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In article <BB357947.16413%b********ryw.net>, Barry Wainwright <b********ryw.net> wrote: > Does anyone out there know of a spreadsheet template to automate the > calculation of the coordinates for...

In article <7***********************fc38@posting.google.com>, t*********ebox.com (Tom Bussey) wrote: > I am running system 10.2.1 and when using excel with an external > keyboard (a mac one no...

Making Excel less "helpful"?
2 replies , 7/14/2003, 6:39:23 PM
In Excel 2001,I am getting all kinds of unwanted "help" by the application. It is like having my mother tie my shoelaces for me whether I want it or not. In particular, when I type in an e-mail...

Repeating Decimal
Excel Song List ideas
1 replies , 7/15/2003, 1:58:40 PM
Has anyone been able to figure out a way to have Excel provide an end-user with a drop down list of Song Titles that can be used to generate a Set List for a band? I'm trying to help out a friend...

tim boehlert
Scatter plot with 2 (or more) different Y-axes
1 replies , 7/15/2003, 9:03:19 PM
Is is possible to make a scatter-plot in excel, where you have 2 different Y axes. I need to plot chromatography column results, where I have two different variables for a given X-value (for example,...

In article <BB39C215.7637%k********phia.net>, kevs <k********phia.net> wrote: > I have this one workbook, and for some reason, when I do a sort, the first > 127 rows are blank, and starting at 128...

Excel formula bar
2 replies , 7/16/2003, 12:05:47 AM
Have you seen this one? I am using an iMac 10.2.4 and Excel v.X. When I open the spread sheet and activate the formula bar, the formula bar box which shows the function being entered should be to...

R.E. Pelkie
Customized Toolbar and Excel 98
1 replies , 7/16/2003, 3:36:05 AM
I created my customized Excel Toolbar in Excel 97 using the following code 'This creates the toolbar for filling the survey Public Sub CreateToolbar() Dim oToolbar As CommandBar Dim oButton As...

Kevs: You might just be up against a refresh issue with Excel. Try saving and even closing and re-opening the file. Often that takes care of the problem. If that doesn't work, what's likely is...

I've had this problem. It only happens when I am connected to an external presentation projector (LCD). Doesn't seem to matter what type of projector. The formatting does not change. I just need...

Referencing ranges
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 8:48:56 PM
I am working on a workbook with several worksheets. One one of the worksheets, I run a bunch of scenarios. In each scenario, there are a bunch of calculations which produce a final total column (1...

Error: Microsoft Visual Basic Class not registered.
7 replies , 7/16/2003, 11:16:34 PM
Every time I launch Microsoft Excel I get this error message: Microsoft Visual Basic Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID: {AC9F2F90-E877-11CE-9F68-00A00574A4F}

Re: Shading
1 replies
I would suggest that you shade the second row in your list to your liking, then highlight your list's first and second row. Click on the format paintbrush, then use it to paint rows three on to the...

Re: Rotating text
1 replies
Rather than text box, consider using Word Art. It lets you type in text, formats it however you choose, then, when the result appears, you can click the rotate tool that appears. It's not the same as...

Hi Cherilyn, I haven't noticed that anyone has posted this problem before, so it's probably something that can be fixed by doing the regular fix-em-up stuff that you normally would do. Start with...

Fig T Drawing
0 replies , 7/18/2003, 7:14:24 AM
Dear Mr. Shingai, Thank you for your drawing for UTH. Since our fax machine had some problem would you resent Fig T Ball valve drawing to us again please. Best Regards, William Shing

William Shing
Export Data in asp.net to Excel
0 replies , 7/20/2003, 5:58:35 AM
Hi. I need help whit Export Data in asp.net to Excel and word without using office object because That the office object not install on the server Can you send me the answer in mail...

Motti Cohen
I import 72dpi pictures in a excel sheet and set the size to 100% -> the pictures are sharp. If I then open the file on a PC - they are all unsharp. Vice versa. PC to Mac, Mac to PC. So by...

I also had the problem of Excel crashing instead of opening. Many advice gurus suggest steps of varying severity, such as fixing permissions problems, deleting .plists, reinstalling the...

How to show formula toolbar
3 replies , 7/21/2003, 2:20:18 PM
How do I get the formula toolbar to be displayed if it isn't currently shown in Execl X? thanks,