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MSO2003 & speech recognition
3 replies , 5/20/2004, 11:51:44 AM
Hi all, I've run into a problem after changing licensed MSO 2003 Small Business Edition (english) to Professional Enterprise Edition (lithuanian, another licence). SBE worked fine in my box, but I...

Vincas Stepankevicius
Office 2003 Standard upgrade question
1 replies , 5/24/2004, 3:40:11 PM
Hi Folks :-), I already have an OEM version of Work Suite 2004 on my PC, and I was wondering if an OEM version would qualify for a retail version of MS Office 2003 Standard Upgrade. I went to the MS...

Recently Used File List Setting Disabled
1 replies , 5/27/2004, 5:16:45 PM
I'm using Office XP with SP3. For some reason, under Tools | Options | General Tab, the Recently used file list setting is disabled (grayed out). Is there a way to re-enable the setting, possibly...

Drawing Pad is missing from language bar.
0 replies , 5/27/2004, 5:34:58 PM
Drawing Pad is missing from language bar. Hand writing recognition is not active in all office 2003 programs. Under Tools there is no Speech option. When I tried to fix rhe proplem by reinstallin...

MS Word 2000 Page X of Y Auto Text function
2 replies , 5/28/2004, 3:00:22 PM
On any document old or new, if I manually or automatically insert a page number that shows current page and total number of pages, the document shows correctly this information for each page...

Jaxon Bridge
Restore Auto Text Toolbar Entry
3 replies , 5/29/2004, 5:08:57 AM
All I would like to do is to restore "filepath and name" to the header and footer toolbar on the Insert Auto Text toolbar. I tried to recreate it but it was placed in the Normal subheading, which...

1 replies , 6/1/2004, 2:36:20 AM
I've just installed Office 2003 Pro and I was wondering if I can set up my newsgroups that I've been using in Outlook Express? If so, how do I set it up? And I've also setup my hotmail accounts but...

Messenger 4.7
1 replies , 6/1/2004, 2:40:44 AM
Is there a way so that Office 2003 doesn't keep opening up Messenger? I use MSN 6.2 and don't bother with 4.7. I have already disabled it in Windows XP under the MANAGE tab, etc. Thanks

More lines in Word's Envelope window
2 replies , 6/1/2004, 3:03:38 PM
Hi All Word XP and 2003 only offer me a max of 7 address lines in it's Tools/Letters & Mailings/Envelopes & Labels feature. I need a min of 8 address lines for most of my addresses and the...

Office XP or 2000?
2 replies , 6/3/2004, 6:01:17 AM
I have two copies of Office, Xp and 2000. I just got a new PC and trying to figure out which one is better to install on the PC. I don't know much about office...yet! I am just trying to figur out...

Formating Columns
0 replies , 6/4/2004, 6:45:17 PM
Is there any way to have Outlook keep the column widths that I assign and not have them change after I exit that particular folder? Outlook always seems to go and change them even after I change...

OSB - shortcut bar
0 replies , 6/5/2004, 2:07:07 PM
Office2kprem, win2k, both updated The OSB has ceased to function correctly, ie some, not all apps/templates will not open. eg Open Office Doc/select doc or New Office Doc/select template,...

Formatting Columns
0 replies , 6/5/2004, 11:28:17 PM
Is there any way to have Outlook keep the column widths that I assign and not have them change after I exit that particular folder? Outlook always seems to go and change them even after I change...

URGENT Need custom printing help!
2 replies , 6/18/2004, 2:21:31 AM
My client has a law office where just about everyone has a printer of their own for quick printing and doing envelopes. However, they also have a multi-function enterprise class copier (MFC for...

Office 2003 / Office XP Shortcut Bar
6 replies , 6/19/2004, 10:39:03 PM
I, like so many of the rest of you out there, was very disappointed when I found out that there was no office shortcut bar (OSB) after my upgrade to Office 2003. After looking through these...

Marc Bressman
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Office XP - OL folder titles truncated
3 replies , 6/20/2004, 7:35:02 PM
Just upgraded to OfficeXP Pro 2003. In the Navigation Pane of Outlook I show the Folder List. Some - not all - of the folders have slightly truncated titles. "Contacts" shows only the left half of...

t. wise
Issue With Office 2003 standard
1 replies , 6/21/2004, 7:58:54 PM
I purchased 5 Volume licenses and a Media kit of Office 2003 standard. I copied the entire cd to a share on a server. I then created a mst file with the Product Key. Then i created a GPO to push out...

Does MS Office 2003 run under Win2000 or only under XP? Do I need eventually have to install DotNet Framework? If yes, which version? What is the difference between MS Office 2003 and MS Office...

Office SR1 or SR1a better as base for Office 2000 SP3?
0 replies , 6/22/2004, 10:58:17 AM
As far as I know it is required to install either SR1 or SR1a prior to installation of SR3 for Office 2000. If I have the choice between SR1 and SR1a: which one is better suited as base for the later...