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Windows XP is the Operating System. Your school is telling you that you need Office XP, completely different animal. Office is installed to work with documents, spreadsheets, etc. Depending on what...

Why won't it let you? Do you get any error messages? -- Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Having searched the archives, taliesin...

MS project 2002 activation
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 7:20:54 AM
I am having some problem activating MS Project 2002. When I install it accepts the VLK on the certificate.However when I start the application for the first time it again asks for the product...

Vinodini Matthew
problems at excel
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 7:32:34 AM
dear sir, when pressing the excel icon receive error mesage " the application perform an illegle operetion..." when looking in details "excel cause an invalide page fault in module excel.exe...

Office XP Pro
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 8:29:48 AM
Hello: I have just installed Microsoft Office XP Pro. I have a project that I have to have completed in the morning and thought it would be no problem to install this and type the paper,...

Christy Mattingly
Adm install point
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 8:37:56 AM
I'm trying to help one of my customers to setup the administrative install point on his office network. He has only 3 computers and all of them are running Office XP Pro, but when I've tried to...

chico bento
Enabling Macros
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 8:39:17 AM
Help Please: I need my computer by morning! I have just installed (last night) Office XP Pro and it will not save the document or print it because it says "micros not enabled" - What does this...

Christy Mattingly
What is DSP
4 replies
When you see the term OEM, it means a version w/o the box or manuals. It's a version made to system integrators (like compaq, hp, etc) to be installed on the new systems they sale. It works the...

3 replies
You need to import that file. Do the following: 1-On the File menu, click Import and Export. 2-Click Import from another program or file, and then click Next. 3-Click Personal Folder File (.pst),...

After I created an OfficeXP administrative installation point on the server, I bought some number of additional licenses. Is it possible to add these licenses to the old installation point or I...

Valery Khaet
Terminal Server - Office Install
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 10:16:44 AM
I installed office 2000 on my terminal server, and all seemed to go fine, however each time I login, I get the "Office 2000" is installing components. Usually you only get that once, but I get it...

John Hale
problem installing office97
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 11:55:46 AM
When installing from the office97 cd, no problems registering the program in my name, or typing in the cd- key. I get as far as specifying the directory to install to, hit ok, and then some error...

Office XP standard activation question
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 12:19:58 PM
I was given a Compaq laptop with a full copy of Office XP Standard, including the book and original CD's. I don't need Office XP and would like to sell it on e-bay. Can I call Microsoft to...

Michael Z
Mark, What finally worked for me when I had NT4.0 was to rename the following files: (These should be in the Winnt/System32 folder) msi.exec, msi.dll, msihnd.dll and msisip.dll - - by...

Sherandel wrote: > Yes, you can ask if someone you know also has the same > software version, and use there code. Err, no, you can't. This is a) stealing b) piracy c) wrong and d)...

re installing office xp after hard drive crash
1 replies , 6/30/2003, 1:09:36 PM
I want to register office xp on my new hard drive and it keeps saying it is registered to another computer ( my trashed hard drive) what can I do???

Laura Walters
Office 2000 Shortcut Bar
0 replies , 6/30/2003, 1:26:26 PM
The office shortcut bar doesnt want to open and comes up with this message "The office shortcut bar must have at least one toolbar to run. Do you want to add a toolbar now?" I click on yes and add...

How did you even get 2000 to load on the XP box. I've tried everything I can think of and it fails install. I hate XP at this point. I can't get it to recognize my new Maxtor 120 GHD, my HP...

Out of Office does not work
3 replies , 6/30/2003, 1:49:52 PM
In Outlook 2000...Out of office is set up, but does not work when someone sends email. They do not get the out of office message.

Hi Vinodini, You may want to check with the folks in the MS Project newsgroup news://msnews.microsoft.com/microsoft.public.project on this as well and list which MS Project 2002 family product...