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VC, nmake & MASM
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 10:12:36 AM
Hi, I'd like to be able to modify assembler code of the program generated by VC. In order to do it you can follow these steps: 1. Generate asms using /FA flag 2. Use the 1st method from...

Marek Luch
VS.NET 2003 Crashing
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 11:21:46 AM
My visual Studio .NET 2003 is crashing everytime I try to open a HTML = page. Any ideas? I didn't change anything on the system. Brian

Brian Delahunty
.NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2002
1 replies , 7/4/2003, 12:12:23 PM
I have Visual Studio .NET 2002 installed on my computer and I also installed the .NET framework SDK ver. 1.1 on the same computer. But, when I look at the 'About' screen, it still says .NET...

I decided to try out the new some of the new features in VS studio NET 2003. One of these is the /RTCs switch, which does overrun and underrun checking of all multi-byte local variables such as...

Difference between 2002 and 2003?
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 1:09:37 PM
To those that have used both VS.NET 2002 and 2003: Besides the .NET Framework version, is there any significant difference between the two? I have the acedemic version of 2002, so I can't do the...

(inline) >-----Original Message----- >Hi, >I made an application in vb.net and I installed it on each >user machine; after this I made a copy of the exe file on >the network and a shortcut on the...

.NET 2002
3 replies , 7/4/2003, 2:36:56 PM
I tried installing .NET 2002 on my computer (Win98) - but on inserting the first CD and letting the setup.exe run I just get some silly html file about using this computer as a test machine or...

Ben Taylor
ActiveDS library issues post win2k SP4
2 replies , 7/4/2003, 3:09:40 PM
Hello, After having installed windows 2000 sp4 my visual studio .net is marking the activeDS com reference with an exclamation mark. Also the library is no longer in the defaul references section...

Max Cizauskas
visual studio.net to old addition
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 4:30:24 PM
Hello, Is there way to create a project in visual studio.net 2003 and copy the program to an older version of visual basic .net ?

Rich E
Hi, I'm a newbie. This may be a dumb question, but how can I give access to the test form of my .asmx web service, which I developed with Visual Studio .NET in Visual Basic, to other computers...

Rafaela K. Azinhal
HI, I'm running a Compaq EVO N800c laptop 2.2Ghz 1GB ram with Windows XP Professional and VS.NET Studio 2003 Enterprise Architect. However, that last statement should be I was! In the middle...

Re: ASP Pages
1 replies
Could you be more specific? Are you developing classinc ASP or ASP.NET application? How does you page look like and what exactly is being lost? Also, microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet might be...

Re: Strange error
1 replies
Try posting your question to microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet. Thanks "Ahmad Qazi" <a***********Montreal.CA> wrote in message news:43b801c340d7$d6f03a80$a********phx.gbl... > Hello, > > I...

turning off database view auto-formatting
0 replies , 7/5/2003, 7:01:54 PM
Hi, Does anyone know of a way to disable Visual Studio auto-formatting database views when they are saved? I couldn't find an obvious way... Thx... -- Lucas...

Lucas Fletcher
Every time I try to open the Resource View a message box pops up saying as follows: <full path to application's .rc file>(10) fatal error RC1015: Can't open include file 'afxres.h' [OK] [Edit...

Ron Inbar
Service for a simple purpose
1 replies , 7/6/2003, 10:47:51 AM
Hello, Does anybody know if there is a way of creating a service in any VS.NET 2002 or VS6 language (if C++ please give details as I'm a newbie of it) that will, on pressing of a shortcut key...

Ben Taylor
Instantiating classes
1 replies , 7/6/2003, 3:48:20 PM
I'm just starting with VS.NET and can't figure out how to call classes from within an ASPX page. I've scoured the MS documentation and website to no avail. Can someone please see why the...

J Newman
I am unable to create a new class using Visual Studio.Net (MDE 2003 - .NET Framework 1.1 - Visual Basic.NET) When I right click on an open project select Add/Add Class name the class then click open...

Dave Johnson
Response.redirect fails using cell connection
0 replies , 7/6/2003, 9:30:37 PM
When connecting to our website, using a laptop and cable connected to cell phone, the tabstrip control which we use a Response.Redirect to navigate to pages, does not work. Also using reverse dns...

OLE/COM Object Viewer Nuked my IE Address Bar
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 1:55:06 AM
I was s****ing around with Visual Studio .NET, more specifically the OLE/COM Object Viewer trying to figure out how to make a custom menu-bar for Internet Explorer when my Internet Explorer...