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Interesting Query Problem
0 replies , 7/28/2003, 3:01:59 PM
I'm trying to run a saved query, that references a website and extracts relavant data from the html page in Office 2001. I've edited a saved query like MS told me to, and saved the query as a new...

Converting from Excel macros to VBA
1 replies , 7/28/2003, 4:19:20 PM
is there a utility or reference guide available to help with converting an old Excel 4.0-style macro into Excel VBA (Excel 2001)? I am unable to get the ACTIVATE() function to work properly under...

Doug Starkey
drag 'n drop plain files?
1 replies , 7/28/2003, 9:32:21 PM
What is the criteria for Excel to accept a dropped file? Is that something that can be changed? I work with plain text files all day, but the Excel icon in the dock won't often take them. For...

Cell text not printing
3 replies , 7/28/2003, 11:15:31 PM
Hi, One of my worksheets (Excel X SR1) will not print all of the text within the cells even though it is visible onscreen (but not on print preview). It does not seem to be cutting of at a...

Adam Torgerson
Maureen <c********mcn.org> wrote: > The wierd thing is that I can open and save Word docs on the server > just fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem with Excel? And if > so, what can be...

Prints resize from customer hard copy
1 replies , 7/29/2003, 4:31:59 PM
Using Office 2001, specifically Excel in Mac OS 9.2.x. We are a print shop and have received Excel files from clients that they want printed out. The problem is that like every other MS product,...

Customer Service
The cursor itself should rather look like a black/white cross... Regarding the selection ("selected cells" - which I think you have difficulties to see) its color can be set through the "General"...

quotation marks in ranges used to build a formula
1 replies , 7/30/2003, 12:53:07 AM
In visual basic, I have a line of code: combitem.Formula = "=if($G$11=1," & Chr(34) & NatUnit & Chr(34) & "," & Chr(34) & LPUnit & Chr(34) & ")" combitem refers to cell on a spreadsheet, NatUnit...

Starting with VBA
0 replies , 7/30/2003, 11:22:34 AM
Been writing XLM stuff for years but must now bite the bullet and learn VBA. Simple question 1 - when I record a VBA Macro, where does it go?!! Simple question 2 - if I want to get, for instance the...

Income Statement Template
2 replies , 7/30/2003, 2:05:28 PM
I have been poking around for an income statement template (and the like) but I don�t seem to be looking in the right places. I would imagine Microsoft would have lots of Excel templates on their...

Trent Swain
Auto Enable Macros On Application Open
1 replies , 7/30/2003, 4:57:47 PM
I have an application where it is imperative for users to click enable macros and they are not and call to say app is not working. How can I auto Enable the macros so they do not have to click...

An Excel 4 Macro- will it run in Excel X for Mac?
1 replies , 7/30/2003, 6:19:47 PM
Before I buy X, I would like to know if the macro will run on X, and if it is safe to update the macro. thanks

Unable to Open File Saved by Excel X
2 replies , 7/30/2003, 7:08:01 PM
I have a user who is unable to open files that she created and saved using Excel X. She can open older files, but any new files she gets the error, "Unable to Open File".

Scott A. Smith
On 7/1/03 8:09 PM, in article u******************MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl, "Jason Kelly [MS]" wrote: > > "David Graham" <d*********m@mac.com> wrote in message >...

On 7/30/03 6:04 PM, in article BB4DB91C.78A7%d***********hotmail.com, "D. Austin" <d***********hotmail.com> wrote: > I need to do some analyzes on a A/R Aging for a bad debt schedule. I have > data...

How to paste rows
1 replies , 7/31/2003, 8:02:11 PM
In word if I want to paste a line of text five times, I just copy the line and then hit command V five time on next line. This does not seem to work in Excel. So if I want to copy a row five...

On 7/10/03 12:48 PM, in article 04a501c3471c$32935a80$a********phx.gbl, "Tobin" <t*************ecomputer.com> wrote: > When saving an Excel file to the server share, I get > an error stating that...

Finding name of file
2 replies , 8/2/2003, 7:56:53 AM
Finding name of file I need to find the name of the active XL workbook (let us call it by it�s Job and Drawing No. - "000237_047") and assign that name to variable "OriginalWorkbook". From this I...

Francis Hookham
1 replies , 8/2/2003, 8:11:17 AM
Sorting Capitalising the header row of a database lets Sort... recognise the header row so that the toolbar Sort button excludes the heading while sorting That is working in XL98 but it seems not...

Francis Hookham
It's not too clear to me but it seems your problem could be how to force Excel displaying minutes only. Then you'll have to get the "Cells..." item from the "Format" menu. An in the "Custom" category...