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HELP ! Dr. Watson with Access -> see error logfile
3 replies , 9/11/2003, 10:09:40 AM
Hi, We got a problem with some Access applications. When the user tries to input a date, either in the form either in the column Access quits with Dr. Watson. The problem happens only in some PC's...

Error 1919; ODBC when installing Office 2000
1 replies , 9/15/2003, 4:34:57 PM
i have a computer that has been working fine. created a new user, logged in as them so i could configure their space, and outlook 2000 wanted to see the office install disk to "configure" some...

Mark G.
Unable to uninstall Beta 2 Refresh - help
1 replies , 9/16/2003, 8:10:33 PM
I have the full Office Beta 2 Refresh installed on XP Pro SP1 and wanted to uninstall the whole lot. I first went to the core apps in Add/Remove, "Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003," and...

Milhouse Van Houten
Off2000 Prem Photodraw + XP Home ?
7 replies , 9/19/2003, 6:17:06 PM
I have a system with Offfice 2000 Premium + all OfficeUpdate fixes(9/16) installed on XP Home + all WindowsUpdate XP fixes(9/16). Photodraw aborts with an error before it starts when selected from...

data1.msi file and Office Select CD
1 replies , 9/23/2003, 7:50:02 PM
I hope someone can help me with this. I had an issue where if I tried to update an Office Premium with the SP3 and I was asked for the data1.msi file. The problem is I have the Select Office CD and...

Cannot find SetupRef.xls :(
1 replies , 9/25/2003, 11:08:59 AM
Hi all Can someone give me the URL for the file SetupRef.xls as I cannot find it anywhere? I have downloaded the ORKTools to install the resource tools to create transforms, etc. but cant find this...

Nathan H
Save As... Left Shortcut bar
1 replies , 9/26/2003, 5:07:28 PM
Within Word 2000 (excel and others for that matter) then I click on Save As... I have a list of preset shortcuts on the left, as big icons. They are History, My Docs, Desktop, Favorites, and My...

David Lozzi
Slipstreaming SP2 into Office Pro with FrontPage
1 replies , 10/4/2003, 8:47:23 AM
Two questions: 1) Do I need to slipstream SP-1 first? 2) To make a Office Pro disc, should I copy the other files and folders I can see on the CD-ROM like MSDE2000, ORK, SHAREPT, OFFICE1.cab,...

David Leon
need help, please... office, w2k image
0 replies , 10/7/2003, 1:59:55 AM
I'm trying to create a W2K Pro and Office 2K Pro disk Image. However, my one major probelm is that when I roll outhe image, every new user at a computer needs the original source disk and admin...

Office97 -> XP Upgrade permissions problems
0 replies , 10/8/2003, 7:51:29 AM
I have recently upgraded from office 97 to XP on our Win2000 (SP3) machine. It works fine when we are logged in as Administrator, but there are formatting problems when we open up documents when...

Robert Schmidli
I really need help on this.
3 replies , 10/9/2003, 8:41:11 PM
I've posted this message several times and am quite shocked that no one has experienced this. My problem is that after setting up a W2K installation and installing Office 2000 pro as administrator....

Word Startup Folder - Templates
2 replies , 10/23/2003, 2:20:48 AM
I am not sure which group that this should be posted in so I decided to cross post it. I have a template that I have created, which has macros, styles and font sizes. I have placed this in the...

Moe Szyslak
I REALLY miss it!! Is there any way to add it as a third party add on or get it back somehow. The Auto Hide is one of the key's I miss as I would use windows on the bottom of my screen, and office...

Questions on Office 2003 Academic Licencing
1 replies , 10/27/2003, 5:39:56 AM
I purchased an academic verion of Office XP Professional during the technology guarantee period and I was told that I am entitled for a 'Full Version' of Office 2003 Profession Academic version...

MS Consumer this is the latest version of security update, the "October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which eliminates all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook...

adrian and agnes
OL2K-SR1 "Can't find/open (outbound) attachments"
0 replies , 10/28/2003, 10:15:05 PM
I posted this on the Outlook groups twice & got no responses, now I'm trying here. I'm thinking this is a registry issue; but don't know which which key to fix. I moved an XP Pro SP1 system from a...

Outlook 2003 Freezes on Exit
3 replies , 11/4/2003, 8:32:52 PM
Hello, Running XP 512MB DDR, on an AMD Athlon 1800+XP processor. Updated recently SP1. Just installed Office 2003, and having problems with outlook. Opens up okay, on close, I get a tray Icon. ...

Need an expert on MS Word!
2 replies , 11/6/2003, 11:16:36 AM
I installed word from an office 2000 CD a few weeks ago. I needed the key, which I had, and it installed fine. The icon was a large mint green "W". When I opened multiple documents in Word, each icon...

Removal of ninstall files
4 replies , 11/14/2003, 1:20:34 AM
Hello to all. On two of my PC's I have upgraded from Office XP on one and Works Suite 2003 on the other to Office Small Business 2003. I was wondering when I can get rid of the temp files that are...

Office97 Std - Office97 Pro
1 replies , 11/14/2003, 10:23:40 AM
Hi there, I have installed Office97 onto about 20 desktops using the OfficePro97 CD (de-selecting Access while installing) which was a genuine mistake, my problem if I'm not sure which 20 of the 90...