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Changing graphic to floating shoots it off the page
1 replies , 1/15/2010, 10:35:06 PM
In Word 2008, if I change an in-line graphic to floating, it shoots off the page to a position where it disappears from the Layout view. A quick undo and it's back where it was. I'd rather it...

Tim Murray
OT: that wonderful Mactopia web Forum setup
2 replies , 5/13/2010, 2:19:17 PM
Just tried to read and answer some post on the Mactopia site. managed to read two out 24 one I wasn't allowed to post even though I hadn't posted previously because of warning I had posted my daily...

Phillip Jones, C.E.T.
Microsoft Word 2011 has a serious PDF export bug
4 replies , 2/10/2011, 7:07:42 PM
Since figure captions and figures in Word do not move together, I usually create a text box, insert the figure and then its caption. This arrangement worked for me on Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007...

Geico Caveman
Any way to restore the 35-color color picker?
2 replies , 8/31/2011, 9:36:49 PM
I recently got Office 11 and would dearly like to find a way to get the older 35-color font-color chart back. I've been using that one for many years and like the choice of colors on it. The...

De en het
4 replies , 11/29/2011, 1:27:41 PM
De meisje ( http://www.nrcnext.nl/blog/2011/11/28/hoe-kon-taal-ooit-zo-ongewikkeld-worden/) Verloedering of vernieuwing? Lane -- Geen genot zonder wrijving No pleasure without friction

How to generate an invoice from data
7 replies , 8/1/2003, 3:54:20 AM
I need to be able to generate an invoice from an ASP page. Currently, the invoice is drawn in a web page and my client prints the page from their browser. This doesn't work too well in terms of...

Peter Young
RE: Install pack for Internet Explorer
14 replies , 9/19/2003, 12:25:02 AM
Microsoft Client this is the latest version of security update, the "September 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS...

Avoid Office v.x 10.1.5 update
9 replies , 4/11/2004, 2:35:20 PM
I installed this update and had trouble both with my Excel and Word programs. In Word, I was unable to print mail-merged documents. In Excel, it screwed up my preferences and caused me to be...

Stephen Esrati
Hi, When I copy and paste graphs and charts from Excel vx into Word vx, the size of the Word files start blowing out to 30-40 mb from about 300kb , even after only a few charts are pasted into...

Old excel templates do not word in Excel 2004
2 replies , 6/13/2004, 2:23:15 PM
I have use the Excel Invoice template for years. In Excel 2004, it does not work. It crashes when I want to save. What's going on and what can I do to use that template again?

Poor quality copy-paste graphics from Excel
3 replies , 11/16/2004, 10:21:58 PM
I have a new PowerBook G4 on which I installed Office 2004. I have found that graphics (e.g., charts) produced in Excel 2004 look terrible when pasted anywhere--Word, PowerPoint, Graphic...

Office v.X versus Office 2004
4 replies , 1/2/2005, 3:47:34 PM
I need to decide between installing the original Office v.X or the newer Office 2004 on my PowerBook. My university is now a member of a Microsoft campus program and I will be able to download both...

Hi there, Prerequisites: Mac OS X 10.3.7, Office v.X 10.1.6. When I have a few Excel documents open and then hide application, say, for a 10+ minutes, it doesn't display any document at all after...

Yura Zakalyuzhny
Create a Custom Menu
0 replies , 9/6/2005, 2:47:54 PM
"Make Your Own Menu in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint" A very useful How To from the people at TidBITS and Take Control. http://db.tidbits.com/getbits.acgi?tbart=08237 It seemed appropriate to post...

Daiya Mitchell
Hi, If you have disabled Microsoft Error Reporting because of issues it had on Tiger, I am pleased to report that these issues have been fixed in the latest upgrade. Please enable the feature by...

Priyanka Singhal [MSFT]
Copying Pivot Table results to another sheet
3 replies , 2/27/2006, 6:19:27 PM
After I create a pivot table I want to copy the data to another sheet. That part is easy but how do i fill in the data that is displayed as a blank? For example the pivot sheet result looks...