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Uninstalling Office 2000 manually
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 7:07:49 AM
Hi all We have a site where the previous techie installed Office 2000 Premium on some PCs. Problem is they only have licenses for Pro. The other problem is that the moment someone else logs onto...

General Enquiry
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 7:58:34 AM
Dear Sir/Madam I am using MS Office 2000. In microsoft Excel 2000, is there is any option to move between sheets. i.e. I want to move to sheet 160 from sheet 1 directly in a single shot. If...

Hi, I've got a crazy problem an a laptop. I think that the office2000 installation is totally crashed. When i try to delete it from the add/remove program panel it displays a small loading msgbox...

Constantin Charissis
Office 2000 on XP - Internal Error 2349
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 11:33:28 AM
I have a new Dell PC with XP Professional, and I'm trying to install Office 2000 Professional. The CD I have is the 'upgrade' to Office 2000 Pro. I have successfully installed Office 97 (SBE) so...

Installing Office XP : Error 1335
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 12:19:22 PM
Hello, I have come up with the following error when trying to install Office XP: Error 1335 - Cannot copy cab file Office1.cab I have come across a knowledge banka article on this problem. It...

Jamie Thomson
Install Power Point only
2 replies , 6/25/2003, 1:56:16 PM
wife's computer is using Office 97, recently bought office XP for Students & Teachers (she's both) mainly because she wanted Power Point 2003, she does not like Word XP, would rather use Word 97,...

The second computer is giving me the following "error 1722 There is a problem with this windows installer package" When Word is started it is running an install program. The computer already has...

Try using: 1234-1234567 >-----Original Message----- >I have a new computer and am trying to load office 97 >which requires an 11 digit CD key - which I have lost >over the years. > >Anybody know...

Re: Office XP & 97
4 replies
see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;141373 for more info. Hth, George "mfraley" <m***********ech-cfi.com> az al�bbiakat �rta a k�vetkezo...

Word set up
1 replies
This can be caused by many different reasons. One can be if Works(which comes with Word) or a stand alone version of Word was installed by the OEM on the new computer can cause a conflict. Try...

Error 1931
2 replies
Take a look at the following article: 274041.KB.EN-US OFF2000: "Error 1931" When You Run Detect and Repair http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN- US;274041 >-----Original...

Reinstalling Office XP
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 5:33:13 PM
I am about to upgrade from Windows Me to Windows XP and reformat my hard disk in the process. Is there anything I should do to ensure that I can reinstall Office XP i.e. how will Microsoft know that...

Charles Legard
Chaning user information
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 6:14:56 PM
I am wondering if there is a way, short of reinstalling Office, to change the default user name and initials that were originally entered when installing the software. The person I am trying to...

Office 2000
1 replies , 6/25/2003, 8:22:29 PM
I can ot load Office 2000 on my new computer, which has Windows XP - Home. I receive the following: Error 1305. Error reading file. E:\PFiles\MSOffice\Office\GENIUS.ACG. Verify that the file...

Robert Aspoas
Removing Office Premium
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 8:38:54 PM
I want to uninstall Office Premium from my laptop. I cannot find my installation CD and I am unable to remove this program with the CD. Is there a way I can uninstall Office Premium without the...

MS Word 2000 saving on exit
0 replies , 6/25/2003, 9:03:10 PM
Hi I have a PC on a network which is running Office 2000 on WinXP. When I go to exit Word it asks me if I want to save the document. This happens eventhough I have already just saved it. On further...

Still have PP org chart problem
1 replies , 6/25/2003, 9:09:04 PM
I posted a week or so ago regarding the fact that office2000 professional complains the the org chart component is not installed. Someone replied and pointed me...

office 97
1 replies , 6/25/2003, 9:30:18 PM
i upgraded to xp then installed office 2000 before i found out my printer did not work so i uninstalled xp and now i can't get my office 97 to work again using my windows 98 os. i need help. i...

multiple users on one computer
1 replies , 6/25/2003, 9:34:44 PM
We have Office XP installed on a computer which works fine for the primary user. If we log onto our server domain it wants to have office xp reinstalled for each user. Then it says that a user (not...

Office 2000 Premium installation
1 replies , 6/25/2003, 9:54:12 PM
I just tried loading Office 2000 on to a Win98 workstation. During the completion of the install process I received an ODBC Driver 13 error. Any idea on how to resolve this?