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Microsoft XP subscription version upgrade
2 replies , 7/7/2003, 7:08:28 AM
The Microsoft XP Professional subscription I purchased has expired. I bought an upgrade but it is Office XP Standard. Is there some way that I can use this to upgrade the subscription version of...

Adrian Apostolatos
Re: Project Viewer
1 replies
I use an application from Afinion called "Project on Web Viewer" (http://www.afinion.com/). This application works exteremely well for us as we recieve MPP files quite often and need to view them...

Hi Jacqui, Microsoft offers the 2002 version of the MS Office Proofing Tools. http://microsoft.com/office/evaluation/indepth/multilingual/prooftools.asp It contains a number of languges for...

Applying an update to Outlook 2002
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 3:20:04 PM
I am using the Custom installation wizard to apply a client binary patch for Outlook 2002. I am using the Custom Installation wizard which allows me to have the patch applied during the Outlook...

Can I Apply Office 2000 SP3 without the CD???
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 3:59:17 PM
Can I Apply Office 2000 SP3 without the CD??? What files will be needed???

Hi Danielle, The version information for MS Office 2000 with SP-3 is in this MS article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;326585 ========= <<"Danielle"...

Out of office assist. won't autoreply?
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 7:43:28 PM
I send a test message to myself and I don't get an auto reply. I filled out the box that supposed to send an e- mail back saying when I'll be back in the office but no auto reply is ever sent. ...

Trying to install sp 1/missing outret.msi
2 replies , 7/7/2003, 7:56:08 PM
I had to reinstall office XP due to outlook problems with Franklin Covey Plan plus.I downloaded sp 1 but it will not install because it asks for original CD and comes back with invalid path...

John N
Office XP will not reload
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 10:13:12 PM
In my attempt to clean up my hard drive I deleted Office 2000. I then deleted my Office XP with the intent to reload it fresh. I am receiving a message that it cannot find the Patch Package and...

Rick Simmons
Upgraded to Office XP Ent. > Network Problems
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 3:13:32 AM
Hi, I upgraded 3 computers for a client to Office XP Enterprise Edition and now none of the other computers on the network can access their files/shares by name (only by IP). These 3 computers...

1 replies , 7/8/2003, 3:49:04 AM
My computer came with Office XP Small Business. I doesn't have PowerPoint on it. How can I get it or download it?

System allowed me to update office via the online update system. Installed service pack one OK but service pack two couldn't find D:\OFFICE.CAB - options were retry or cancel. retry kept being up...

Kevin F. Leong
Upgrade to Office XP or not
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 1:50:29 PM
I received a Microsoft free upgrade Office XP when I purchased Office 2000 (Windows ME). Does it pay to upgrade or leave well enough alone?

activitating office xp pro in Turkey
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 2:39:14 PM
Hi, I purchased office xp pro in the us and I'm living in Turkey. I cannot get online due to my living situation. How can I activivate office pro xp in Turkey over the phone so that I can...

Config.MSI/*.tmp file has been already updated???
2 replies , 7/8/2003, 4:34:27 PM
I just got Office XP Pro as an upgrade for Office 2000 Pro and when i try to install SP1 it always says something to the effect of "This file (Config.MSI/*.tmp always a differnt temp file name)...

After the last Office'03 beta technical refresh, I get the following when I try to connect to Sharepoint Portal Server 2001: "To connect to a backward-compatible document library, you must...

asian language input and output
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 6:07:34 PM
I am still using office 97. I guess MS no longer supports Office 97 since I can't install Global IME from MS website. Please help me!

Office 2000 SP3 install question?
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 1:25:51 AM
My environment is Windows/2000 with Office/XP and FrontPage/2000. When I click on the Office Product Updates, I see Office 2000 SP3 as a selectable update. Since I have a combination of Office/XP...

Gibson, Andy
The announcement says that the evaluation versions are available to the number of copies available so they may have discontinued the Beta 2 shipments. I would contact Microsoft to find out if they...

Office 2000 SR-1 upgrade to SR1a or SP3
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 7:36:44 AM
When I try to install SR1a or SP3, I got the same error message: The update program did not locate the expected version of Microsoft Microsoft Office 2000 on the machine. We are using Office 2K...