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Does no one know the answer, or are you just unwilling to answer because I keep slamming Microsoft? This is one of the reasons I am EXTREMELY unhappy with Microsoft right now - NO ONE ANSWERS SIMPLE...

Help files in Visio 2002
0 replies , 7/29/2003, 8:07:31 PM
I am using Visio 2000. I like the product quite a bit (have been using for several years), but find the help files, well, unhelpful. Can anyone with experience with both versions say whether the 2002...

Tom Smith
Visio 2002 and AutoCad Drawing
0 replies , 7/30/2003, 5:47:39 AM
I am trying to convert a simple (for test purposes)floorplan from Visio to Autocad. What I have is a basic building shell with interior walls, a few doors, and some modular furniture. When I save...

Bob Johns
UML Sequenz
0 replies , 7/30/2003, 8:30:13 AM
Hi NG, I want to make a UML-Seque.Diagram. I use messages, but I can=B4t set the argument propertie. The table of it is disabled. What=B4s wrong, how can I enable it ? Thanx and regards Stephan

Stephan Moeller
1 replies
the short answer is that autodiscovery is not available in either 2002 or 2003. It was initially in 2002, but M$ dropped it as a product. al >-----Original Message----- >My apologies in advance for...

Is Visio already installed and if so, what version?
0 replies , 7/30/2003, 4:00:35 PM
What is the best method to use from a script that will first determine if Visio is already installed on this system and if so, what version. Visio 2002 has a nice registry setting that answers...

Mike Peterson
Re: Visio API's
2 replies
Thanks. I got the code to work as suggested by you. However, in your code you haven't mentioned the source document which is going to be saved. Would you happen to know how to do this. Thanks...

Gluing objects
5 replies , 7/30/2003, 6:39:57 PM
I am having inconsistancies in making objects glue to each other. I create an object, add a connection point to make sure it glues at a certain point and sometimes other objects will snap and...

import DOTTY file
0 replies , 7/30/2003, 7:43:56 PM
I'm trying to import a file into Visio that I've generated in DOTTY. I can export the DOTTY file in various formats, but I'd like to be able to manipulate in graph that it generates in Visio. Any...

Frank Pedroza
Visio 5 Install -> Win XP
1 replies , 7/31/2003, 3:00:59 AM
Hi. Trying to install Visio 5 on my new Windows XP machine. Error message says that it is not compatible with XP. Anyone know of a patch or method to get it to install??? Thanks. Rick

Rick Mintz
0 replies , 7/31/2003, 1:38:41 PM
What is the best way to add an Enumeration data type to be used in UML diagrams? Do I add a new data type, change the stereo type to enumeration and use it as the type of my attributes? I...

Alex Dinu
Importing Tables from Access
1 replies , 7/31/2003, 4:32:59 PM
Hi, I heard that with Visio, you can import the tables from Access and it will create the diagram for you??? Let me know if you have any information on that.

Save Stencils With Drawing
1 replies , 8/1/2003, 12:35:32 PM
In the past I have been able to save the desired stencils with a Visio 2002 drawing. When I open the drawing the stencils appear. Lately the stencils saved with the drawing do not appear. I...

John Kier
Visio and AutoCAD 2000
1 replies , 8/1/2003, 6:53:35 PM
In Visio 2002, is it possible to convert an AutoCAD drawing to a Visio drawing, such that the new Visio entities are editable?

Matt Steiner
Ohm symbol?
4 replies , 8/2/2003, 3:09:09 AM
I'm trying to finish several circuit diagrams. Is there something I'm missing, I want to but a text box next to resistors with the ohm symbol and their value, but there isn't a way that I have...

1 replies , 8/2/2003, 11:55:01 AM
Is it possible to download additional stencils for Visio? I have the standard version, but would like stencils for household organization and remodeling (e.g., washing maching, electrical...

T. Jenkins
I would like to Save a multi-page file (10 pages of drawings) in non-visio formats for import to WORD, adobe illustrator, etc. However, when I go to save as, and select the relevant format, unless...

make $$$$
0 replies , 8/3/2003, 3:20:35 AM
"I'd been looking for ways to raise money .I found text similar to this posted in another group and thought I'd try it..When I read this I was very skeptical, but desperate-- I invested EXACTLY...

Polygon with more sides than 8?
1 replies , 8/3/2003, 5:57:22 AM
Hi Folks! In Visio 2002 Pro, how can I make a polygon with more sides than 8? I need to do something like this: Make a polygon with 25 sides, where the sides are 10ft long. Isn't there some way...

the languages in visio 2002
0 replies , 8/3/2003, 6:43:55 AM
hello how can i use the arabic language in visio 2002? thank you