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I've had the same printer for six months and haven't experienced the problem you described. Maybe it's related to the font you're using. Try the same font for both Word and Excel or embed part of...

subtotals in excel X not work?
2 replies , 8/17/2003, 5:28:09 AM
I can't get the subtotal feature to operate in Excel X. I follow the instructions in the Help file precisely, and the Data > Subtotals command remains dimmed. Any ideas? Thanks... M

Error Message
1 replies , 8/17/2003, 3:53:20 PM
I recently downloaded the Entourage upgrade 10.1.4 which upgraded Office X. Since then I have been getting the following error message whenever I start up Excel X v10.1.4 "An unexpected error...

Excel will not open
0 replies , 8/17/2003, 5:22:03 PM
Just installed Mac OS9.2 and OS X on Blue and White G3 and Excel will not open in OSX because "unexpecctedly quit, and in OS 9.2 will not open because "Microsoft_OLE2 could not be found." Anybody...

Excl won't open
1 replies , 8/17/2003, 5:34:25 PM
Just installed OS9.2 and OSX on blue-and-white Mac G3 and Excel wont open in OS9.2 because "Microsoft_OLE2 could not be found" and will not open in OSX because "Excel unexpedtedly quit." My Excel is...

bill butler
I am unable to open older excel files that were created in 1992 excel in my excel 98. Can't figure out how to make it work. Help!!

laurel hirschmann
! Unable to copy list from text file
1 replies , 8/18/2003, 3:48:38 PM
I have the following which I highlighted and copied from a TextEdit file: -Bedouin poets -Altar in women's chapel -soldier (and workers) at earthquake damage -Chapel Latin Mission (image in painting...

John Dough
White Font Problem
2 replies , 8/18/2003, 10:42:19 PM
Hello, I recently opened up an excel spreadsheet and noticed that the fonts on the spreadsheet tabs are all white instead of black. So I can't tell which spreadsheet is which now. I don't rememeber...

OK, here's the Challenge. I've built a forecasting worksheet in Excel X (Mac) that has some combo boxes in it. You know, drop-down lists from which to select options like a given location and...

Rod Dixon
Hi If print preview shows the image properly you can be fairly sure that the printer driver is not interpreting things correctly. You might take a visit to the Epson web site and see if there is an...

Question for Mac users
1 replies , 8/19/2003, 8:12:50 AM
I have a friend that just sent an email. But she asked why do I keep getting double entries when i use my Mac but not when I use my PC. she gave no more descriptions than that but it is late now...

I can not load Excell 4.0
0 replies , 8/19/2003, 7:51:10 PM
Due to an illness I am working from my home on an Imac. The work at the office is in Excell 5.0. I could not load Excell 5.0 due to excell not being on the computer. I got excell 4 and when I...

Accounting Templates
1 replies , 8/20/2003, 7:14:41 PM
A few years ago I was running a version of Mac Excel which had some very nice financial statement templates (including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, etc). I haven't found...

Browning Coker
copying sheet into email and web page
1 replies , 8/20/2003, 7:51:23 PM
I am using Excel 5.0 on a Mac powerbook G3. I have made up price lists and want to copy them to an email and to my web page, but I cannot get them to appear in the same form and without gridlines....

Certain fonts
0 replies , 8/20/2003, 9:50:54 PM
It seems that Copperplate prints out very light in Excel, but rather nice and dark in Word. Has anyone noticed this, or why is this? Thanks!! Kevs

Sorting question
0 replies , 8/21/2003, 2:16:02 AM
I have a workbook and I go to sort. I select has a header row at the bottom and then put which columns I want sorted in which order etc. But when I close out and come back I look at bottom and "no...

Is it possible with a field that has multiple words in it?

old Excel files
1 replies , 8/21/2003, 6:01:28 PM
I have several very old (Excel v1.x) files that I cannot open with the newer versions of Excel. MacLink Plus does not open them. How can I get them translated into a more modern format so I can...

Tom Suchanek
grid lines
1 replies , 8/21/2003, 8:56:31 PM
Does anyone know how to get rid of grid lines when inserting an excel file into powerpoint. I would like the background to be completely white with no lines showing but have my borders that I have...

Aggregates & Roadbuilding Magazine
Global macro
11 replies , 8/21/2003, 10:09:30 PM
I made a macro and was so excited about it. It really saves a lot of time. But now I see a sign come up, it says, "personal macro workbook could not be found" The macro was working before on both...