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Problems with MS Word windows
5 replies , 8/17/2005, 7:40:32 AM
Howcome everytime I create a new document in Word 98 they are half screen and I always have to MANUALLY adjust them to be full screen? Is there a way to fix this glitch? Because excel 98 always...

Bible John
Can't read important .doc and .xls
1 replies , 9/13/2005, 2:01:56 PM
I have a few old documents that I believe were created in either Office 2001 or Office X. They started out as business plan templates from a template set called BizPlan Builder. The Word template was...

Dear all, THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS ABOUT A *NON-COMMERCIAL* RESOURCE BASED IN PART ON ACCUMULATED ADVICE FROM THIS NEWSGROUP The latest (December 2005) edition of my notes on Word -- titled "Bend...

Clive Huggan
Word 2004 overriding global prefs
10 replies , 5/2/2006, 3:29:38 AM
Okay.. PMG5 running 10.4.6. I have a problem with the default page setup settings in two limited user accounts (my own, admin account, is fine). As I am in the UK, the global default paper size is...

Word and AppleScript
4 replies , 1/12/2007, 10:49:07 AM
Below is a note I sent to the microsoft.public.mac.office newsgroup arising from my late discovery that VBA will not be available for Word 2008. Hopefully Matt Newburg will be around to help us with...

Sol Apache
Office XML Converters for Mac now available
4 replies , 5/15/2007, 9:10:02 PM
All: There is a beta of the new Office XML format converters available on...

John McGhie [MVP Word, Word Mac]
Problem trying to print "from page --- TO PAGE___"".
4 replies , 6/6/2007, 1:45:52 AM
Problem trying to print "from page --- TO PAGE___"". When I try to do this,, the preview shows nothing and the page numbers go to 0. Only if I start printing from page 1...

Jack Stroh
How do I get a Word template for a small envelope for placecards, Avery 3264? It isn't in my Word 2004.I also need a template for the cards that go into this envelope. Thanks.

Jack Stroh
Writing Vertically
3 replies , 6/17/2007, 8:46:33 AM
Dear MacBU Developers (specifically who localize Japanese version), Japanese newspapers are still written vertically, so are most of magazines, novels, etc. It would be very appreciated if we...

NAITO, yoshiki
standard toolbar disappeared
1 replies , 7/6/2007, 3:25:22 PM
Can anyone help me please... I've been using this version of Office 2004 for Mac Student for 2-3 years. Now suddenly the standard toolbar in Word has disappeared. It is still there in Excel and...

Arabic text in Word
2 replies , 12/8/2007, 5:57:41 PM
Hello, I am using the French edition of Word 2004 for Mac (version 11.3.8) under Mac OS 10.4.11. When I paste Arabic text into a Word document, from TextEdit for instance, it exits unexpectedly....

Francis Loranger
How thorough is "Remove Office"?
17 replies , 1/5/2008, 2:32:45 PM
Hi I'm looking forward to the release of Mac Office 2008. Prior to the installation of 2008 I'm quite keen on completely removing all aspects of 2004 from my Mac. The reason for this desire for a...

patrick j
[ANN] "Dbl-Click Won't Open..." Issues
38 replies , 5/15/2008, 11:22:12 PM
This message has been cross-posted to the Macintosh Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Office groups. The problem some of you have been experiencing whereby a file received via email refuses to open when...

Hi All, With Office 2008 SR1, Office applications refuse to open files with outdated Type code through a double-click or drag & drop. Several threads have been discussing the problem...

Hi All, Steve found yet another file type affected by the 12.1 update for Office 2008 ("XLS " for Excel files downloaded through FireFox 2). I therefore added it to the scripts found on...

Hello. Is it me or does an updated Office 2000 SP3's Word cannot recognize and read Office Mac 2008's Word docx files that have Chinese characters in filenames (e.g., test土白王.docx)? If I rename...

All: The following notice was posted a few minutes ago by Microsoft. Those of you running any version of Windows need to run Windows Update on Thursday. There's a nasty 0-day exploit out...

John McGhie
X-posted to: microsoft.public.mac.office and microsoft.public.mac.office.word. Followup-to: microsoft.public.mac.office.word Hello. Some years ago - although after the release of Tiger, OS X v10.4...

Axel Hammerschmidt
VBA contest
0 replies , 4/17/2009, 3:42:22 AM
Hi Everyone, I realize that this applies only to users of Office 2004 and earlier, but Microsoft is running a VBA contest for anyone who is interested. Click here for...

Jim Gordon MVP
Word 2008: Changing the width of soom toolbar items
2 replies , 1/9/2010, 4:38:34 PM
When you modified the toolbar in earlier versions of Word, you could point carefully to the right edge of some objects, such as the style name and font name, and widen them by dragging. I can't...

Tim Murray