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Update deployed dictionary
0 replies , 7/3/2003, 3:42:49 PM
Is there a method to push out/update a custom dictionary. Off XP has been deployed via ActiveDirectory/Intellimirror to the enterprise. A custom dictionary needs to be added to the users without...

S Schaefer
Office 2000 SP3 Install Problem
0 replies , 7/3/2003, 7:40:47 PM
I purchased Office 2000 as an upgrade from Office 97. Later, I purchased the SR-1 Patch CD from Microsoft. When I attempt to Update Office 2000 with any of the Service Packs, the install program...

Paul Kalinsky
?Can I remove all files and folders posted by Office UpDate in C:\Windows\Temp Folder, without futur problems? p.e."OHotfix", "sr1patch", Office 2000 Professional Setup (000...)_MsiExec.txt Thank...

Vic Santos
Needing more recent version of MicrosoftVM
1 replies , 7/4/2003, 12:52:12 AM
Have tried Windows updates numerous times-no luck! After down-loading Java, message appears every time. Posted 11/26/02---Put the computer in service last week of 2002. Suggestions please!!

Jim Swiercinsky
Saving the Update Files
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 7:57:47 AM
Hi, I'm using the Office 2003 Beta 2 on different computers. Do I have to download the Update Files for any PC or is it possible to save them and update the PCs "offline"?

Question on upgrade
1 replies , 7/4/2003, 11:42:41 AM
I have Microsoft Office XP Standard. My daughter brought me Microsoft Office XP Professional Upgrade for my birthday. Unable to upgrade. Why????

Lloyd Morse
I am running the Office XP updater and it keeps asking for the Office XP CD (I am using the volume license CDs that I have under a select agreement) and the installer keeps giving me an error...

Brad Wiesley
Multiple Off 2000
2 replies , 7/4/2003, 6:35:28 PM
I was just up on the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs section and noticed that Office 2000 is listed three times as: Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Disk...

Duane Loftus
when install office XP getting ODBC error message
0 replies , 7/4/2003, 6:47:53 PM
I am getting an error message of Error 1919 ODBC data source MS access database ODBC error6 missing. Error also Excel ODBC error 6. Error also Visual Fox PRO Database error 6. Error also Visual...

Sharon Wagner
trying to buy latest office prof upgrade
1 replies , 7/4/2003, 7:55:33 PM
I have office prof 97 installed but seem to be running windows 98. what upgrade route do i take to get the latest version of office professional ????

Error 1402
1 replies , 7/5/2003, 6:51:59 AM
I get the folliwng message when attempting to update my MS Office in a Windows 98 OS environment. Error 1402 Setup cannot open registry key...

Ed Lee
Problems upgrading Office 2003
0 replies , 7/5/2003, 9:10:58 AM
I have installed the updates of Office 2003 and it returns to me to request the registry key. When I write it indicates to me that he is erronea. Some solution?

tried to un/reinstall office 2003... now worse!
0 replies , 7/5/2003, 1:20:13 PM
agreed. Since my last post I tried to repair, Office 2003 to no avail. Then decided the other route, uninstall and reinstall. It appears to install correctly, but none of the Office applications...

When I'm trying to install OXPSP1 I always recieve this error msg: "Error 1328.Error applying patch to file C:\Config.Msi\PTD2.tmp(or other *.tmp file). It has probably been updated by other...

Office XP SBE
0 replies , 7/5/2003, 4:51:00 PM
I have Office XP SBE on my new computer. I used MS Office 2000 Pro on my other system. Will I have a conflict if I load MS Office 2000 to my XP system? I really just want the power point. Is it...

I've been happily using McAfee Virus Scan 5.1 with Office 2000 but had not yet applied the most recent Office 2000 updates. After installing the new Office2000 update installer, on restarting, I...

Converting old files
0 replies , 7/6/2003, 1:32:16 PM
Upgraded from Windows ME to XP. Now alot of my WORD files won't open properly. It appears they open in a different text (something you cant read). I tried loading Office 2000 again but still...

My OS is W98SE. In Control Panel is Office 2000 Sr-1 Pro. Is it safe delete all files in C:\Windows\Temp? p.e .sr1patch, Hotfix, *.log, ...Msi.log, ...Setup (000...).txt, ...MsiExec.txt? (Some of...

Vic Santos
Office Update that won't update
0 replies , 7/6/2003, 6:48:33 PM
The upgrade keeps asking for the Microsoft Office 2000 Small Buisness disk that I did not receive with my MS 2000 office Pro. What to do? Looking for data.msi? Where do I find this file? Why this...

Bill Cook
excel 2000
1 replies , 7/6/2003, 10:19:28 PM
is there a patch or update that allows me to color the worksheet tabs like excel 2002 in XP?