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Project Reference not working
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 5:44:28 AM
Hi All, I have web application project, to which I have added project-reference to another class library. When I am using one of the property from that class. I am getting following...

Hitesh Khatri
Controls in a web form
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 7:59:44 AM
Hello, I'm developing an ADDIN for Visual Studio and I would like to know if there is a way of knowing what controls are contained in a web form. Thanks

Iker Llanos
Empty project diff. between VS6 & .NET
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 8:26:30 AM
Hi, hope to gain the following knowledge from you expert guys: In VC++6 I could create an empty Win32 application and then on project settings choose to reference MFC, I could then write my own...

Ben Taylor
We Kumaraguru College of Technology _ India ,have purchased .Net Academic Version (single User). We had installed .net and registered with microsoft. We had been using that , for the past six...

xcopy problem during solution build
3 replies , 7/7/2003, 10:06:00 AM
Hello, I've got solution which consist of some managed dlls (in C#) and one mixed mode C++ dll, which references managed dlls. Everytime I build solution I got a message when VS is trying to copy...

Szymon Madejczyk
Hi, Based on my experience, we are not able to run an SQL statement directly against a dataset. To work around this problem, I suggest you to call DataTable.Select method which will allows you to...

Hi, If you are using Windows XP, let;s try installing it in clean boot mode: 1. Run msconfig. 2. On the General tab, select ��Diagnostic Startup. 3. Click the Services tab. Make sure the option...

help VB 2003 net
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 12:56:55 PM
Im blind so please use e-mail Prob: Can write a file with "write #1,line1,line2", but when I try to read back the file with "input #1,line ,line2" "for A= 0 to EOF(1)" process Info() "next...

Visual Studio.net Package Barcode
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 2:51:21 PM
I want to buy Visual Studio.net from someone and they have giving me the barcode number from the package. Is there anyway to look up what exactly I'm getting if I buy from him by the barcode? ...

Problem: Class Library
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 4:41:13 PM
Hello, I am using Visual C# .net Standard and want to create a Class Library. However I am having some difficulty. I am following the directions to do so from Deitel's "C# How to Program" in...

Deployed Workstations having unusual problems
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 4:44:11 PM
Hi all, I am experiencing a strange problem with some workstations after deploying our application. Problem: Certain workstations running the VB application are unable to see items in...

Rob McCaughey
Base64Decode : 'identifier not found' ??
2 replies , 7/7/2003, 6:37:55 PM
Hello, I'm trying to use the Base64Decode() ATL function with VS.NET 2003 but the compiler complains with error : "'Base64Decode': identifier not found, even with argument-dependent lookup " I've...

Custom control?
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 7:30:40 PM
I have used the Studio.NET 2003 for building a custom control. After I build the .dll. I create a test project and add the custom control to the windows forms tool box. But when I double click the...

Visual Inheritance Using Winforms
3 replies , 7/7/2003, 9:10:15 PM
Has there been a change in the way the UI designer handles winform inheritance in the 2003 version of visual studio. Consider the following (try it if you are using 2003 Everything seems to work...

Jason Hickey
Visual C++ .NET hangs
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 10:22:59 PM
After compiling an MFC application within Visual C++, I try to run it, but nothing happens. It hangs and I have to kill VC++ with the Task Manager. This has nothing to do with my application...

Armand Assadi
Multi-monitor debugging -- how to?
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 11:54:46 PM
Hey all, I'm trying to set up Visual Studio .NET for multi-monitor debugging. Is there a way to setup VS.NET to run my application on my second monitor? Currently it runs on the first, and I...

Carl Bevil
VB.NET2003 Pretty printer
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 4:35:01 AM
Anyone know of a VB.NET 2003 Pretty Printer for hardcopy? TIA, Bill

bill salkin
VC++.Net Standard 2002 & 2003
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 6:05:12 AM
what is the difference in features between VC++.net standard 2002 & 2003

I have tried to build a solution successfully with no error once. Today when I tried to build the same solution (without making any changes to the solution at all), I've got the following error...

Hi, I made a custom web control containing the crystalreportviewer. I got everything working fine except for te web viewer's toolbar. Page navigation doesn't seem to work at all. Has anyone had the...