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Microsoft Consumer this is the latest version of security update, the "November 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which eliminates all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS...

Christina Forsberg
FW: Apply the update from the MS
1 replies , 11/12/2003, 12:45:56 AM
MS Customer this is the latest version of security update, the "November 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and...

Mac Group Calendars
2 replies , 11/19/2003, 8:39:09 AM
I have a Windows NT / 2000 / Xp environment where every Windows user is using Outlook 2000 / 2002 to access calendar info. This has been set up so that 1 person has the ability to see all others...

Help! Lost everything after moving a folder
2 replies , 1/2/2004, 6:46:02 PM
Your help, please. I started my G4 PowerBook (OS 10.3.2) and when Entourage opened, all of my messages and addresses were gone. It was a "fresh" startup. I recall moving some Microsoft folder on my...

Thank you - I'm abck to where I was
0 replies , 1/3/2004, 3:54:44 PM
Thank you all! I am back to where I was before moving the folder. After using OS 9.1 on a PB G3, it is taking me a while to get used to all of the differences in OS 10.3.2 on my new PB G4. With...

How do you Change Font Size when printing the Calendar
1 replies , 1/6/2004, 11:40:04 PM
When I print out my monthly calendar, I cannot read all of the entry because the font size is too large. So, I was trying to figure out if you can change the size of the font that is used when...

Exchange Public Folders W/OUT CLASSIC?
5 replies , 1/13/2004, 11:58:06 PM
I keep hearing that there is a new version of Mac Office coming out that = will run on OS X and have full native support for Exchange Public folder = use in outlook...Any word on this? --=20 Scott...

Project Center for PC
2 replies , 1/21/2004, 8:07:45 PM
Does anyone know if MS is planning to add Project Center to Outlook like they have to Entourage in Mac Office 2004. Project Center looks outstanding and exactly what is missing in Outlook. If you...

Darren A. Young
? re. Legal Apps? & ODBC?
3 replies , 2/3/2004, 6:50:41 PM
My first post was a rant - Thank you to Dano & Bonnie for rational responses! :) 2 questions: Q1: I am evaluating software on a Mac G5 for my law office - I have various Windows software which I...

Thomas Landry
entourage outgoing mail; word dictionary
1 replies , 5/11/2004, 8:28:45 AM
Good Morning, I am having the following problems with Office X. I am not sure what software interacts with what, so I am posting this to all applicable groups. 1) WORD: I...

G. Stein
Office 2004 is released
4 replies , 5/19/2004, 6:09:55 AM
http://www.microsoft.com/mac/ -- Paul Berkowitz MVP Entourage Entourage FAQ Page: <http://www.entourage.mvps.org/toc.html> AppleScripts for Entourage:...

Paul Berkowitz
New scripts and updates for Entourage 2004: NEW: Sync Entourage-iCal 1.0 [for Entourage 2004 only] Sync Entourage-Address Book [PANTHER] 2.5 [free update - with new features for Entourage...

Paul Berkowitz
Handheld Sync Problem
18 replies , 5/20/2004, 7:01:19 PM
I saw the previous post about the new Handheld Sync Installer program and followed the instructions. Everything seemed to be fine except that I am unable to open the Entourage Conduit...

On 5/20/04 9:01 AM, I wrote: > New scripts and updates for Entourage 2004: >> >> NEW: Sync Entourage-iCal 1.0 [for Entourage 2004 only] >> Sync Entourage-Address Book [PANTHER] 2.5 [free update -...

Paul Berkowitz
2004 changed newsgroup account...
1 replies , 5/24/2004, 5:21:34 AM
I don't know if this is just specific to me or not, but after I installed Office 2004, Entourage changed the default email account I use for sending messages to these news groups. It started using my...

Walt Basil
Entourage Error Dialog= "Can't get headers..."?
3 replies , 6/8/2004, 6:47:21 PM
When opening up the application Entourage, a dialog box pops up with the warning: "Microsoft Entoruage got an error: Can't get headers of incoming message id 37384." The error number changes,...

I can�t remember if this was an issue with Office X, but I�ve found when I reboot my Mac, and the Office Notifications daemon appears, it does not initially show the number of reminders in its Dock...

The Terminator
Russian proofing tools
5 replies , 7/6/2004, 8:56:13 PM
Does anyone know whether or not any third parties have released Russian proofing tools for Office 2004? ABBYY (at apple.ru/ruspell) have a version for Office X, but apparently not for Office 2004. ...

Ignat Solzhenitsyn
No Office 2004 applications will run
6 replies , 7/10/2004, 11:52:35 PM
So far I have not had any luck solving this problem and Microsoft wasn't sure of a fix. If I log in under any pre-existing account (other than root), no Office applications will run. When I try to...

Panther and Office v. X (Word and Entourage) Problems
8 replies , 7/23/2004, 2:13:39 AM
I'm running an iMac G4 with 384 MB of memory. Last week, the office upgraded to Panther. I'm current to the 10.3.4 version. We also have Office v. X with the update 10.1.5. Since yesterday (prior...