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Hi Patel, You can find the tools and information for Office deployment of 97 through 2003 at http://microsoft.com/office/ork At present the Office System 2003 tools and information are pre-release...

Photo Editor does not update
3 replies , 7/11/2003, 2:27:42 PM
Hi, Running Windows XP Pro, Sp1, with Office XP Pro, SP2 My Photo Editor has not updated properly for some reason.. it is still running the old version, Any suggestions how to solve this? ...

Steve Aschettino
2 replies , 7/11/2003, 3:52:34 PM
Hi I am trying to repair my Office2000. After analyzing Office the repair-program keeps asking for a CD with the file "data1.msi". However I cannot find this file anywere and therefore has to stop...

>-----Original Message----- >I'm unable to complete the service release 1a Office >2000 update as it keeps looking for a file "Data1.MSI) >from the Microsoft Office 2000 installation cd. However...

Office XP Reinstall to Custom Version
1 replies , 7/11/2003, 6:18:19 PM
I used the custom installation wizard to careat an install for the enterprise, but noticed the users that already had office XP did not get my customized version. How do I force the reinstall with...

upgrade office 97 to 2000 via internet download
0 replies , 7/11/2003, 6:30:43 PM
I have purchased a new computer, & I have office 97 professional. Is it possible to upgrade to office 2000 professional via the internet download without going down to the computer store & buying...

Hi, Jarrod, You don't mention what operating system you're using; did you try to log in as the administrator and accept the EULA? -- Susan Ramlet MVP - Microsoft...

Hi, bsalisbury, Nope--you need to have a qualifying product, which can be the installation on the computer or the original installation media. Maybe you have something else that qualifies; see if...

4 replies , 7/11/2003, 7:42:48 PM
I am trying to set this up on my Admin Installation Point. I must be doing something wrong because it is not updating the Office XP that I rolled out using Group Policy. Is there anyone out...

Adrian Vogeltanz
updating office
0 replies , 7/11/2003, 7:58:13 PM
I have scanned for need updates at the support website and three were identified: Outlook 2002 update: January 22, 2003; Excel 2002 update: October 16, 2002; Word 2002 update: October 16,...

This is NOT Microsoft support. This IS a peer-to-peer newsgroup hosted by Microsoft. If you want Microsoft Office support then go to the appropriate web page. "Michael" <i*******mec.biz> wrote in...

Office Update
1 replies , 7/12/2003, 2:22:31 PM
I have a v3.1 that I want to update to current version. Where do I find the necessary info about my existing version so I will qualify for the upgrade price?

Okay - turn about is fair play. Not understanding this error message does not surprise me coming from someone who does not read the freakin' manual! Read the installation instructions for...

installation of Office Pro XP SP2
0 replies , 7/13/2003, 12:57:50 AM
I downloaded oxpsp2 and tried to install it. When I got tot the part where I was asked to put the cd in, it listed only the standard cd, not the pro cd. I also got the message that the Product...

MS Office Upgrade 4.7 > 97 > 2000
1 replies , 7/13/2003, 10:59:54 PM
I have just purchased office XP Upgrade. I want to load it on my new computer. I have also have a version 97 upgrade that I previously purchased to upgrade from Office 4.7. Here's my...

Peter Fysh
1 replies , 7/13/2003, 11:08:35 PM
An attempt to update Office was unsuccessful since it required the installation disk for Office including Powerpoint. Dell supplied a version of Office which lacked Powerpoint. Is there anyway...

Office 2000
1 replies , 7/13/2003, 11:14:35 PM
When I try to open an office exel or word document the windows Installer program opens. Then the Exel or word program but not the file it self. Whats the problem? Please Help

V Winston
1 replies
I have that problem as well.

Office 2000 errors after upgrade to Windows 2000 pro
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 11:27:47 AM
After upgrading to Widows 2000 pro, office 2000 SR-1 errors when accessing help or opening a new document. The following files are listed as missing. MSRECR40.DLL; ADOFRE15.REG, MAKAPT15.BAT,...

Richard Heywood
Updating Office 97 Network to Office 2000 stand alone
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 12:37:23 PM
I have a laptop with Windows XP but the Office suite is=20 still 97 network. Since Office 97 does no support loading=20 web presentation into Power Point as I expected, I decided=20 to update to...

Alexander R. Gonzalez