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How to use Entourage X and Outlook same database
0 replies , 8/2/2003, 2:31:30 PM
Hi, I constantly switch from MacOS X (Entourage X) and MacOS 9 (Outlook Express) and check my mail (Imap account) on both systems. Then, there's a way to use the same database folder with my...

Junior Hernandez
EntourageX and Global Address List
16 replies , 9/3/2003, 2:37:49 PM
Greetings All, Sorry for the cross group post but I need to resolve this issue ASAP. I have successfully configured Entourage (w/ the updates) to work with my existing Exchange 2000 Server. ...

Mac Address Book and Entourage
2 replies , 10/3/2003, 10:41:54 PM
When I try to copy the addresses in my Mac address book, it copies phone numbers and so on, but not e-mail addresses. Is there a way to use the Mac Address book with Entourage? (since it can be used...

Levent Mollamustafaoglu
Entourage Stalls on "Getting Authentication Method"
0 replies , 11/20/2003, 8:22:42 PM
� Exchange 2000 and Entourage X 10.1.4. (OS X 10.2.8) � Calendar and Address Book work � List of folders loads under the user's Exchange Account � Send & Receive stall with "Getting authentication...

Anita Hardy
I have a Mac at work which runs Microsoft Outlook 2001 client on an Exchange server. I have a calendar on this machine (stored locally, not on the server) which has a ton of reminders programmed into...

Michael Levin
Periodic broadcast to port 2222
2 replies , 12/16/2003, 5:11:36 AM
Every 12 minutes, Entourage sends a 96 byte UDP packet to the global broadcast address ( It does not coincide with any other network activity related to Entourage. Each packet...

Perry Flinn
Entourage sistem block
3 replies , 12/22/2003, 9:57:05 AM
Hi all, Its a week that I'm working with my new Emac together with panther and new office X, and I'm experiencing more than a few problems with entourage. It seldom happen that, when I try to do...

I am looking for a program called Expression (expressionX.dmg) which is supposed to live at http://www.soundsetcentral.com/ (shown...

Michael Levin
Syncing questions
2 replies , 12/30/2003, 8:34:27 PM
Hi, I�m trying to set up entourage to sync with an exchange server (Exchange 2000). I have several issues that I can�t seem to resolve: - While I can sync mail, the address book, and calendar, I...

Irwin Lazar
Messages are downloaded 2, 3, 4 times or more !!
2 replies , 1/9/2004, 10:17:16 AM
hi everybody, a strange and boring problem : entourage downloads emails from pop accounts several times ! accounts are set to "leave messages on the server", and believe it or not sometimes entourage...

Ashor Livs_
a Font Limit to Entourage?
4 replies , 5/18/2004, 6:51:56 AM
I have an original Bondi Blue iMac, 233MHz, running OS 9.2.2 I recently added about 200 fonts to my system. I have only 340 "items" in my Fonts folder, with an average of 15 fonts in each suitcase I...

Jim Corveddu
Okay MacBU, I know you've been working hard to bring better support for Exchange Server to the Mac, but there are still many details that are missing or not thoroughly tested. With delegate access,...

Jeff Kazules
Entourage 2004 - Sync with Palm - delegate access
2 replies , 6/8/2004, 4:26:07 AM
Here's another detail that is frustrating If I am opening two other people's calendars, I have two new categories in my calendar, one for each person. If I want to synchronize more than one...

Jeff Kazules
-23012 on check in Entourage but not Mail
2 replies , 7/28/2004, 1:32:46 AM
I'm running Entourage v.X on a desktop G4 at home and on a PowerBook G4 that I usually use at my office. I am running into an odd problem that I hope to find help on here. The POP account in...

Alex H.
exporting e-mail out of Mac Entourage (OS 9)?
1 replies , 8/5/2004, 12:00:32 PM
Is there ANY way to do this? I need to migrate a few users from Mac Entourage for OS 9 over to Outlook/Windows and can't even figure out how to get their mai out of Entourage, much less into any...

Christopher Scott
"Can't open item" error
6 replies , 9/1/2004, 11:19:13 AM
Regardless of which encoding I use for attachments, in most (not all) cases Outlook users on our Exchange network cannot open any email I send them that contains attachments. They get a "Can't open...

Lee Bryant
Compacting entourage error
1 replies , 9/3/2004, 1:57:15 AM
I have tried to compact Entourage due to my database being very large and some letters being blanked out. I have carefully followed the instructions. However I keep getting a message saying to quit...

Cannot send mail. Help!!
3 replies , 9/16/2004, 2:59:08 PM
Hello, I have searched through all of the Entourage posts, went to Entourage help page (http://www.entourage.mvps.org/), and scoured the Internet and cannot find any help on this subject. I am...

Move part of firstname to other field
0 replies , 9/22/2004, 4:45:26 PM
We work in a mixed environment, OS 9 with eudora, OS X with entourage and windows with outlook. The address books on the OS 9 client are the ones that will be kept up to date. I have a program that...

How to NOT ARRANGE BY ANYTHING in Entourage?
5 replies , 10/10/2004, 1:57:36 AM
My entourage view for email has been hijacked. Not sure what mistaken mouse click I did to cause this to happen, but my mail, which was previously organized in very efficient one-line items which...