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LJ 1200 won't print conv docs from 5.1
3 replies , 7/9/2003, 8:33:54 PM
I have a LaserJet 1200 and not only does it refuse to print PDF documents, it won't print documents which were converted to Word X from Word 5.1. It just spits out a blank page. There's no problem...

Ken Spiker
Hi Ted, I wrote all this to somebody else, but I'm afraid it covers your problem too. I am sorry I don't have a real solution, actually there is some indication there is none: in article...

MVPs' Word website address?
4 replies , 7/9/2003, 11:01:35 PM
Do you have a new website address? Addresses I used to visit no longer work, such as <http://www.mvps.org/word/> and <http://www.mvps.org/word/FAQs/index.html>

Norman R. Nager, Ph.D.
How temporarily disable email address in Word doc?
5 replies , 7/9/2003, 11:12:28 PM
How does one temporarily disable an email address in a Word document so that one may make changes in it? (For example, in a membership roster document that includes email addresses that need to be...

Norman R. Nager, Ph.D.
Word 2001 missing "Word Count" under Tools menu
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 12:07:57 PM
"Word Count" under the Tools menu seems to have suddenly gone missing in Word 2001. Any help? (I did get rid of some preferences.) I'm trying to avoid a reinstall because I recently moved and may not...

Diane L. Schirf
In article <BB3252E5.3EDBC%p*******ox.net>, PRJ <p*******ox.net> wrote: > Running word 98 on G3 OS 9.1: > > Everytime I highlight text, in any document I'm working with, Word crashes. > I have to...

Bernard <b**********antic.net> wrote: Hi Bernard, > When I open Word, everything is normal for a second or two, then it > automatically closes. It worked fine when I went to bed last...

Word 2000 will not open Word v.X files
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 9:33:38 PM
Has anyone had difficulty sending Word v.X files to associates using Word 2000. Some people seem to have difficulty opening the files. They open, but all the coding is visible. They seem to be...

I have a word document that contains 7 Picture clippings created on a PC version of word that will open correctly on a number of Windows systems. I am using OS 10.2.6 and Office 10.1.3 on a G3...

Word 98 page numbers command lost
3 replies , 7/10/2003, 10:32:24 PM
The page number command under insert has disappeared. How do I get it back?

Word 98 font problem
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 11:58:11 PM
I'm on an iMac running OS 9.0.4 and Word 98 of the Microsoft Office Suite. The problem I'm having has to do solely with the onscreen appearance of fonts: No matter what font I've selected, what I...

Too much auto in Word : Mac v.X auto text
0 replies , 7/11/2003, 8:07:06 AM
When I create a new contact entry in Entourage it automatically creates the contact name as a new entry in my Word auto-text. Any such new entries may be deleted but appear anew on the next opening...

Incorrect word breaks in Normal view
1 replies , 7/11/2003, 2:47:21 PM
Hello. I'm using Office X with the latest updates and the latest OS X release. The end-of-line word breaks often fall differently in the Normal view from Page Layout view and Print Preview (each of...

WORD and MS Query
1 replies , 7/11/2003, 11:04:04 PM
Why can't WORD use MS Query as a mail merge data source? Excel works fine with MS Query for building pivots against ODBC DSNs via MS Query. Kingsley Idehen OpenLink...

Kingsley Idehen
---------- In article <BB33AE36.2CD59%l************.drexel.edu>, Ryan La Riviere <l************.drexel.edu> wrote: >> What is the original source of the image? > > Claris CAD It might be some sort...

Word 6.0.1
2 replies , 7/12/2003, 7:02:09 AM
Hi. I know that this is probably an OLD question,, BUT: I have Word 6.0.1..... That's it!!! nothing else. All I want to do is upgrade that for Mac OS10.x.x.x capable, without buying all of the other...

Font Problem
1 replies , 7/12/2003, 12:42:47 PM
I have an iMac OS-X v 1.5 & use Word X v 1.2 When I copy a segment from one document and paste it into another (both typed using Times New Roman) the Font changes to Apple Chancery. How do I stop...

Bill Bunton
Excel files appear as red X in word file
1 replies , 7/12/2003, 5:51:00 PM
Why can't i view excel graphics in my word documents after I down load them from work to home on different platforms.

position of graphics in Word documents
6 replies , 7/12/2003, 9:19:46 PM
Hi, I have a feeling this is an old issue, but I couldn't find quite the answer I need. I'm having problems getting text and images to behave the way I want them to in Word 10.1.3 on OS10.2.6. ...

Hi Moro: Sorry, automatic language recognition is one of the features that did not make it in from the PC to the Mac version of Word. Forgive me, but I strongly encouraged the developers at...