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interface inheritance
2 replies , 8/7/2003, 1:01:06 PM
Does anyone know how to model interface inheritance in a UML static structure diagram. Visio does not seem to let me model interface inheritance hierarchies...(!)

My guess is that you are using the custom property Label instead of the custom property row Name. Verify this by going to the Shape menu (with your shape selected) and choose Custom Properties, then...

Genreate SQL from DB design
0 replies , 8/7/2003, 7:55:51 PM
I have a database design in Visio, tables, columns, relationships, it is complete. Now I want to export the schema, or the SQL to create the schema, so that I can create this database on my SQL...

Richard Fox
Diagram spanning multiple pages?
4 replies , 8/7/2003, 9:48:11 PM
I'm working on a very large diagram in Visio. Even using legal size paper, the diagram is too large to fit on one page. I know I can add a second page to my Visio document, but what I'd like to do...

Matthew F
existance of connection data
0 replies , 8/8/2003, 11:07:56 AM
My first day trialling Visio 2002 Standard. When a dynamic connector is used, I can't find the standard properties that I expect would record what it is connected to. Also, when I define a report,...

Visio into PDF
3 replies , 8/8/2003, 5:21:42 PM
I was wondering if anyone knew anyhting about how one can change a Visio document into a PDF format document. Iknow you can do it with the 2000 version of Visio, but how do I accomplish this with...

What version Visio do you have? I've run 2000, 2002 and beta 2003 on XP. Randall Arnold "Bob" <a**********ernet.com> wrote in message news:bh0p8r$t9rhq$1@ID-202560.news.uni-berlin.de... > I've...

Continuous Refresh of Drawing
0 replies , 8/8/2003, 7:57:19 PM
I've created a drawing with shapes that gets continuously refreshed from the database every 1 minute. I modified the 'Refresh Drawing Interval(sec.)' field in the database settings to 300...

Doing a silent local install for Visio 2002
0 replies , 8/8/2003, 11:39:11 PM
Hello: I need to make a silent local install of Visio 2002 and push it out through SMS I've read several posts, and some people recommend doing setup.exe /a , then using the office xp custom...

Viewer Problems
0 replies , 8/9/2003, 12:28:00 AM
When I make and save a work, then send it to a collegue to view in the Visio Viewer, the pages aren't displayed like they are in Visio. The 1st page has an enormous top margin (like half a page), so...

Larry P
drawn to scale
1 replies
sam, visio has the basics that you asked for for as well as dimensioning 'stencils' that allow you to do the types of documenting you have described. you might consider getting the 2003 beta to...

Copying to Word
1 replies , 8/11/2003, 1:49:45 PM
I have a 2 page visio file that I need to insert into a Word doc. From Word, I'm going Insert- Object, and selecting the Visio file that way. I'm having 2 problems with this - 1) only the first...

Page template
0 replies , 8/11/2003, 4:45:06 PM
I have a cross-functional flowchart which I've customized with specific labels, text boxes, and fields. I can make this a template (Save As *.vst), but what I really need to do is make the page,...

Bob K
Print Grid
0 replies , 8/11/2003, 5:09:17 PM
How do I make the grid print along with my floorplan?

Connector text
4 replies , 8/11/2003, 6:52:48 PM
On a flowchart, I'm using "Yes" and "No" connectors from decision diamonds. I want to include those labels on the connectors themselves. Double clicking on the connector lets me enter the text,...

Bob K
No, you don't need to do anything special with your drawing at save time. Note that the Visio Viewer uses the basic printing services in IE, not Visio's own printing engine. Therefore, you may see...

1 replies , 8/11/2003, 9:18:36 PM
How do I get a date prior to 1899 to be the start point of my timeline??

Thank you BOTH. Yes, that's what I needed to know!!! Sandy ;-) >-----Original Message----- >Is there any way to remove the cross-functional features >(such as bands/swim-lanes and title bar) from...

I also got a copy of Visio courtesy of Solidworks. It was my understanding that the Solidworks folks would take care of the copies of Visio provided this way-- did you try contacting them for...

Visio Upgrade Policy
0 replies , 8/12/2003, 8:08:40 PM
I bought Visio Technical 5.0 some time ago. I would like to upgrade to Visio Standard 2002. However, Microsoft lists only Visio Standard 5.0 as qualifying for an upgrade to Visio Standard 2002. ...