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2 replies , 6/26/2003, 12:23:20 AM
I uninstalled the program from my software. Can I get one of you to email it to me. Please!!! Thanks V :)

1 replies , 6/26/2003, 1:31:53 AM
Can you install microsoft office 97 using windows 98.

scott alexander
unattended install
2 replies , 6/26/2003, 2:30:30 AM
Is there a way to do a silent (unattended) install with office 97? Or Office 2000? I know you can do an unnattended install with Windows 2000 PRo. I was seeing if I can do the same with office...

Installing Office 2000 on upgraded machine to Win XP
0 replies , 6/26/2003, 2:34:40 AM
I upgraded from Win98 to WinXP Pro, Office came with the original computer. When starting an Office 2000 app. Windows Installer wanted the original CD1. When installer starts, I get this error...

Can't help on number one unless running scanpst.exe helps. On number 2, it is a known issue and is being looked at. Tsk, tsk... you should have used the pfbackup.exe from Microsoft to backup your...

http://microsoft.com/office/ork - select the version that corresponds to your Office version. --� Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Having...

Office XP Standard Error 1402
0 replies , 6/26/2003, 4:26:29 AM
Wim98 machine running Office XP Standard, suddenly cannot start any of the office applications except Outlook. When I tried to reinstall/repair, error 1402 occured saying that cannot read registry...

Install on Terminal Server
4 replies , 6/26/2003, 5:45:05 AM
I am trying to install the 2003 Beta on my terminal server. I have attempted to create several different transform files to install it, but it is not installing it. Does anyone know why this is...

Hi Trapulo, Thanks for your detailed information and I appreciate all your efforts on this issue. Based on the Q242557 KB article, if we enable the folder redirection via domain Group Policy, it...

Office 2000 toolbar
1 replies , 6/26/2003, 12:04:38 PM
I recently had to install Office 2000 over an existing Office 97 configuration. I was in a hurry and just chose the standard update settings. I don't have an Office toolbar any more. Any hints on...

Norman Heyen
Group Policy and Word10.ADM problem
0 replies , 6/26/2003, 4:06:57 PM
Resubmitting under new subject line. Hopefully someone has seen this and has an answer. old subject: Using ORK system policies "Grant" wrote in message > > I too am trying to enable predefined...

Grant Getz
installing Office 2000 SR1 on an XP multiuser system
0 replies , 6/26/2003, 6:04:54 PM
After installing Office 2000 SR1 on a multiuser WinXP machine the following occurs. (I was logged in as "administrator" for the SR1 install) When any other user is logged in, and they try to run...

ALLUSERS property
0 replies , 6/26/2003, 9:06:44 PM
A client of mine is deploying Office XP via commandline using the MST and OPS, etc. and setup ALLUSER=2 property. The issue is that the OPS setting are fine for the user who got the installation,...

Jay [Work]
Changing License Name
1 replies , 6/26/2003, 9:59:44 PM
I installed Office XP onto my work machine, but neglected to include the company name on the registration details. I then uninstalled, then reinstalled, thinking that I would get the opportunity...

Windows 2003 Terminal Server + Office 2000
1 replies , 6/26/2003, 10:55:04 PM
I can't install O2K on Win2K3 with Terminal Server installed. Setup reports that I need to use Office Resource Toolkit, but i tried that and it only supplies some silly Office Assistant change. I...

Office 97 pro 20 digit key.
2 replies , 6/26/2003, 11:18:19 PM
Microsoft Office PRO 97 came pre-installed on my Gateway PC 5 years ago. I do not have the access key to re-install it on my new HP PC. gateway gave me a 20 digit key code, but it does not...

Byron Hodges
Office for Students
2 replies , 6/27/2003, 12:42:50 AM
I have Microsoft Office for Students installed on an old computer which has now been replaced. Can I removed the software from the old computer and install on the new computer with the Product...

Dave Brown
error message
0 replies , 6/27/2003, 1:40:33 AM
When I open any of the office programs I get - and error occured and this feature is no longer functioning propertly. would you like to repair this feature now.. I select yes it give me a box...

Hi Tasha, In using an 'upgrade' copy of MS Office XP you'll need a CD for either Office 97 or Office 2000 to use during setup to qualify for the upgrade ...

Error 1500 on install of Office 2000
0 replies , 6/27/2003, 5:00:45 AM
I am trying to troubleshoot an error I am getting when trying to reinstall Office 2000 Premium edition. The error is "Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that...