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entourage x 10.11 address book is just gone!!!!!!!!!
0 replies , 10/11/2004, 8:53:50 PM
hi im from montreal canada 1st time on this forums, been on macs for way 2 long, i can usually solve my own problems. so basically ive done some troubleshooting. it come down to i installed a clie...

Error: -47 "file is already in use"
0 replies , 10/20/2004, 7:42:07 PM
OK, I hope someone can help me with this one. Every so often I get this message, "Could not retrieve mail from account [account name here]........The file is already in use"...........Error:...

Database Daemon and Disk Activity
1 replies , 12/5/2004, 6:13:37 AM
Hi, Upon wake-up from sleep or upon restart my computer (PB G4 Titanium running OSX 10.3.6) starts on this lengthy and unexplained HD activity that seems like periodic small readings from the HD....

Rodrigo Izurieta
Different Mac Sites
0 replies , 1/7/2005, 7:56:01 PM
Check out these Mac sites (updates on Mac technologies, covering MacWorld conferences, mac opinions etc..) 1st: http://stamatgeorge.blogspot.com 2nd: http://www.mypersonalgetaway.com GreekGuy

Different Mac Sites
0 replies , 1/7/2005, 7:55:06 PM
Check out these Mac sites (updates on Mac technologies, covering MacWorld conferences, mac opinions etc..) 1st: http://stamatgeorge.blogspot.com 2nd: http://www.mypersonalgetaway.com GreekGuy

Hi -- I have a single executive assistant that needs to keep track of calendars for five different people. She has access to either a standalone Windows 2000 computer running Outlook 2000 (IMO),...

Charles Lavin
Confused by two Entourage groups
3 replies , 2/14/2005, 5:39:55 PM
Hi there, It appears like there are TWO newsgroups dedicated to Entourage: microsoft.public.mac.office.entourage and microsoft.public.office.mac.entourage And they both appear to be active! Can...

extracting some default sounds
1 replies , 2/21/2005, 1:51:28 PM
I like some of the default mail sounds in Entourage 2004 but I�d like to use some of my old sounds as well. Is there a way to extract the default sounds in order to use them in another...

Craig Sylvern
Can you turn off automatic text wrapping?
9 replies , 3/7/2005, 10:52:56 PM
Is there a way to turn off automatic text wrapping? My friends are getting infuriated by the fact that if I paste an HTML link into an email, it is line-wrapped after about 76 characters. Then they...

David Greenland
Office Notifications out of whack
0 replies , 3/17/2005, 2:42:53 PM
REF: Office 2004 for Mac Version 11.1.0 / OS X 10.3.8 I am experiencing a problem in which Office Notifications appear when they are not supposed to. For example, if I set a Calendar Event for May...

Rodrigo Izurieta
4 replies , 2/20/2005, 3:01:45 AM
How do I get rid of these news groups? I wouldn�t mind if it just showed one, but with all my upgrades it shows 11 Microsoft newsgroups! Thanks

Anwar Newkirk
Daylight Savings Time
1 replies , 4/4/2005, 10:35:39 PM
Entourage 2004, Mac OS X - 10.2.8 and 10.3.8 - Recieved Time Stamp is 1 hour ahead today(Received 12:03 shows 1:03). Sent time and Calendar is OK. Have run all the Office updates, restarted the...

How do you set Entourage to start up only after a password prompt (similar to Outlook)? I have tried the Account settings, Save Password in Keychain box, but Entourage still opens whether that is...

Entourage 2004/EIMS IMAP folder bug
0 replies , 4/7/2005, 11:25:41 PM
In Entourage X, you could drag-and-drop messages from the main display pane to an account folder containing message boxes in the left-hand account listing pane. The mouse pointer gains a "+"...

Junk filter in Entourage X not working
1 replies , 4/9/2005, 8:56:48 AM
Hi there, My junk filter in entourage X is no longer working and everything is being flagged as Junk even when the junk filter is disabled - how do I get this to work again? Please help!

Sending a HTML File
1 replies , 4/11/2005, 4:01:02 PM
Hello I try to send a HTML File with my entourage. I want that the file is not attached, but the content of it is showed as HTML. How can I get this file into my Entourage? Thanks Manuel

Automatic Deletion from Inbox, Sent Mail (undesired)
0 replies , 4/14/2005, 4:38:04 PM
About a month ago my Entourage 2004 installation on OS X 10.3.8 using an Exchange server started moving messages from the inbox and sent mail folders into the deleted folder. This seems to happen...

entourage 2004 not opening
2 replies , 4/17/2005, 8:01:46 AM
Help... i�m running office 2004 on 10.3.9 i can�t entourage opens to a blank screen with the colour wheel, it is as if the program has frozen. I�ve reset the PRAM and rebuilt the desktop hoping this...

entourage won�t open
2 replies , 4/21/2005, 3:18:24 AM
I get an error message saying: the OE rules file appears corrupt. Rules cannot be used. What should I do -- Posted using the http://www.macforumz.com interface, at author's request Articles...

Best way to back up emails
2 replies , 4/24/2005, 3:07:01 PM
Hi, I�ve had a few crashes with entourage 2004 this week and i want to start backing up my emails. What is the best way to do this? Am i able to save them so they can be opened in a diffferent app?...