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inserting a Visio 2002 Prof. into AutoCad 2002
1 replies , 7/24/2003, 8:35:43 PM
I have several Visio 2002 drawings that need to be converted into AutoCad drawings. Can anyone offer any advice on how to complete this task successfully. I appreciate it. Corrie

Corrie Francis
Tracking 1200 pieces of equipment in a set of computer rooms. Visio diagrams for ease of locating linked to Access database for item information. Saved as Web Page and sent to the field techs on...

In the sub-address box enter the cell number or named range. "KerKel" <k********************ors.nationalcity.com> wrote in message news:0e4b01c35127$f249e7d0$a********phx.gbl... > Does anyone know...

Microsoft Visio object programming?
1 replies , 7/24/2003, 10:21:03 PM
Hi, I'm looking to use Visual Basic to create a sequence of images using circles, rectangles, etc. Has anyone done something like this using the Microsoft Visio object model? Thanks in advance.

Doug, As you've discovered, corner rounding cannot be applied to Organization Chart shapes in current versions of the product. You might test out the improved Org Chart behavior in the Visio 2003...

extract sql script from ERD
3 replies , 7/25/2003, 5:20:20 AM
Greetings, I am rather new to Visio and have a Visio Document that I am required to extract just the entities to a sql script from a entity relationship drawing. After much searching through the...

0 replies , 7/25/2003, 1:05:38 PM
I currently am running Visio 2000 Enterprise version 2000 SR-1on a Dell Dimension with an Intel 2ghz prossessor and 512mb ram. I have tried to create a drawing with layers and cannot get layers to...

visio prints extremely slow
0 replies , 7/25/2003, 2:50:31 PM
Visio take 15 min or more to print, everything else prints fine. any suggestions?

visio standard - org charts
1 replies , 7/25/2003, 7:32:47 PM
I used to use Org Plus and was able to insert managers in one column in boxes and staff members in another column under the same director (two different styles). I haven't been able to figure out...

Org chart population through MS Exchange
0 replies , 7/25/2003, 7:53:10 PM
Hello All, I am experiencing an odd problem while trying to create an Organizational Chart with Visio 2002 Professional by populating the chart with data contained in MS Exchange. (We are running...

Please Help! Size all objects,and align & distribute
0 replies , 7/25/2003, 8:06:33 PM
Please, someone tell me how to Size all of my objects to be the same? You used to be able to do this, now in Enterprise Architect, you can't! I also can't EASILY align or distribute a set of...

Closing Stencils
0 replies , 7/25/2003, 9:37:23 PM
When creating a new stencil, how do you make it a closed shape so you cannot alter the geometry? thanks in advance!

double click on shapes
2 replies , 7/25/2003, 9:40:46 PM
I know that I can double click on a shape and get directed to another page in the same file, but is it possible to get directed to another shape on the same page?

No idea what is the problem here - all I can say is that I've used pre-MS Visio Technical from version 4, through 5, then the MS versions 2000 and 2002 - the snaps all work perfectly - I change...

Visio - Update of directory cashe on startup
1 replies , 7/26/2003, 4:14:02 PM
I have just installed Visio 2002 SR-1 on my XP Home edition PC. Every time I start Visio I get the "Please wait while Visio updates its directory cashe" dialog. I remember from having installed...

Rob Crisler
diffusion of innovation
0 replies , 7/26/2003, 8:01:00 PM
I remember seeing a visio diagram of the "Diffusion of Innovation" chart on a CD somewhere - perhaps the Visio installation CD. But i can't find it now. Does anyone know where this is? This chart...

Aligning text along a shapes edge ?
1 replies , 7/28/2003, 2:30:17 PM
is there a way of aligning text along a shape - for example if I have a circle can I have text displayed along an arc around the circle (rather like wordart....) ? any help appreciated Paul

Org Chart - How to add a "Dotted Line"?
3 replies , 7/28/2003, 7:12:42 PM
I'm drawing an org chart and so far everything is fine, but I need to add several "dotted lines" to it, and whenever I try to draw a new connector (intending to format this as a dotted line) from the...

Saving a visio file
3 replies , 7/28/2003, 9:12:24 PM
Is it possible to either save or convert a visio file to a jpeg/picture formatt? I'm trying to incorporate a diagram I constructed in visio into word document and I'm not sure how to do...

Several of the "older" methodologies were removed because they were "not being used". So if you need Chen or Ganes and Sar. you need to load Visio 2000 and save the stencils. John... Visio...