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Org Charts with Pictures
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 7:48:25 AM
I am trying to create an organisation chart with photographs inserted for each person. What is the best way?

Terry Gilbert
Gantt Charts - Actual Start / Finish
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 7:13:43 AM
I am trying to use Visio for some simple Gantt charts. I can't figure out how to use the Actual Start and Finish properties of the task shape. Is there any way to use these to display actual...

Alan Dods
Save visio as web does not show comments
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 4:01:37 PM
I created a visio drawing and have inserted comments on some of the shapes. When I saved the visio file as a web page, the comments disappear. How can I have the comments show when I scroll over...

Putting page numbers in Visio off-page connectors
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 4:42:36 PM
Hi all: I have created a large flow chart in Visio with many off-page connectors. What I want to do is insert a field in the off-page connectors that will display the page number of the sheet to...

I use the cross-functional process map template quite frequently and would like to place a logo on the top right portion of the map but the logo keeps moving when I reopen the file. This is the...

Shapes moving around on their own
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 10:50:40 PM
Shapes on my flowcharts are sometimes moving around the sheet shortly after opening the file although, they appear fine in the thumbnail. Have to recreate every time. Anyone know why this might be...

Robert Stitt
How to draw the program's flow chart in viso?
1 replies , 7/11/2003, 6:43:08 AM
I need to draw a program flow chart to demestrate the arithmatic. How to do it in Visio. Thanks

How to display *inside* dimensions
2 replies , 7/11/2003, 12:01:59 PM
Currently when my Visio documents show dimensions for a wall, they're shown from the midpoint *within* a wall. For example, if I have a space measuring 3m x 3m surrounded by walls that are 20cm...

Third party symbol library
1 replies , 7/11/2003, 11:49:32 PM
We are developing a symbol library which we intend to sell to electric utilities, to help them create "one line" drawings using various graphics applications, including Visio 2002. Questions: 1....

Richard Alexander
Further to John's points, Standard can happily use stencils from (say) Technical, even from earlier and pre-MS versions. I started with Visio 4 Technical, and have all of its stencils usable...

visio reader
0 replies , 7/13/2003, 7:45:14 PM
I am new to visio and have just installed the visio reader but can't figure out how to use it, open it etc. I have received a .edg file that I beleive can be opened in visio but can't figure out...

Thanks, Frank, I'll try it. Pat -- --------------------------------------------- Pat & Terri Marley Patmar Educational Services Melbourne, Australia p**********pc.org.au "Frank Wuenschel"...

webpage templates
2 replies , 7/14/2003, 9:46:11 AM
Hey I have been using 2002 for a while now and was wondering if their where any guys or girls that know about or where I can get templates so that I can customise the WebPages that visio...

visio HTM conversion
0 replies , 7/15/2003, 5:20:31 PM
I have a bit of a problem. When converting Visio to htm format with links. After the conversion the links stop working. Before converting I check all my links and they work. Any suggestions

lawrence macisaac
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 12:07:13 AM
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Beta 2003 technical update error: Can not install file
1 replies , 7/16/2003, 1:10:37 AM
In my 2003 Beta kit, Visio 2003 was not included. So, I did not have any Visio installation on the PC today when I downloaded the Visio 2003 Beta technical update. Now, when I have downloaded the...

Preventing SaveAs
1 replies , 7/16/2003, 11:22:30 AM
I need to be able to stop users doing SaveAs because our VB application manages the file's location.... I can trap the saveAs event, but only after the SaveAs dialog window has opened. I know I can...

Martin Evans
Visio 2002 Gantt Charts - set task bar height to 0?
1 replies , 7/16/2003, 11:01:24 AM
Hello Is there a simple way to set the height task bars to 0 in Visio 2002 Gantt charts? I can set the row height to 0, but the bar stays the same height. I have unprotected height and I've tried...

Alan Dods
Hello I am trying to import a project saved in Project 2000 (mpp format) into Visio 2002 using the Gantt chart import wizard. It contains a large number of tasks of 2 hour duration. Visio is...

Alan Dods
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 4:05:47 PM
Hello everyone, I know one can change the double-click behavior of a shape. I am trying to find out if you can change these behaviors something like this: Double clicking a shape will activate...

Gilles Desjardins