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Word 2003: Want a macro for accept + next change
0 replies , 10/10/2012, 1:05:53 AM
Not sure which newsgroup this belongs in. Sorry for the cross-post. I have Office 2003 on my desktop. When I compare two documents in Word, I get the "reviewing" toolbar, which includes buttons for...

Barry Gold
office viewer downloads - non-windows
17 replies , 6/29/2005, 10:17:06 AM
Hi, I was just wondering where viewers for office documents can be downloaded. I want to add a link on the company website, but can only find office viewers for windows 2k and up, not for mac &...

Martin Eyles
Hello. In Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.8.2, how does one change between Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters/fonts? When highlighting Chinese characters and changing to another one (Traditional...

URL links
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 6:05:23 PM
Everytime I enter in a hyper link and I select hyper I save it giving it a different name as oppse to the whole url. So here my problem everytime I go back in to the doucment I see the URL with the...

Problems with Publisher 2000 and Windows 2000
1 replies , 7/14/2003, 3:11:34 PM
One of my clients started having problems with Microsoft Publisher 2000 last week. Whenvever she tries to run it on her Windows 2000 box, Windows installer comes up and asks her to insert her...

Gil Gulick
Automatic Print Preview on WORD XP
3 replies , 7/17/2003, 5:05:53 PM
A machine I use is set to automatically show a print preview screen when calling for a print of the document. I cannot find a way to stop this print preview appearing. Is there an answer? Cheers, ...

Jon Fraser
Installing two spellcheck dictionaries
1 replies , 7/23/2003, 8:50:28 AM
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to install two dictionaries - English UK, and German in word, Powerpoint and Excel ? I will also need to switch between them regularly. I am using office XP Thanx JB

Stopping REVERT pop up message
3 replies , 7/23/2003, 2:07:26 PM
Something must have changed on my documents or my copy of Word 2000 (version 9). Now whenever I open a document Word ask me if I want to revert to the saved copyof the document. Why is this...

Vance Roos
Can't install Office 2000 SP3
2 replies , 7/30/2003, 3:41:30 PM
I'm trying to install SP3 for Office 2000 Pro but I keep getting an error message stating "The expected version of the product was not found". The current version is at SP1 and I have done a...

Completely removing Word/Office? How's it done?
1 replies , 8/13/2003, 2:50:37 PM
I have Word on a terminal server. After running an update sevice pack it failed halfway through. Now as a result spell checker does not work. Having uninstalled and reinstalled Word several times the...

5 replies , 8/15/2003, 7:27:19 PM
Downloaded and installed as recommended, although we probably didn't need it. Now Office 2000 applications are freezing, crashing and documents over the network are opening so slowly they appear to...

David Hogan
Open a URL in a "NEW" IE-Window: How??
1 replies , 8/20/2003, 12:43:23 PM
Hi there! I get something disturbed when I open a Web page click on an URL in the text of a Message-Window of Office2002 (with Service pack 2 installed). If I already have a Internet Explorer Window...

Alexandre Heil Franca
How to update programs remotely to clients computer ?
6 replies , 8/25/2003, 2:40:30 PM
I have about 50 users and I do not want to go thru or ask each user to update office service pack. How can I setup in my server 2000 that whenever I update in my server, it automatically update all...

!@#$%! MS patch hosed my systemS!!!
2 replies , 8/26/2003, 5:31:37 PM
Installed MSBlast on W2000/SP3, Office 2000/SP1A PCs. DID NOT have virus. Since then registry and Office MSI is screwed up. Also, can't open Word files on W2000 Server/SP3. Steps taken so far (IF I...

David Hogan
Problem with Setup of Office 2000
0 replies , 9/2/2003, 7:32:01 AM
I have Office 2000 SR-1 Premium. When i try run the setup.exe from the cd for add some components (or unistall ) the system trying access to drive a:\ and i receive the message : "This patch package...

How select Word as default html editor ?
5 replies , 9/3/2003, 7:25:08 AM
Can anyone tell me how to select Word as my html editor in Internet Explorer 6? The dropdown box in tools, Internet options, Programs has 1 options, Notepad. Why isn't Word an option and how do I get...

HTML Editor at IE6
3 replies , 9/3/2003, 8:15:07 PM
In the browser of IE6 the "Edit" in the toolbar and the "Edit" in the File menu say "Notepad" In the Tools->InternetOptions->Programs-> -> HTML Editor say only "Notepad" How can have Word at Edit ?

Dr. Watson in Access when input in Date Column
0 replies , 9/9/2003, 6:12:39 AM
Hi, We got a problem with some Access applications. When the user tries to input a date, either in the form either in the column Access quits with Dr. Watson. The problem happens only in some PC's...

Can't open Word docs over network
0 replies , 9/9/2003, 3:44:13 PM
Ever since applying the MSBlast patch to UNINFECTED PCs running W2000 Pro/Office 2000 Pro, Word hangs when attempting to open a file over the network. Also, the MSI file appears to be hosed. Can't...

David Hogan
Office related files not opening
2 replies , 8/19/2003, 2:24:12 PM
My computer will not open any Microsoft Office files or applications. When I double-click on them the application logo, e.g. Word, box appears and then it doesn't load into the application. The...