upgrading to Windows XP from Windows ME

Active X
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:18:31 PM
when i try to play games i get the following message: "your current settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page." This message also appears when i try to view anything with movement...

DIRECT X 9, want to pur DIRECT X 7 back instead
2 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:46:13 PM
I ussed to be able to play BACK AND WHITE, DUNE and Klingon Academy on my XP PC, but when I installed Direct X 9 from a new game, I lost these 3, and they will not load. Does anyone know how I can...

0 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:53:01 PM
I used to be able to play BACK AND WHITE, DUNE and Klingon Academy on my XP PC, but when I installed Direct X 9 from a new game, I lost these 3, and they will not load. Does anyone know how I can...