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modifying a page
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The first time you create a new aspx file, you need to do a rebuid because it needs to recognize the code behind page. After that, if you make changes on to the design/html, there is no rebuild...

Help: How to use the attributes for a method?
0 replies , 7/1/2003, 10:34:12 PM
Hi, I saw sometimes code like the following: === [Category("Appearance")] public new Font Font { set { txtText.Font = value; lblCaption.Font = value; } } === The code in []...

EOF Value in VS 2003?
3 replies , 7/1/2003, 11:31:16 PM
Hey all, Sorry if I am posting this question to the wrong group. If this is the wrong group would someone please point me to the correct one? I'm trying to learn C programming and decided to work...

printer control
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 12:00:51 AM
Anyone know where I can get a simple user or server control to put on pages for generating "Printer Friendly" pages?

VS 2003 keeps "configuring" at startup
6 replies , 7/2/2003, 1:45:46 AM
Everytime I start VS I have to wait for it to "configure". This is on a XP Pro machine. Any suggestions?? Paul S

Paul Sullivan
Why the dll is locked?
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 2:15:06 AM
I have a Web solution that contains several projects and one of them is a shared project which is used by others. However, when I compile the solution, the ide report : Building shared.dll : Build...

Lei Jiang
You can refer following articles in MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/vsent7/html /vxoriTestingOptimizing.asp?frame=true Especially, for parts about Microsoft...

Prevent multiple instances of the application
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 6:27:30 AM
I have been looking for the answer for a long time. How can I enfore my windows application written in .Net to have at most one instance at a time. Are there anyway to check the number of...

MFC backward compatibility
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:14:38 AM
Is MFC backward compatible, i.e. if I am learning MFC in Visual C++ 6 (non-.NET), and I then get an XP computer and install .NET, will there be anything of note I can no longer do in C++.NET that...

Advantages of .NET
18 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:20:51 AM
Can somebody please give me a brief summary of the advantages of .NET over VS6 if I am developing applications which aren't designed to run on a network - i.e. for the home computer rather than...

reading an html page
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:30:02 AM
Hi, I want to read an html page wich is located on another server. I need to get some information out of that page and present it in my own page. Is there an object which read the html page and...

frans van ek
Changing Projectfolder
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:48:02 AM
Hi, I've got a solution with several Projects. Now I want to move one of the projects to another folder. What is te simples way. Thanks cn

Christof Nordiek
ADO.NET: Accessing DB table relationships from VB.Net
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 10:28:58 AM
Subject : "ADO.NET: Accessing DB table relationships from VB.Net" Hi! I need to *automatically* access ODBC database table relationships from VB.Net, preferably using a native object like...

VS .Net 2003 EA on Windows Server 2003 Std
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 11:26:58 AM
Hi, I just install VS.Net 2003 Ent Architect on Windows Server 2003 Standard edition. It's Success. But, when I try to create project, I got an error message said: "Automation Object Can't Crate...

Widiyanto Saputro
Reports In Visual Basic.net 2003
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 12:58:53 PM
I am currently using Visual Basic 6.0. I was planning to purchase Cyrstal Reports 9, but now I'm hearing rumors that visual basic.net 2003 comes with crystal reports. Would it make more sense to...

Transference of Editor Preferences
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 2:13:04 PM
I've spent a lot of (idle) time tweaking fonts, colors, et cetera in my VS.Net 2002 user settings. Now I'd like to transfer those to another computer which has a fresh install of VS.Net. Is there a...

Marcus Willowby
Creating a Custom Wizard
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 2:56:48 PM
I am creating a custom wizard in for c++. When I add some cpp files to my templates folder and try to compile my project I get errors about having things like #include "[!output PROJECT_NAME].h"...

Gentleman: Can I develop Database Applications with the Standard Version of Visual Basic.Net 2003? Every time that I try to open a sample database application that includes an Access Database I...

.net Development Tool or add-in
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 3:36:19 PM
I am relatively new to .net and to development in general. The company I work for is trying to develop some standards on field naming, coding, menu structure, forms, error handling, etc. for...

Megan Vee
Adding UNINSTALL to a VS built MSI package
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 6:42:07 PM
I'm exceedingly pleased with how easy VS .net 2003 makes it to create an MSI package even for my Borland Delphi project!-))) However, I've run into one problem. It will not let you create a...

Al Christoph