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Acquiring single stencil
0 replies , 7/21/2003, 5:15:34 PM
My company provides me with Visio 2000 (not 2000 Pro), but I need the "Entity Relationship.VSS" stencil which is not available in the Standard version. Is the only way to acquire this stencil via an...

Reid Kell
I still think Microsoft's Visual Studio's version of Visio is CRAPPY!!! I was just viewing a set of sample User Interface screens that I created in Visio (with Excel pasted tables), and I clicked on...

Automated install
0 replies , 7/22/2003, 11:19:44 AM
My client's site uses WinInstall to push apps to users. I am trying to avoid the mess of calling each of Visio 2000 Profressional's MSIs individually to install the app, but it appears that VIM...

Ian Northwood
Visio Fill problem
10 replies , 7/22/2003, 11:35:22 PM
When using the "Var. Circ. spray head" object from the Irrigation stencil, I can perform a color fill (eg. blue for water) when it is 360 degrees. When I change the coverage to 90deg. and do the...

Visio incompatability
1 replies , 7/23/2003, 12:16:46 AM
I have just recently upgraded to Windows XP, and When I try to run Visio it returns a message " Incompatable with this version of Windows". How can I overcome this problem? is there a patch I can...

Peter Dewing
printing from visio 2002
0 replies , 7/23/2003, 5:06:08 AM
when printing to a colour hp printer the letters write on top of each other but the graphics are fine. This is over a lan. Any ideas?

generic wireless access point shape
0 replies , 7/23/2003, 12:21:39 PM
I'm looking for a Visio shape for a generic wireless access point. Anyone that has or wants to create one? -- NOTE: remove the spamtrap from the emailaddress

Visio 5 Technical Upgrade
1 replies , 7/23/2003, 1:29:30 PM
We've been running Visio Technical for a number of years on Windows 98, now we are running 2000 Pro. We want to upgrade to a current version to give us capability of reading and writing to later...

Peter Haralovich
paste in group window
1 replies , 7/23/2003, 6:49:56 PM
In Visio 2002 Professional I open a group to edit part of it. In the group window I Copy and paste. When I paste, the pasted item always gets pasted well off the page and I have to enter x,y...

Though it is not a feature, it should be relatively easy to create an add-on that performs this function (programming skills required). John... Visio MVP Need stencils or ideas?...

Table Stencil row height help!!
0 replies , 7/23/2003, 7:31:54 PM
I am trying to make Visio document where part of it is an Excell like spreadsheet. I tried to pull the Table Stencil onto the document, specify my columns and rows, and it puts a Table into the...

Jon Gilbert
Visio 2002 Enterprise Architect -- Perpetual loop
1 replies , 7/23/2003, 8:06:33 PM
Hope someone knows a fix for this problem. Visio opens and runs. The problem occurs at shutdown. I cannot get it to close and stay closed. It keeps relaunching. The only solution I have found that...

Skip Keats
Visio 2002 EA Refuses to Save Toolbar Customizations
3 replies , 7/23/2003, 8:09:29 PM
Hope someone knows a fix. My Visio 2002 for Enterprise Architects refuses to save modifications to the toolbars, including placement, icons additions (like the 'close file' icon, i.e., the little...

Skip Keats
Which version of Visio are you using? If you're using Visio 2002 (or the new Visio 2003 Beta), you can use the "Save as Web" API supplied by Visio. Check out the Save as Web Page Reference by...

visio 2003 beta
0 replies , 7/23/2003, 11:57:41 PM
I received the Visio 2003 Beta via FedEx today and immediately tried to load it but have not been successful. How do I "update your microsoft office system 2003 product with the office system 2003...

Using circles as Venn diagram
4 replies , 7/24/2003, 2:40:41 PM
I am trying to create a Venn diagram using Visio 2000 (under Win2K professional). I want the circles' intersections to be visible (better yet, I'd like to shade the intersections), but so far I don't...

Tom Smith
Autodiscovery Features
0 replies , 7/24/2003, 4:33:14 PM
I have successfully used the autodiscovery feature to find devices on my network. The problem I'm having is that the connections do not seem right. My workstations and servers connect to...

Move package from one UML system to another?
0 replies , 7/24/2003, 5:36:59 PM
Hi, Anyone know how to move a package from 1 UML system to another? I am working on a UML file with a few other people. I made my own copy to work on my package and now want to move that package...

Printing Comments is on the wish list for the next version. For the current versions, it should be possible to write code that will add a text block that contains the comments to the drawing...

Align & Distribute shapes evenly
0 replies , 7/24/2003, 6:13:33 PM
I am using The Enterprise Architect version of Microsoft Visio (in Windows 2000) and having trouble getting my objects to align, size and distribute evenly. In version 5 by Visio Corp this was a...