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Chinese fonts on Office v. X
2 replies , 8/31/2004, 1:46:26 AM
I am having problems reading my documents that I receive from Taiwan and China (both simplified and traditional characters). When I usually receive an email with Chinese. . . I copy/paste them to...

James Chang
Office Update...?
4 replies , 9/10/2004, 10:00:19 PM
Since Office Professional is shipping (or will be in a few days, according to reports), can we expect to see some of the bugs in Entourage (raised in this forum) addressed? -- "Aphrodite, be off...

The Terminator
Office 2004 SP1 - What did it Fix??
43 replies , 10/12/2004, 8:50:53 PM
OK, what exactly did SP1 fix (or supposed to fix)? -- "Thus I helped the tyrant of the gods and with this foul payment he has responded; for it is a disease that is somehow inherent in tyranny to...

The Terminator
Office 2004 Project Gallery - How to Add...?
5 replies , 11/27/2004, 7:16:55 PM
In the main screen of the Office 2004 Project Gallery, there are icons for things like �Mail Message� and �Calendar Event�. How can I add, for example, �Address Book Entry� or �Task� to the Project...

Has anyone made any headway on this issue? I am currently trying to determine if any informative messages are logged on the server side. --=C ####################### Hi Brent, Is it possible...

C M Irvin
0 replies , 2/19/2005, 11:42:35 PM
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[ANN] Office 2004 1.1.1 update
12 replies , 3/7/2005, 7:36:23 PM
Hi All, MS just released an new update for Office 2004 (English and Japanese only at this...

New SP2 Patch and Auto Update Versions
2 replies , 9/26/2005, 7:49:58 PM
Hi Everyone, This posting is letting everyone know that we have re-released the Mac Office SP2 11.2 patch/autoupdate to resolve 2 issues. If you have already successfully applied the patch via the...

Rebecca Harriss [MSFT]
Hi All, I wanted to give you an update regarding Microsoft Office 11.2.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2), which we released Sept. 20th. SP2 has been a resounding success in most cases, however, we have...

Rebecca Harriss [MSFT]
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Microsoft Office 2004 11.2.1 Update is Out
35 replies , 10/20/2005, 9:16:05 PM
http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx?pid=download&location=/mac/downl oad/office2004/Office2004_11_2_1.xml&secid=4&ssid=28&flgnosysreq=True Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.1 Update This...

Rebecca Harriss [MSFT]
ANN: MacOffice on Intel-based Macs
0 replies , 2/9/2006, 4:31:04 AM
Cross-posted! to 6 public MS Office newsgroups. Delete extraneous groups if you have application-specific responses or comments, please, or simply start a new thread for discussion. MacBU FAQ on...

Daiya Mitchell
[ANN] Office 2004 update 11.2.3
38 replies , 3/14/2006, 6:48:29 PM
Hi All, The Office 11.2.3 update is out...

various questions...Entourage, Word, Office
12 replies , 3/17/2006, 4:19:58 AM
Hi Because this covers different �office� issues, I have cross posted this. 1) I am not able to print a �word� document. The printer spits out a blank ! It is a multi-colored doc from...

Gary Stein
0 replies , 3/20/2006, 4:28:10 AM
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1 replies , 3/20/2006, 12:27:00 PM
Sorry guys. The spam stuff was not my intent. I do oppoligies and won't happen again. I have never been on newsgroups before and not sure how to work them. I hope you guys can forgive a bad...

Office 11.2.4 and com.microsoft.entourage.notes
1 replies , 6/14/2006, 2:37:57 AM
If I update to 11.2.4 will I have the same problem referred to in the post titled "Sync pane (pain)" posted in the entourage group? I had the same problem as mentioned in that post, which was that...

Microsoft Office Resource Kit Survey
0 replies , 7/3/2006, 7:43:22 PM
Microsoft recently posted Version 2 of the Mac Office Resource Kit <http://www.microsoft.com/mac/resources/resources.aspx?pid=resourcekits&amp; rk=office2004> in the Resource Kits area on the...

Rebecca Harriss [MSFT]
As reported on MacFixIt : > While most issues apparent after the update have reasonable workarounds, the > inability to launch specific applications -- particularly Microsoft Office v.X > and 2004...

Diane Ross
Info posted by Microsoft Security Response Center: Customers who downloaded the pre-release security update for Office for Mac on Tuesday should install this new update when it is released. This...

Diane Ross