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Excel 2001 copy data to Quicken 5
0 replies , 8/3/2003, 7:40:06 PM
I use Excel for Amortization tables and I want to copy info from those tabels to Quicken v5. It just won't work like it did with Excel 4. The only way I can get there is to copy to the Note Pad or...

Dick Schwenk
Pausing macro while saving (XLM)
1 replies , 8/4/2003, 2:55:51 AM
I have a whole bunch of macros written in the old Excel 4 macro language (I don't know VBA - sorry). These generally work fine under Excel X, but I have one issue that I can't solve. My code calls a...

Ian Page
Display formulas
0 replies , 8/4/2003, 7:23:15 AM
In previous versions of XL, Command-~ (Command-tilde) would toggle Display Formulas/Display Values. In OS X, this keyboard command is trapped (I think by the system) to switch windows within the...

Ian Page
Display formulas
0 replies , 8/4/2003, 7:54:56 AM
Just advising I finally found it after wasting hours. For the benefit of others, it's Control-~.

Ian Page
filling a cell with "-"
4 replies , 8/4/2003, 3:05:52 PM
I am using Excel v.X and am having trouble trying to put one "-" (or any character like "+" or "=") in a cell and having it expand to fill the cell no matter what the cell width. It should fill the...

After much fiddling - untraceable, alas. I changed settings in Excel, went and modified preferences, opened VBA and Macros window, even opened solver.xla - something along the way has re-activated...

in article BB545971.943B%n**************.fullerton.edu, Norman R. Nager, Ph.D. at n**************.fullerton.edu wrote on 8/4/2003 9:41 PM: > When I reflect on all the hours and thought the MVPs and...

This is very nice. Thank you. Is there a way within an Excel macro to know if it is running on OS X or Windows? Then I can have an if-check that uses the proper email scheme and makes the macro...

2 replies , 8/6/2003, 1:46:47 AM
I know that Office has the equation editor for mathematical work, but is there any way to do mathematical graphing with Excel, Microsoft graph´┐Ż whatever? For example, "y=2x+5," or number lines, etc....

Sidney San Martin
Hi Did you run disk utility first aid to repair permissions after installing the update? -Jim Gordon Mac MVP All responses should be made to this newsgroup within the same thread. Thanks. About...

How do I set the default browser that opens when I click a clickable link (URL) into a cell in MS Excel? (This is an older version, MS Excel 98 Macintosh Edition, on a PowerBook running OS 9.2,...

excel conversion
1 replies , 8/6/2003, 5:29:12 PM
Hi, Will functions designed in Excel 2000 convert to Excel OSX? Tx. Adam

Number Lock/right keypad issue
2 replies , 8/6/2003, 7:03:02 PM
It was a dark and stormy night last night when I was finishing up some business in my Microsoft Excel for Mac spreadsheet. I hit some variety of keys by total accident, (somewhere in the upper right...

time formatting
0 replies , 8/7/2003, 12:02:48 AM
I have a data set with a column of times (from a text file) given as 643, 859, 1007, 1524, etc that I'd like to convert to h:mm, i.e. 6:43, 8:59, 10:07, 15:24. (I need to calculate the time interval...

Peter Nelson
Page set up tabs gone
0 replies , 8/7/2003, 12:53:13 AM
I'm selecting page set up and all of the sudden all of the tabs on the top -- for headers, gridlines etc, are gone, vanished. There are no tabs anymore. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks! Kevs

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0 replies , 8/7/2003, 2:59:08 AM
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Can't print
2 replies , 8/8/2003, 12:19:51 AM
After setting the print area, I go to page set up. I used to see a row of tabs that would allow you set margins, choose gridlines etc. All these tabs are gone. I'm wondering if anyone has...

Don't want cell to print
4 replies , 8/8/2003, 4:57:28 PM
I'm in Excel2001 for mac and I have a cell i want to display on screen but not to print out. The helper says if I edit the cell inside the cell it should still display but not print, but with cell...

How to UNINSTALL Office X?
0 replies , 8/8/2003, 5:49:21 PM
A user installed an illegal copy of Office X on her G4. I want to uninstall it completely and reinstall a legal copy. No matter what I do, after I reinstall it, I still get the same old, illegal...

Lisa B. Lee
2 replies , 8/8/2003, 8:53:11 PM
Hi all, I am a full time student and a bought the academic version of MS Office X. Does this version have anova and regression capabilities? I tried going to the add-on in the tools and the library,...