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How to connect entourage to exchange server 2003
4 replies , 8/23/2006, 9:58:08 AM
Hi All, I'm a new user of mac, I had tried many times to connect entourage to exchange server 2003. It always had a error Automatic "Configuration Failed Error -3260". I had tried "configurate...

I have a laptop and a desktop running Entourage. I check gmail and yahoo mail using their POP access functionalities. I have set my Entourage clients on both machines to leave copies of the messages...

Paul Fieber
Redirect command gray - can't use
0 replies , 9/27/2006, 4:03:56 PM
I'm using Entourage to access my Exchange account at my university. The "Redirect" command is gray. Any idea why? Does Redirect not work with Exchange? It seems to work at home when accessing my...

Steve McGillivray
Does anyone know if the next version of Entourage for Mac will allow Projects to sync on an Exchange server the way it now does for mail, contacts, and calendar? Mike

Michael Levin
Getting rid of "my local files on computer"
2 replies , 10/18/2006, 3:46:53 PM
Hello, Is there a way to have entourage not show "my local file on computer" on the left side when we already have an exchange account setup ? Thanks

Pascal Duchemin
Exporting and importing a cert
3 replies , 10/19/2006, 2:17:27 PM
Hello, I am trying to export a certificate from a machine in Entourage and reimport it on another machine. When I use the Microsoft certificate manager, I am able to export the installed cert (...

Pascal Duchemin
IMAP Messages Lost in Entourage
4 replies , 11/11/2006, 8:25:37 PM
Is anyone else having this issue? I use IMAP and I have been having a lot of problems with messages being lost from my message list. They are still on the server and I can get them back in Entourage...

Aslam Nathoo
Picture of sender in Mail Header?
1 replies , 1/5/2007, 1:19:18 AM
Hello, I would like to see the picture of the sender (out of my address book) in the header of the email. I thought I have seen this before (Apple Mail?), but now it does not work any more. I tried...

Juergen Sprenger
For the past week, I have been getting a strange error in Entourage: Error -17997. According to the few posts I have seen, this is an internal Entourage error called "kAthenaBadDataErr". I have IMAP...

Dave Claunch
I'm administrating many different Macs with Entourage 2004 and (it seems to me since Update 10.3.2 or 10.3.3) they all experience problems displaying our server generated HTML formatted messages....

I'm using Microsoft Entourage 2004 to access our company's Exchange Server. Everything works fine but Entourage doesn't sync tasks. Does anyone know of a 3rd-party solution (a script, program, or...

Michael Levin
I'm using OS 10.3.9 on a laptop in Boston, USA. I've got the time set correctly (auto sync with Apple time server), time zone set to Eastern Standard Time, and am running Entourage 2004 to connect to...

Michael Levin
entourage crashes
5 replies , 6/26/2007, 9:39:00 PM
I currently have Office 2004 for Mac installed. My main machine is an iMac G5, 2.1 GHz, 2.5 GB RAM installed, OS X 10.4.10. I have at least two problems with Entourage, and have been told elsewhere...

J.J. O'Shea
I'm on a PocketPC and synchronizing contacts, calendar, and email with an Exchange Server over the internet. One thing I noticed is that, looking at the progress bar, it often says updating 1/1...

Michael Levin
Using Entourage with FastMail IMAP acccount
0 replies , 8/20/2007, 1:20:05 PM
Hi This query might be better placed in the FastMail web-forum however I've always received top class assistance from these "office.mac" newsgroups so I'll try here first. I've set up an IMAP...

patrick j
Printing with email headers in HTML messages
1 replies , 8/24/2007, 10:59:29 AM
Hi If I go to print a plain text email message from Entourage it displays these headers: Subject: Date: From: To: at the top. Which is for me useful. But if I go to print an HTML message from...

patrick j
New and outgoing mail sounds
1 replies , 8/29/2007, 5:58:33 PM
Up until yesterday I would get a sound when a new mail arrived, went out or an appointment reminder came up. Now I get none of these. The other sounds on my system work and I have checked the...

Entourage 2008 and Exchange...
14 replies , 10/8/2007, 3:10:28 PM
Do we have a definitive answer yet to the question about Entourage 2008 and Exchange 2007 servers and services? Will the Entourage 2008 application be able to natively access an Exchange server...

Ian Robinson
I'm an Exchange client using Entourage, and I use the project center a great deal. The one place where I'm getting stymied, though, is in the creation of project email "watch folders." They are...

Marking an entire thread as read?
6 replies , 11/7/2007, 7:59:04 PM
I use Microsoft Entourage to read USENET messages. Is there a way of marking a selected thread as read, preferably from the keyboard? I wish to avoid expanding the thread to display all the...

Salmon Egg