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MS Query, SQL Server 7 and Office 2001
0 replies , 4/8/2004, 4:20:55 PM
I cannot get MS Query to work correctly when using the SQL Server 7 driver supplied by Microsoft. I am only having the problem under OS 8.6 - It is fine with OS 9.2. I am using MS Query v9 which came...

Visual Basic Programming Tips
0 replies , 10/7/2004, 2:57:19 AM
Hi Everyone, To get to the visual basic editor use Tools > Macro > Macros > Visual Basic Editor This article has tips about using the editor. Two features mentioned are not available in Mac...

Jim Gordon MVP
Bizarre Excel "Read Only" error
8 replies , 3/4/2005, 10:04:25 PM
Help have a weird Excel / networking issue that I need a hand with. The Network: 1 x G5 iMac 10.3.8, running Office 2004 with latest patches sharing the contents of its "documents" folder....

Mark Gibson
As I recall, it was the presence of the PDF Maker file that caused the harmless �Autoexec compile� error. Has that been resolved?

How to find Watch window in Office X VB Editor
4 replies , 11/10/2005, 8:36:11 PM
Greetings all, Apologies if this is a FAQ here but I've searched google for over an hour with no result. I've just updated to a new machine, running Tiger and installed Office X (after updates,...

N Sanders
[ANN] Excel X security update
4 replies , 3/14/2006, 11:44:13 PM
Hi All, A security update for Excel X was also released...

Printing Scripts
5 replies , 8/14/2006, 5:52:46 AM
is there a script or an easy way to print the 'Worksheet Name' in the header or footer without going thru each worksheet? I am using Office 2004 on a Mac. Thanks

Hoping someone has an idea on this one. I recently upgraded a clients small network (4 comps) to OS X 10.5 The machines were a mix of 10.3 and 10.2 machines. I cloned all machines to ext hard...

Excel Can't Add
16 replies , 10/3/2013, 8:50:29 PM
Does anybody know what can possibly go wrong with the formula =SUM(D7:D23) ? It was only by luck that I discovered that the value Excel came up for this formula was wrong. Of...

Excel X Cant open files that were emailed
0 replies , 6/24/2003, 2:00:22 PM
Hi there, Ok, frustration here is at peak levels, so please please help.... I have OS X 10.2.6 running, everything is updated, including the Office X (both updates). The issue I have is rather...

One slight twist on the sumif function - If my data is on sheet A and I need the sums on sheet B, how would I include the sheet name? I know in regular, more simple formulas, I would use...

I'm with you on this. I asked if they could put a space in front of the "dirty" word, or a space after it. They said they couldn't do that. Isn't it funny (sad) how babies are gifts from heaven, but...

D. Robertson wrote : > Does anyone have a fix for this problem. I can succesfully apply a > conditional format to a cell (say two or three conditions). But > earlier versions of Excel would allow a...

Jason -- I'm trying to deal with the exact same problem -- . And it's happened to a document that I've been working on for about 3 weeks, too. It's driving me insane. It's almost as if the text for...

Thanks for your post. I was wondering what happens when you try File->Open and try to open the file in the traditional manner. Do you see an alert? -- - Derek Snook, Software Test Lead, Macintosh...

Paul, Thanks for your mail. Mac Excel X supports Mac Roman characters and, if registered as Japanese or when using Japanese Excel X, Mac Japanese characters. Russian/Cyrillic characters won't...

in article a***********************f85c@posting.google.com, olly at o**********ternet.com wrote on 6/26/2003 6:43 AM: > Hi Guys > Ok i've set up a spreadsheet so that a user can select a product >...

Excel 2001 mac won't open
2 replies , 6/26/2003, 1:05:28 PM
I'm running excel 2001 in mac os 9.2. I have os 10.1.5 installed with office vX running. I had trouble using office 98 in os 9 so I upgraded to 2001. Word and powerpoint work properly but excel won't...

Lesley-Ann Allardyce
hello. I am suddenly having this problem as well. I can open Word X and Entourage X, but not Powerpoint and Excel. I was working on a spreadsheet in Excel this morning. Then, after closing it...

Excel & Powerpoint Start Up Crash Workaround
4 replies , 6/26/2003, 7:14:13 PM
Excel & Power Point were unexpectedly quitting whenever I tried to launch them. I made several attempts to fix the problem (see previous post for details), but it was to no avail... nothing i did...