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You might try making a copy of the document, rename it to *.txt, and open in notepad. -- < : )))) >< Something's Fishy Around Here "Steven M." <s**********na@rcn.com> wrote in...

"Kirk" <K**********tmail.com> wrote in message news:<2bde01c33f63$028f16f0$a********phx.gbl>... > I downloaded and attempted to install. But it fails. > Windows Installer says it is Preparing to >...

abnormal program termination
1 replies , 7/1/2003, 6:38:48 PM
I will be typing in microsoft word and all of a sudden I get a message saying abnormal program termination. What is causing this? It is a runtime error.

jackie schulz
Service Pack 3 update problem
1 replies , 7/1/2003, 6:41:51 PM
I am trying to update my administrative installation point per knowledgebase article 304165 which uses the windows installer and the following command line msiexec /a Admin Path\MSI File /p...

Office Beta Refresh Crash Solution!
0 replies , 7/1/2003, 7:01:01 PM
I have gotten the refresh to work properly, and with OneNote's refresh as well. Here's what I did: After I patched and crashed.... Uninstall OneNote <reboot> Uninstall Office <reboot> Install...

problem installing SR3
0 replies , 7/1/2003, 10:08:13 PM
i just updated office 2000 with SR-1a and that went fine, then i tried to install SR3 and it asked me for the disk with Word 2002 SR-1a but i downloaded that so i don't have a disk, and couldn't...

Update OFfice XP SBE to Professional XP?
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 4:47:26 AM
I am trying to find out if it's possible to upgrade Office XP SBE to Office XP Professional? The wording on the box is not specific enough and I have differing probabilities from the suppliers...

Need help with OXPSP1 & OXPSP2
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 12:05:14 PM
When I'm trying to install OXPSP1 I always recieve this error msg: "Error 1328.Error applying patch to file C:\Config.Msi\PTD2.tmp. It has probably been updated by other means,and can no longer be...

Enterprise By-Pass Key
2 replies , 7/2/2003, 1:05:02 PM
I have downloaded the refresh of 2003, but when I put in my key, I get a key stating that it is invalid, even though it is. Does anyone have that "Enterprise By-Pass" key that I can...

L. R. Robinson
Is there some reason that every time I turn around one of my Microsoft products has some major problem? Why should I have to become a computer expert in order to resolve the security issues in...

Chris Anderson
Office 2000 to Office XP
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 4:58:10 PM
Can I have both programs remain on my PC. What programs will I lose if I upgrade from office 2000 to office XP standard. If I lose a program, can I keep what I would lose? Thank you, Terri

1 replies , 7/2/2003, 5:37:47 PM
Whenever I try to download templates from the Microsoft Template Gallery, a window pops up stating "Template Gallery Cannot Preview or Open the Template" and it lists several steps to add...

Office 2000 Pro SP4
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 6:41:19 PM
Does this service pack still contain the attachment blocking feature in Outlook?

Lyle York
SR-1 update for Office 2000
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 6:43:33 PM
I had a system crash & had to reinstall everything. After installing MS Office 2000, I downloaded & installed Installer 2.0, then SR-1, SR-2, & SR-3. Re-booted computer between each installation....

MayBelle Greeson
Office 2003 Tech Refresh Download Problem
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 9:22:28 PM
I just installed Office 2003 Beta 2. As part of the install, IE was launched and I was taken to Beta update site (nice touch): http://officebeta.microsoft.com/officeupdate/; once there, I clicked on...

Gordon Staley
For all those interested, slipstreaming the service packs into an office install disk in possible. I did it by taking my Office XP cd, used the "install to administrative share point directory"...

I have a year-old Dell computer running Windows XP Home Edition. All upgrades and patches are applied. Office 2000 was upgraded to Office XP with FrontPage months ago and runs great. Problem: ...

Wm. Early
Office XP upgrade to Office 2003
1 replies , 7/3/2003, 9:55:07 AM
Hi, Just wondering if there were any caveats to be aware of on performing an upgrade from a full installation of Office XP to Office 2003 ? Thanks, Jamie

Jamie Hebbs
I have a problem opening webfolders on SharepointPortal Server 2001 after installing the technical Refresh to office 2003. This seems to be a common Problem as seen on MS-SPS2001 Newsgroups. I...

Lars Vopicka
Trouble to install Office sp3 patch
0 replies , 7/3/2003, 12:57:16 PM
I have problems to install SP3 of office 2000 UK. The installation of sp2 was succesfull with the use of the Orginal cd-rom. But when I try to install sp3 it comes after 30 seconds with the message...

Jos van Vegchel