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Latency problems with Office Documents
0 replies , 2/11/2004, 10:13:20 AM
Hi all I'm having the following setup. SRV1: Windows Server 2003 running as File/Printserver SRV2: Windows Server 2003 runnning as a Terminal Server. Office 2003 UK NAV Cooporate Ed. When users...

Microsoft News Server
I have a business customer who just ordered new Dell's for their work offices. Everything went great except one annoying issue that I can't seem to get resolved and that is each time someone starts...

Bradley Walker
Don't waste your time and money on Office 2003
19 replies , 2/15/2004, 9:38:05 PM
I was really quite excite about Office 2003. WHen I first started it up, it looked great, But then I discovered that some pin-headed moron at MS decided to make help completely and totally useless....

Gerry Roston
Help with Word 6.0 setup
3 replies , 2/16/2004, 6:53:06 AM
Trying to install Word 6.0 on floppy disk, and there is an error on disk 8. The files wordart.ex_, wordart.hl_, and wordcbt.cb_ are not reading. Can someone send me those 3 files, or if they are...

Office XP Media Disk
2 replies , 2/19/2004, 3:42:54 PM
Can you use the Office XP Media Disk with Office 2003? -- Donald L McDaniel Post all replies to the Newsgroup, so that all may be informed. Remove the obvious to reply by...

Donald McDaniel
Word XP is not saving user information
5 replies , 2/20/2004, 2:41:35 AM
... such as Return mailing address for printing on envelopes. Using Office XP SP2 on win2K SP4 please help ICQ 6124479 kaygbee at inbox dot ru

1 replies , 2/21/2004, 12:30:35 AM
I am planning to update my Office 2000 Professional with Office 2003 Standard. I have only occasional need for Access. However, if I do update (upgrade?) will I still be able to integrate Access 2000...

Request virus scan
2 replies , 2/23/2004, 5:48:35 PM
when I open any ms word document it "request virus scan" and the system is blocked for a very long time. I run Kraspersky antivirus and Microsoft Office XP Small Bussines Edition on a Windows XP. ...

Keeping OfficeXP Shortcut bar with Office2003 Install
1 replies , 2/26/2004, 1:08:20 PM
I will be getting Office 2003 shortly. Is there a way to keep the OfficeXP shortcut bar (removing all other OfficeXP applications) when I've installed Office 2003? Thanks. -- Colonel...

Colonel Blip
HELP -- Can't update Office 2000
2 replies , 2/27/2004, 8:23:32 PM
Hi, All... I'm cross-posting to all three groups, as I'm not sure which one to post to. Here's my problem... I have Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Corporate Edition) and I'm unable to apply any of...

John Aldrich
Can't update Office 2000
5 replies , 3/1/2004, 8:04:38 PM
Here's my problem... I have Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Corporate Edition) and I'm unable to apply any of the updates to it, as it always errors out. Trying to install SP3, it complains about...

John Aldrich
Unable to get Asian IME to show asian characters...
11 replies , 4/4/2004, 9:54:10 AM
Hello! I am helping my father to set up his new Windows XP Media Center (with all updates; Toshiba OEM) to support Asian IME and characters. I installed IME stuff and fonts/characters (through...

A pain for using help in Office 2000
3 replies , 4/5/2004, 1:32:53 AM
Dear all, I am using Office 2000 standard version SP-3 on Windows XP Sp-1. The program needs a very long waiting time after I press F1. Sometimes the help window doesn't show up. Does anyone know...

Jerry Louis
Office XP Word Icons Disappear from Taskbar
0 replies , 4/8/2004, 12:18:08 AM
I have a computer running Windows 2000 Pro SP4 with Office XP. After working with several Word files I minimize each one as I work. I check e-mail and other items. After a short time, not sure...

Copy/Paste Problem??????
3 replies , 4/10/2004, 6:59:11 PM
This is very strange... I am attempting to copy some text from notepad in to Word. A reasonably simply operation you would have thought. If I first copy the text - then open Word - and then paste...

switch off that Clipboard
6 replies , 4/13/2004, 4:32:06 PM
How do I switch off that Clipboard box which pops up everytime I do = copy-and-pase in Access table?

When trying to update MS Office 2000 SR-1 Professional to SP3 it claims the DATA1.msi is invalid. Although if the original installation CD may have been just MS Office 2000 Professional not the...

Office 2003 Personal Folders file(.pst)
4 replies , 4/16/2004, 12:09:00 AM
I have upgrade from Office XP to Office 2003. Recently I wanted to reformat my HD because of a worm, and saved my Outlook Office Data File so later I would be able to copy and override the...

installing OfficeXP SP2 needs 'PROPLU.MSI'
5 replies , 4/28/2004, 8:08:37 AM
My Computer Info: Toshiba laptop, satellite 1905-277, Pentium 4 CPU 1.60 GHz 256 MB of RAM OS: Windows XP Home Edition with SP1 MS Office: Office 2002 (Is it different from Office XP?) I downloaded...

Rasoul Khoshravan Azar
How remove Getting Started toolbar
3 replies , 5/10/2004, 1:29:57 PM
How do I avoid the Getting Started toolbar (aka Task Pane) from appearing every time I start one of the Office 2003 Basic applications? dOinK