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Jack, I have been able to run all 3 versions in the past. As a matter of fact I am running V2000 (C:\) & V2002 (d:\) on the same computer at this time. -- Gilles Desjardins "Jack Slater"...

On Sun, 03 Aug 2003 12:40:20 -0700, Top Spin <T**********tmail.com> wrote: >Is there a way I can attach a "callout" to flow chart shapes such that >it will stay attached if the shape moves but will...

Upgrade Question
1 replies , 8/4/2003, 2:36:02 AM
I purchased Visio 5.0 from Visio Corporation before Microsoft bought them. I registered it, but I cannot find the original CD; and I have since upgraded my computer. Can I purchase the Visio...

Importing Autocad 2004 into Visio 2002
1 replies , 8/4/2003, 1:38:00 PM
I cannot import my autocad 2004 drawings into Visio 2002. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a fix for it?

VNE - Locate Network Equipment.
0 replies , 8/4/2003, 2:42:30 PM
Hi, I have a simple and what should be an easy question relating to above macro. When the macro is run the user is presented with a dialog box, on this is text box where the search string can be...

Synchronizing shapes
0 replies , 8/5/2003, 1:28:39 PM
How do I synchronize a shape on different pages so that when it is updated on one page it also updates on the other page? Can I do this using the ShapeSheet Event? Or will I need to use VBA? TIA

Finding MY Serial Number on Visio Technical 5.0
0 replies , 8/5/2003, 3:57:47 PM
My hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. I have reloaded Visio Technical 5.0 and that went fine. I try to load Visio Enterprise 5.0 upgrade and it asks me for the serial number of Visio...

Placing text around a circle
1 replies , 8/5/2003, 8:19:00 PM
I have two concentric circles and I want to put text in between them in a way that the text follows the same curvature as the circles. How do I do that? I need help.

Jean G. Legagneur
Visual Studio tool bar
0 replies , 8/5/2003, 10:07:37 PM
Can someone please tell me how to keep the Visio toolbar from coming up in Visual Studio VB6. I don't use it there and I need the screen space that it takes. I can not find where to turn it off...

HTML Templates feature describled nowwhere
0 replies , 8/6/2003, 7:49:09 AM
Hello, During saving a VISIO as HTML there is a possibility of choosing a HTML template (in order the out page looks like we wish). In the box HTML Template there is only Default and it is...

Pawel Szymanski
HTML hyperlinks
0 replies , 8/6/2003, 1:42:47 PM
I have a visio drawing with hyperlinks to specific range of cells in Excel. \\server\share\folder\spreadsheet.xls#'sheet1'!a20:d49 When I save my Visio drawing as a HTML, the hyperlinks work...

URL link to visio document
0 replies , 8/6/2003, 2:16:51 PM
Is there a way to set a link to a document that will open the document rather than prompting to Open or Save? Can this be done some how in the link? Regards Jim

Layers in Visio 2000
1 replies , 8/6/2003, 2:18:37 PM
Is there a way to toggle layer views in Visio 2000 without having to go through the View->Layer Properties- >etc. process? Is there a keystroke combination that allows one to do...

Formatting borders of boxes within org chart
1 replies , 8/6/2003, 4:14:26 PM
If you want to change the border of your box from a single line to a double line (to indicate this person has direct reports), is there a simple way to do that?

Hi David Huntington, thanks for writing this: > HELP!!!!! > Visio 2000 has worked fine on this computer (DELL Optiflex > CX110 running Windows 98) for the past two months. Today, > it started...

Missin picture
2 replies , 8/6/2003, 5:58:05 PM
I've created a stencil object drawing that uses two embedded bmp picture objects. When I copy the drawing object into a new drawing, the pictures are missing, and there's an "X" across the...

How to change table owner name in VISIO diagram
0 replies , 8/6/2003, 8:36:28 PM
Hi, Once I create a new table in visio and then updating database, but the table is created with my SQL username as owner and same is refelected visio. After that is it readonly. Is there any way...

>-----Original Message----- >Anyone know where to find the file for the autorecovery in >Visio? Feature at: Tools>Options>Save>Save Autorecovery >info every... If it is set to save the...

Can I make a curve half solid and half dotted?
4 replies , 8/7/2003, 12:58:01 AM
I want to make a graph of exponential decay curves that start at some y-value on an x-y graph and decay over time (x) to some lower y-value. Some of these will decay rapidly and others more...

Top Spin
Exporting colomn data from Visio
0 replies , 8/7/2003, 10:40:19 AM
I have been sent a Visio file which is a reverse engineered data model from a SQL database. I would like to get the Table/Field data out into a format which I can import into another system -...

Charles Ward