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Hi Hernan, Instead of double-clicking, access the files from File>Open in Word X and you won't have any problem. Beth Rosengard Mac MVP On 7/12/03 4:35 AM, in article...

Word 98 error type 10
7 replies , 7/13/2003, 4:49:14 PM
Since I upgraded to Mac OS 9.2.2 Word 98 crashes with error messages Type 1, 4, or 10 . Can anybody out there help me?

How do I change View Page defaults in Word X?
3 replies , 7/13/2003, 7:19:31 PM
Every time I open a Word document, it shows at 100%. I want to change the default to "Page Wide", so I will not have to go every time View>Zoom>Page Wide . How can I do that?

Every time I try to edit the custom dictionary (Preferences>Spelling and Grammar>Dictionaries>Edit) Word X quits. Why and what can I do to prevent that behavior on my G4 PowerBook? Moro

Convert Word 6.0/95 docs to Word X docs
2 replies , 7/14/2003, 5:02:20 AM
I have a large number of Word 6.0/95 documents that I want to convert to Word X documents. Is there an easy way to do this such as a public script or other technique for accomplishing this...

buggy word
11 replies , 7/14/2003, 5:44:38 AM
Does anyone know when the new version of Word for 0sx will be available. This program is killing me it's so buggy. -- MENDEL- TO RESPOND PLEASE TURN THE WORD SPAM INTO EARTH

microsoft word 98 edits
2 replies , 7/14/2003, 6:44:22 AM
when I open msw98 it now starts with the prompt: "the visual basic editor could not be loaded. there may not be enough memory to load the libraries or files may have been deleted or moved from their...

Font for numbers
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 5:32:10 PM
I know this is a little OT, but it does arise out of my attempt to "do things right" this time. I'm re-defining a bunch of styles, starting from "no style" instead of "normal." One of my "style...

Jan Martel
does online collaboration exist in mac word for OS X?
0 replies , 7/14/2003, 6:03:40 PM
Like Word XP (2002) for Windows, can the Appe OSX version of word equally do online collaboration between users over the internet? If so how? If not, is there another option? If no, how long until...

Is OS X worth $149?
5 replies , 7/14/2003, 6:18:04 PM
In reading the new features of OS, I find nothing compelling (aside from the Aqua interface) me to make the purchase. But I may be missing something. I'd love to hear from others who have made the...

Long Wait to Edit a File
3 replies , 7/15/2003, 3:11:24 AM
Hi, Everytime I launch MS Word and a Word Doc, it seem to take a while for it to load before I can edit it. This is getting extremely annoying whereas a PC version is instantly editable once the...

Ng Jit Hoong
Printing Envelopes
0 replies , 7/15/2003, 6:10:27 PM
My envelopes are printing portrait and not landscape. Have checked the feed direction and envelope size. Cannot get it to change. Have reinstalled the PPD for the printer, HP 8150DN.

Word Crashing!
5 replies , 7/15/2003, 6:13:15 PM
I am trying to insert a picture, but whenever I go up to the pull down menu and choose insert picture from file it freezes. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance. Tiffany

In article <BB39019B.F35E%d************@hotmail.com>, Dayo Mitchell <d************@hotmail.com> wrote: To add to Dayo's excellent advice, it is quite convenient to use the keyboard to navigate round...

Opening word v.x documents in PC word 2002
1 replies , 7/15/2003, 8:32:33 PM
I seem to be unable to open Word v.x documents saved on my Mac on my PC w/ Word 2002. When I "save as" the document in Word v.x I have "APPEND FILE EXTENSION" checked but that doesn't seem to...

0 replies , 7/16/2003, 12:11:45 AM
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Page numbers on Word v.10
11 replies , 7/16/2003, 12:24:17 AM
Hi, I'm having a problem with my v. 10 of MicroSoft Word. It doens't seem to have the page number option on it. I've tried doing what is suggested in the Help window---go to Insert, click on Page...

Word Memory Errors
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 3:17:53 PM
I am using MSWord (Office 2001 SR-1) and have been with few, if any, problems since it was released. However, I tried opening several documents this morning, only to receive an error message that...

Word/Office-98 Error type 2
2 replies , 7/16/2003, 6:16:40 PM
I have MS Office 98 running on a Powermac8500 running OS9.1. I reinstalled Microsoft Office and when I try to save a document in Microsoft Word I get a message saying "Error Type 2",...

Chetty Ramanathan
Must correct a big mistake
4 replies , 7/16/2003, 8:16:30 PM
I have just finished a 300 page novel. I made the mistake of leaving only one space instead of two after each and every punctuation mark. Can anyone suggest a remedy that will save me going back to...