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I've been editing a few documents that, when loaded with Word 2000 (0.0.6926 SP-3) react INCREDIBLY slow. Redrawing the screen or selecting text or moving about in the document slow the entire...

Problem with Office Small Businnes
3 replies , 11/19/2003, 3:40:25 PM
Hello, after upgraded from W95 to W2K each time I open Start/Search/For files or folder... an installation window for MS Office 2000 small businness appears, and it's really annoying. How can I...

N! Xau
Hi everyone. I'm using Office 2003 and have a question or two about some of the Office Tools...specifically, the Document Scanning and Document Imaging tools. I have scanned a few documents, and...

J. Danniel
Re: Windows2000-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe
1 replies , 12/3/2003, 10:17:54 PM
Oops! just reposted, sorry. Thanks! "David Hogan" <x@x.com> wrote in message news:... > Downloaded and installed as recommended, although we probably didn't need > it. Now Office 2000 applications...

David Hogan
unable to access a access database
0 replies , 12/5/2003, 2:23:25 PM
Hi all Could someone tell me if it is possible to get back into a database after being locked out of it? What happened is that I tried setting up the security > user and group accounts of access on...

Nathan H
List of fonts
10 replies , 12/5/2003, 7:48:03 PM
I do not have office XP or 2003 (yet). How do I find out what fonts are included with these versions of office so I know whether or not I have to buy a particular typeface? Thanks! MG

The Goulds
Can't remove network share
1 replies , 12/7/2003, 11:33:11 PM
I'm trying to deploy software through a batch file. When I put the net use command in the batch file it maps the right share but the drive mapping name defaults to the root drive name. I can not...

EURO support lost
2 replies , 12/8/2003, 6:32:55 PM
Hi, Had a harddisk failure which wiped out all my WIN98 fonts. I successfully managed to restore all fonts using MS KB and installed MS 'More Euro fonts-Office patch' as well. Now the Euro symbol...

system info tab in OfficeXP not working
1 replies , 12/18/2003, 3:36:39 AM
Anyone know why I can't get my system info when I click on this tab and if it can be fixed? Thanks for any info. -- --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by NORTON anti-virus system...

A toolbar default & templates?
2 replies , 12/23/2003, 3:39:29 PM
Office XP Pro is running on this WinXP Pro system. When I bring up Word it ALWAYS comes up with the Reviewing toolbar enabled. I can turn it off via View/Toolbars; but I'd like to free from this...

J. Kearney
Office 2003 and reboots
4 replies , 12/30/2003, 2:53:34 PM
Hi We have a corporate license for Microsoft Office 2003 Standard. We have tried to install it on a number of desktops of diferent types (home made clones and Dells) with no luck. The machines keep...

Naieem Ashraf
Our company is moving to Exchange 2003 and are going to implement Outlook 2003 in order to take advantage of the benefits of running them together. However, we are not ready to make the jump (we...

Chris Haney
Word not remebering Maximize Window sixe?
1 replies , 1/5/2004, 6:53:24 PM
Hello all, Office 2003 Pro - all updates installed. XP SP1. A couple of times now, after opening a downloaded document (from MS),m Word has changed it's "Maximized Window" size - shrinking to...

Office 2003 for up to 3 coomputers ???
1 replies , 1/7/2004, 5:45:41 AM
Hello all, Forgive me for the simple question, but I couldn't seem to find the answer elsewhere. If I purchase the Microsoft Office 2003 for students and teachers can I really load it on up to three...

Hi all - When I load a BMP in 2003 Picture Manager and attempt to Save As to a different file type, the options under "Save as type" are greyed out. I am logged on with Administrator rights. Does...

Mike D.
Failed Publisher Installation
1 replies , 1/17/2004, 6:31:12 PM
Office 2K. Word and Excel installed and working properly. Win95 OS Networked When I attempted to install Publisher from Disk 2 The machine stalled during the reboot. I had to do alt-crtl-del to...

Pros and Cons of "Run from Network" install
0 replies , 1/21/2004, 3:04:43 PM
What are the Pros and Cons of a"Run from Network" installation? How many users/server are recommended? What, if anything, gets installed on the desktop? Can you point me to a URL with this...

Tom Ker
Cannot view thumbnails after Office 2003 upgrade
1 replies , 1/26/2004, 7:49:05 PM
After installing Office 2003 we cannot view thumbnails in Windows Explorer/My Computer. Tried the Reg fix per KBA 243401. Also tried re-registering thumbvw.dll. Still no go. Microsoft needs to...

Upgrading from Office XP Pro to 2003 Pro?
3 replies , 1/31/2004, 7:36:47 PM
I am currently using Office XP Pro and I want to upgrade to 2003 Pro. My question is this: How do I do a clean install of 2003 Pro without erasing everything in XP Pro???? Should I just do an...

Jack Barrett
Hi everyone. I'm curious to know if Office XP Pro or Office 2003 Pro have any tools for creating tickler files. I need to create tickler files specifically for following up on contacts. Does...

Jack Danniel