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Hi Greg, See if the information in this article applies: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;322632 ========== <<"Greg Camp" <x**********oo.com.au> wrote in message...

Upgrade an Office 2000 Distribution Share
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 2:42:28 PM
Hello, I set up an Office 2000 distribution share point by running an administrative install. I also have run the Custom Installation Wizard provided with the Office 2000 Resource Kit to create a...

Chris Guimbellot
Oxxice XP Interactive Training
2 replies , 6/30/2003, 3:18:50 PM
I have Office XP Pro installed. When I first got my computer I found the Office XP Interactive Training. My system developed serious problems and I had to completely reinstall the OS. In...

office 2000 reinstall problems
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 5:10:07 PM
My computer crashed, so I reinstalled Windows 98 SE. Somehow, my Office 2000 professional edition got deleted too, so I tried to reinstall it using original CD-ROMS. But I keep getting this weird...

Henry H.
xp activation
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 5:10:08 PM
I purchased an office xp small business, and have 2 active computers in my home, why cant i install this on both, it keeps saying that it is activated, yet I need to add it to both systems????

Installing Office 97 on XP
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 5:46:09 PM
I am trying to install Office 97 on my new computer with Windows XP home. I am using the CD and am getting the following error message "Setup has searched your hard disk and cannot find any of...

User Name ask every time a user logs on
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 7:47:12 PM
I've a little config problem with Office XP. We are ready to install 400 workstations base on the same image. We have made a setup giving all the different settings to user when they log...

Rudy Herpain
Recent Document History Issues
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 8:00:35 PM
I have just installed Office XP Pro. One of the biggest changes that I was looking forward to was the Task Pane. The issue is the Recently used files option on the General tab is grayed out. ...

Outlook auto logon
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 8:30:16 PM
I would like have a workstation that belongs to a workgroup logon through Outlook to an Exchange server without being prompted for logon credentials. I have created a local computer user that has...

David Mann
I want to uninstall and unregister microsoft office student and teacher edition so that i can move it to a different computer. I dont know if i can. And i dont want to do it and it not work. ...

Daniel Manis
SP Update to CD2 Administrative Point
2 replies , 6/30/2003, 9:00:09 PM
Hey all, On a file server, I have CD2 of Office XP installed in an Administrative Point. How can I apply Office XP SP1 and 2 to my CD2 administrative point? -Steve

Steve Yanes
Office shortcut bar
6 replies , 6/30/2003, 10:09:48 PM
I installed office but the msoffice short cut bar which I used to have is missing.

Laki Balaji
Install problem with Office 2000
2 replies , 6/30/2003, 10:10:26 PM
I had a system crash. Had to re-format my c-drive. I am trying to re-install all of my programs, eveything so far has gone OK. However when I attempt to re-install Office 2k Pro I get the following...

Bearcat Smith
office 2000 User install run each time
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 10:15:28 PM
Hi, I have upgraded a Win2K SP3 station to MSI 2.0 and then applied the fix for the bug "Office 2000 Prompts You to Register After April 15, 2003" (KB 818798 ). Since that very moment, each time I...

Hi Gary, Hmmm. Can you elaborate please on what difficulties you're expecting to encounter in a Word 2003 produced document that having both Word 2002 and Word 2003 present will help? This Office...

Office XP Standard Edition install on two laptops
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 11:33:40 PM
Before purchasing Office XP Standard Edition for my laptops, I wanted to make sure that I could purchase just one full version and install it on both. Per the MS website, it says that I can...

Product Key Loost
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 11:52:07 PM
want to register office xp on my new hard drive but I loost the product Key, what can I do???

cesar alvares
Office 2000
1 replies , 7/1/2003, 3:57:51 AM
I have office 2000 which was installed by the manufacturer. They are unable to help me. Recently I have had some problems with my computer..I still have office 200 on my hard drive, but cannot...

0 replies , 7/1/2003, 10:06:56 AM
how do I fix error 1305

ged mcnamara
Re: lost key code
1 replies
For OEM copies, contact your OEM for retail ones, see http://www.microsoft.com/usa Hth, George, MVP "stef" <s************h@uconn.edu> az al�bbiakat �rta a k�vetkezo...